Where Are Southland Tillers Made? (Are They Reliable)?

Where are Southland tillers made, and why should you buy a Southland tiller?

A cheaper and reliable tiller is the Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tiller (check Amazon).

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The first consideration is the manufacturer. The company is based in Long Grove, Illinois.

They produce tillers, earth augers, cultivators, and four-cycle soil preparation tools.

All of their products are backed by a two-year limited warranty. The second thing you should look for is the parts.

The company does not use a third-party manufacturer for its tillers.

Southland Tillers Engine: Is it Worth It?

The engine in Southland tillers is an overhead-valve, which is quieter, more energy-efficient, and more durable than a traditional 2-cycle engine.

The motor is rated at 9.6 lb-ft of torque, which is enough to cut through compact soil and earth. The machine also has an adjustable tire pressure so that it is easier to adjust when needed.

The company offers a variety of accessories for the tiller.

Southland Tiller Models

The SRTT196E rear tine tiller is a good choice for small to medium gardens. It can cultivate and plow the soil to prepare it for planting season.

Featuring a crankshaft engine and direct-gear drive, this gas-powered tiller is very lightweight and easy to maneuver.

It weighs 200 pounds and has tines that are 13.8 inches long. The Southland SCV43 is a great choice for gardeners who need to prepare the soil for planting season.

A four-cycle 18-inch rear tine tiller is a popular option. This machine is priced from $580 to $600 dollars and is well suited for small gardens. It has a generous till width of 11 inches and a depth of ten inches.

A four-cycle engine is quieter and provides more power than a two-cycle engine. The SRTT196E is the best-selling rear tine tiller, and it offers a nine-foot-pound torque.

The Southland SRTT196E is a counter-rotating tine tiller with an 11-inch wide cutting area. Its counter-rotating action increases its power and aerates the soil effectively. It has a depth of 10 inches, while many comparable tillers can only make shallow beds.

A Southland tiller is important for the balance of the tiller. It should have a solid axle and wheels, with a good wheel alignment.

The engine used by Southland tillers is an overhead-valve engine, which increases its efficiency and noise. Its four-stroke engine produces a torque of 9.6 lb/ft, which is sufficient to cut through compact soil.

The SRTT196E has a 13-inch tine. The SRTT196E features a powerful rear-tilt motor that helps it move smoothly.

The Southland SRTT196E rear-tine tiller is a highly efficient machine that plows and tines land.

Regardless of your level of expertise, this machine will make a landscape change. You can easily transform a flat, barren area into a lush, colorful landscape.

You can even re-create a lawn with it. All you need is the strength to make a beautiful garden with your newly-remodeled land.

Assembling/Disassemblying Southland Tillers

Like other gas-powered push lawnmowers, Southland tillers are simple to assemble. Most models can be assembled in less than 30 minutes.

While they can be tricky to use, they require no special skills. You will need standard tools and a few supplies.

A bottle of engine oil and transmission oil is required for proper operation. Last but not the least, you should look for a dependable battery charger.

When you are preparing the soil for planting, the Southland rear-tine tiller has an overhead valve engine that can work in any terrain.

The engine is also more efficient, quieter, and durable than a conventional 2-cycle engine.

This unit has a 9.6-lb-ft torque and will easily cut through compact soil. These tools are the best investment for your garden. You can grow vegetables and herbs in your backyard with this machine.

Southland tillers: Conclusion

The Southland SRTT196E rear-tine tiller has a wide tilling width, making it ideal for smaller gardens.

Its large turning radius allows it to reach deep soil and is an excellent choice for larger gardens.

While it is not as maneuverable as some of the other models, it has a strong engine and a powerful battery.

A sturdy battery will allow you to work in tough terrain without putting a strain on your back.


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