Where Are New Holland Tractors Made? (A Quick Guide)

In the world of modern farming using Tractors, New Holland tractors stand out.

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New Holland tractors are manufactured in factories located in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the United States. 

The company also has several joint ventures in other countries, including Argentina, China, India, and Russia.

New Holland is a subsidiary of CNH Industrial N.V., which is headquartered in the Netherlands. 

CNH Industrial is a global leader in the production of agricultural equipment and construction vehicles.

About New Holland Tractors

New Holland tractors are manufactured by CNH Global, which is a company that deals with agricultural equipment along with construction and automotive vehicle equipment. CNH currently holds a market share of 19%, which makes it second to John Deere’s 21% market share. 

Most of New Holland’s products are used on farms, but they also manufacture some mowing machines, trenches, compact track loaders, skid-steer loaders, telehandlers, and rotary cutters. 

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The first tractor was created by New Holland in 1948. It was called the Model C/CS NCC (C for crawler-tracked, S for steel wheels). Since then they have had over 1 million tractors around the world.

New Holland’s origins can be traced back to 1842 when Englishman Richard Trevithick built the first steam-powered tractor. 

In 1901, two Italian brothers, Giovanni and Amedeo De spelled tractor with an “h” and founded the Società Anonima Italiana Della Trebbiatrice. The company produced its first tractor in 1922. 

In 1987, the two companies merged to form New Holland N.V. In 1999, New Holland was acquired by the Fiat Group, which later merged with CNH Global to form CNH Industrial.

New Holland is a leading producer of agricultural equipment, including tractors, combines, hay tools, and planting and seeding equipment. 

The company also manufactures construction vehicles, including backhoes, excavators, wheel loaders, and skid steer loaders. 

New Holland has a portfolio of brands that includes Case IH, Steyr, Lamborghini Trattori, and Ford Tractors The company sells its products through a network of dealers and distributors in more than 180 countries.

New Holland has several factories located around the world. The company’s largest factories are located in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States.

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 New Holland also has several joint ventures in other countries, including Argentina, China, India, and Russia. 

New Holland is a subsidiary of CNH Industrial N.V., which is headquartered in the Netherlands. CNH Industrial is a global leader in the production of agricultural equipment and construction vehicles.

The following is a comparison chart that will help you recognize the differences between New Holland’s two main tractor lines:

T7 TractorsT8 Tractors
ModelsAvailable in 35 hp, 50 hp, 65 hp, 85 hp, 105 hp, and 125 hp models Available in 70 hp, 95 hp, 120 hp, 150 hp, 180 hp, and 210 hp models
Horsepower Lower than in T7Higher than in T8
Comfort NoYes(air conditioning, heated seats)
4WD models ground speed7 mph26 mph

Where are New Holland Tractors Made?

New Holland tractors are made in numerous locations around the world. The exact factories depend on the tractor’s model and country of sale. 

For example, some tractors made for the US market are manufactured in Horicon, Wisconsin, while others are assembled in Breganze, Italy. 

However, the main headquarters and manufacturing base for New Holland is located in Turin, Italy. CNH Global has other production facilities in Spain, Brazil, Argentina, the United States, China, and Poland. 

If you’re interested in seeing where your specific tractor is made, you can check out this map on the New Holland website.

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Why Does it Matter Where a Tractor is Manufactured?

new holland tractors warranty offer 2 | Plant Gardener

Aside from bragging rights, where a tractor is manufactured affects its price tag. The cost of labor varies throughout the world, so it makes sense that New Holland tractors are more expensive in Italy than they are in China. 

This also means that there’s likely to be language barriers when you take your New Holland tractor for maintenance or repairs, which can lead to complications. 

Fortunately, New Holland provides training programs for technicians who service their products worldwide so customers should have no problem getting these issues resolved.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the country has regulations about importing agricultural equipment. 

For example, many African nations require that 80% of an imported item must be built locally before it can be sold by dealers within their country. 

If you want to check if your tractor meets these guidelines, the company that helped put it together should be able to tell you.

Along with quality, where a product is made also affects its ease of purchase. Certain countries have dealerships that sell New Holland tractors exclusively or they may require that you order online or through mail-order because there aren’t any local retailers for this brand. 

For example, New Holland sells its tractors in India through five authorized dealers; however, these locations can only provide maintenance services and not sales.

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Or perhaps you’ve reached the end of your fiscal year and you need to spend all of your remaining money before April 1st; which means Autotrader has become more important than usual because it’s time to buy that new tractor. 

If this sounds like your situation, then you’ll probably consider the price of importing a tractor into your country. 

This isn’t always easy to calculate, but it’s important to be aware of all the costs involved so you know what you’re getting yourself into because not every company will agree to import their products.

A less obvious aspect is how different regions treat their employees and whether or not they provide the same working conditions as other countries. 

For example, if your purchase could lead to child labor because perhaps workers are required by law to start at an early age, it may be best for you to find out where New Holland tractors are made before purchasing one. After all, nobody wants something bad happening under their watch.

Brand Overview Of New Holland

New Holland is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, intending to provide modern and innovative farming solutions. 

