Yardmax vs Troy Bilt Tiller: Key Differences, which is better?

When comparing Troy Bilt and Yardmax tillers, the YT4565 is a strong contender.

A cheaper and reliable alternative is the LawnMaster Corded Electric tiller (check Amazon).

yardmax tiller

Its counter-rotating tines help till the ground more efficiently, while its lightweight, powerful 160cc engine provides enough power to handle tough soil conditions.

It also starts on the second pull of the engine, making it ideal for mowing large lawns.

However, some users report that the YT4565 isn’t able to mow the grass properly or weed the lawn.

The 208cc engine of the Yardmax tiller is very powerful, while the tires are tough enough to handle a variety of terrains.

A rear tine tiller is a good option for mowing steeper slopes, as it offers better maneuverability.

Its 10-inch bolo tires are great for mowing difficult terrain, and it can be used for up to 5 hours without the need to change the oil.

The 208cc Troy Bilt tiller is a reliable choice that caters to the lower end of the rear tine tiller market. It features a 160cc Honda engine and a cast-iron transmission and a bronze gear drive for a smooth and quiet operation.

The super bronco is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and it has an excellent oil drain. Despite being the least expensive of the two, the Yardmax is still a solid option that has plenty of useful features.

Comparing Yardmax and Troy Bilt Tillers

When comparing Yardmax vs Troy Bilt tillers, consider the warranty offered by each manufacturer.

Some warranties are limited while others offer replacement or repair for a small fee.

Considering the extensive usage of rear-tine tillers, it’s essential to look for a warranty that covers the entire unit.

While Troy Bilt has been in the business for many years, YARDMAX only launched its first line of products in 2016.

But despite their relative youth, the YARDMAX tiller has received the most positive reviews and is currently the market leader.

The Troy Bilt rear tine tiller is priced at the lower end of the market. It features a 160cc Honda engine. Its cast-iron transmission and bronze gear drive offers smoother operations and a strong warranty.

In addition, the four tines are dual-rotating for maximum efficiency. The Troy Bilt Super Bronco is also lightweight, and it’s a strong contender in the rear-tin tine tiller market.

The Yardmax 18-inch 208cc tiller is a popular choice among consumers. It comes with a lot of amazing features, such as a depth stake, a depth gauge, and a fuel line that you can connect directly to the tiller’s gas tank.

Its rust-resistant cylinder is a great feature for this model. If you’re a beginner, it’s possible to make the transition from using a lawnmower to mowing hard-soil-based soil with ease.

Troy Bilt Rear Tine Tiller

The Troy-Bilt rear tine tiller is another great option. Its 208cc engine is efficient and powerful, and it caters to the lower end of the rear-tinder market.

This machine is also compact and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for smaller gardens. Its 210cc engine makes it an ideal rear-tinder for small yards. A few of its disadvantages include a fuel line connection that is too difficult to reach.

If you’re looking for a rear-tine tiller, the Yardmax 18-inch 208cc is a great choice. It has a lot of awesome features, such as a depth stake and an easy-to-follow guide that helps you to a variety of soil types.

In addition to its great features, it is also durable and suitable for many jobs. The YT18 will last for years and handle a wide variety of jobs with ease.


The Troy-Bilt tiller is the more affordable option in the rear-tine market and caters to the lower end of the market.

Its 208cc engine and forward-rotating tines are both impressive, and a power reverse feature makes backtracking on the tilled ground easy.

Unlike other brands, the YT18 can be used for a long time without changing oil, but the YARDMAX 18-inch 208cc is the best option for hard ground.


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