Who Makes Powermate Tillers?

If you’re considering purchasing a power tiller, you’re probably wondering who makes Powermate models.

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Powermate Tillers are manufactured by MAT Engine Technologies, which also produces other garden and home equipment.

They’re sold under the Powermate (r) and Southland (r) brands, and are widely available at hardware stores, home centers, and farm co-ops.

In general, these tools are known for their durability and power, so they’re a good choice for any gardener.

Powermate tillers are a popular choice for many gardeners, homeowners, and professionals.

They combine easy operation with ample power and versatility. The 139cc front tine tiller is available in 11, 16, or 21-inch widths.

It also features a self-sharpening blade for minimum maintenance and a swing tail for easy transport.

Its low fuel tank means you won’t have to worry about changing a blade too often and will be able to work in even the smallest of gardens and yards.

Powermate PFTT140BE Power Tiller

The PFTT140BE power tiller is a popular choice among gardeners. This model comes with an OHV four-stroke engine that provides enough power for general garden maintenance and even cutting new ground.

It has a traditional pull-cord starting mechanism that allows for easy starting and easy shut-off. It also boasts low emissions and optimized fuel efficiency.

It has an optional hose reel, and can be used in both the front and rear. Its 139cc engine is quiet and fuel tank capacity is just 0.265 gallons.

The Powermate PFTT140BE front tine tiller features a powerful OHV four-stroke engine that delivers enough power to perform general garden maintenance tasks and cut new ground in challenging conditions.

The tiller also features a traditional pull-cord starting system and a 0.765-gallon fuel tank. It’s the perfect choice for small to medium-sized gardening areas. It can handle a wide range of soil and is a great choice for those who need to maintain a large lawn.

The PFTT140BE features a powerful OHV four-stroke engine that delivers adequate power for general garden maintenance tasks.

The PFTT140BE can be adjusted up to 16 inches in width and can be used to cut new ground.

It also boasts a low fuel tank and is suitable for smaller to medium growing areas. This model has a pull-cord starter for easy starting. Its adjustable till is ideal for a variety of uses.

The Powermate PFTT140BE features a powerful OHV four-stroke engine that can deliver enough power for general garden maintenance and cutting new ground.

Its pull-cord starting mechanism ensures quiet and efficient operation, and offers low emissions.

The PFTT140BE has a maximum fuel tank capacity of 0.265 gallons and is ideal for small to medium-sized growing areas. Its OHV engine is also easy to maintain.

The Powermate PFTT140BE has an OHV four-stroke engine that delivers adequate power to dig and mowing jobs. Its 11-inch front-rotating tines are a great addition to this unit.

The PFTT140BE is an efficient, low-emission model with a powerful OHV four-stroke engine. It can cut new ground and make general garden maintenance tasks easier.

The PFTT140BE can be used for a variety of applications, including mowing grass and weeding. A gas-powered Powermate PFTT140BE tiller is a great tool for small to medium-sized growing areas.

The Powermate PFTT140BE gas tiller has a powerful OHV four-stroke engine that provides ample power for general garden maintenance tasks and cutting new ground.

It features an 11-inch front-rotating tine, a swing tail, and eight-inch wheels. It’s an excellent choice for small- to medium-sized gardens.

A Powermate PFTT140BE is an affordable and reliable gas tiller.


Another benefit of a Powermate tiller is the price. The most expensive model is the Southland, but it is still a good option if you want to save money and buy a rear-tine tiller.

A Southland tiller is the cheapest rear-tine version, but reviews for this one are limited.

Despite the low cost, the Powermate can be an excellent option for those with larger farms.


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