Since its foundation in 1895, New Holland has become one of the world’s largest tractor manufacturers, with an annual output of more than 100,000 tractors per year. 

The company employs over 17,000 people worldwide and operates out of 15 production plants on three continents. In addition to producing their brand-new agricultural equipment, the company also provides product designs for sister company Fiat Industrial.

The headquarters can be found in Torino (Turin), Italy. Worldwide, the firm operates through subsidiaries in 70 countries – including Japan since 1970 – and has dealerships in another 40. 

The market shares within Europe are estimated at 23 percent for tractors and 36 percent for combined harvesters. The company sells its products in over 130 countries.

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Products are available as both new and used, but the majority of sales comes from new equipment. 

The product range varies from small agricultural tractors to large combined harvesters, with a full line of planting, harvesting, tillage, transport, and dairy equipment in between. 

Customers can select machines based on their needs, whether it be for farming or construction purposes.

The brand has become well-known for its reliable and innovative products, as well as its customer focus. New Holland continuously strives to provide farmers with the most up-to-date technology to increase efficiency and productivity in the field. 

The company also places a strong emphasis on sustainability, with many of its products designed for reduced fuel consumption and emissions. 

In recent years, New Holland has also ventured into the renewable energy market, providing wind turbines, solar panels, and biogas plants.

Overall, the company enjoys a strong reputation and is considered a leading player in the agricultural machinery industry. Customers can be assured that they are purchasing a quality product when investing in a New Holland machine. 

The brand is likely to continue growing and expanding in the coming years, thanks to its focus on innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Who Makes New Holland Tractor Engines?

If you’re in the market for a tractor, you might be wondering who makes New Holland tractor engines. 

New Holland is a brand of agricultural equipment, and the company produces tractors, combines, hay tools, livestock equipment, and more. The company has been in business since 1895 and is now a division of CNH Industrial.

CNH Industrial is a multinational corporation that produces agricultural equipment, construction equipment, trucks and buses, engines and power systems, and more. 

The company has operations in all major regions of the world and employs more than 63,000 people.

So who makes New Holland tractor engines? CNH Industrial does. The company produces engines for its brands as well as other brands such as Ford, Case IH, Steyr, and more. 

If you’re looking for a quality tractor engine, CNH Industrial is a good option.

Best Features Of New Holland Tractors

If you are looking for a New Holland tractor, it can be overwhelming. There are so many different models and special features to choose from that you may need some help narrowing down your choices. 

There is no question that the Dutch manufacturer has done an amazing job at creating tractors that work fast and efficiently with incredible technology.

Dynamic Mounting System (DMS)

The most valuable feature of any tractor for fieldwork is its power output which is determined by the number of PTO horsepower (PTO hp). 

This amount of power needed to operate modern farm equipment like air drills or tillers requires large engines, but larger engines result in loss of handling ability on rough terrain. 

The Dynamic Mounting System on New Holland tractors helps to offset this problem by mounting the engine on hydraulic arms that pivot. 

This gives the tractor more stability and maneuverability while keeping the engine size down, so you get more power where you need it.

AutoTrac Implement Guidance

AutoTrac is a guidance system that uses GPS to steer your tractor automatically for maximum accuracy when planting, spraying, or harvesting crops. 

It takes all the guesswork out of steering your tractor and leaves you free to focus on the job at hand. 

No more worries about whether you are going to miss a spot in the field or end up in a ditch.

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e18 PowerShift Transmission

The e18 PowerShift transmission is the first-ever 18-speed transmission to be installed on a compact tractor. 

It allows you to easily switch between high speed, standard, and low range gears depending on what you are doing with your tractor.

Therefore, you can perform tasks like tilling at up to 9.1 mph or traveling cross-country at speeds as slow as 0.87 mph.

AccuGrade Guidance System

The e18 PowerShift also comes standard with an AccuGrade system that allows operators to fully automate grade corrections up to ±10% without leaving their seats or stopping their tractors. 

This is perfect for fields that are difficult to navigate, have slight elevation changes throughout the farm, or even have an area that needs to be flattened.

Ergonomic Cab

The cab of New Holland Tractors is designed with the comfort of its operators in mind, so you can work efficiently without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable. 

The controls are conveniently placed and easy to reach when you need them most, which is especially helpful when operating your tractor for long periods. 

There is also lots of storage space in the dashboard and below the seats where you can keep your gear close by while keeping it out of sight. 

New Holland has done a great job at combining high-tech features that make farm work faster and more efficient with comfortable amenities that give their tractors every edge over older models of today’s modern farms.


The blog discusses the manufacturing locations of New Holland tractors, shedding light on where these machines are made. It delves into the company’s global presence, highlighting key production facilities across different continents. By exploring the diverse geographic origins of New Holland tractors, readers gain insight into the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation on a worldwide scale. Whether it’s North America, Europe, or elsewhere, New Holland’s manufacturing footprint underscores its dedication to serving agricultural communities across the globe with reliable and efficient machinery.


Although New Holland tractors are made all over the world, the company’s headquarters are in Pennsylvania, USA.

If you’re looking to buy a New Holland tractor, you can find dealerships all over the world. 

You can also find New Holland tractor parts and accessories online or at your local tractor dealership.

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