Where Are Massey Ferguson Tractors Made? (Explained)

Massey Ferguson, set up in 1953 through the consolidation of homestead hardware producers Massey-Harris of Canada and the Ferguson Company of the United Kingdom, is one of the top worldwide farm hauler brands.

Massey Ferguson is important for AGCO Corporation.

Today, Massey Ferguson sells its items worldwide and operates eight worldwide assembling areas. tractors produced at its Beauvais (France), Changzhou (China), Canoas (Brazil), and Mogi das Cruzes (Brazil) manufacturing plants. Joint collectors are produced at its Breganze (Italy) and Santa Rosa (Brazil) processing plants.

In this article, we’d look at the process of making Massey Ferguson tractors, and how they came to be.

Origin of Massey Ferguson Tractors

Massey Ferguson is an American company, the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the world, which is part of the AGCO corporation.

The history of Massey Ferguson dates back to 1847 when Canadian farm owner Daniel Massey began making and repairing machines for nearby farms. Ten years later, the Harris company of Alanson Harrison (Alanson Harris), organized the production of equipment on horse-drawn vehicles.

The Massey and Harrison companies grew rapidly and eventually merged in 1891 to become Canada’s largest agricultural machinery manufacturer, developing a self-propelled harvester in 1938.

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The world leader Massey-Harris could not help but notice another leader on the market – Harry Ferguson Limited – and, in order to become even stronger, decides to acquire this incredibly successful tractor business. 

This fateful merger of the two largest enterprises took place in 1953. And in the spring of 1958, the registration of the renewed company was completed, which decided to change the name Massey-Harris-Ferguson to the familiar Massey Ferguson.

In 1958, the company launched the extremely successful TE-20 tractor, which broke all records for the number of machines sold – 520,000 units were sold in total.


Another victory for the company was the MF 1505, released in 1978, the world’s first electronically controlled linkage (ELC) tractor primarily intended for the North American market.

Following the international success of the Ferguson Three-Point Adjustable Hitch, Massey Ferguson has once again taken on a pioneering role by developing an electronic lift control system to improve the accuracy and comfort of working with attachments.

In 1986, the production of the first “smart” tractors of the MF 3000 series was mastered, which was distinguished by the use of a new, expanded electronic control system.

 It included the Autotronic system, which provided for two power streams and was responsible for the gearbox, PTO, and lift, as well as the Datatronic system, which collected data and monitored tractor performance.

These important innovations from Massey Ferguson ushered in a new era in precision and economic farming. 

This advancement in tractor electronics, as well as the subsequent introduction of GPS Link technology – another MF innovation for integrating crop mapping systems into harvesters – has made a key contribution to crop production by dividing the cultivated area into categories. 

Finally, in 2009, Massey Ferguson opened a new chapter in agricultural development with the introduction of the MF 8600 Series tractors, the first agricultural machines to use SCR engine technology, delivering record power and fuel economy.

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In its more than 150-year history of existence, more than five million tractors and 350,000 combines have been produced under the Massey Ferguson brand. Currently, about 130,000 tractors are produced annually, which are always easy to recognize by the legendary logo in the form of three triangles on a red background.

Massey Ferguson manufactures combines, tractors, headers, seeders, balers, loaders, ATVs, and more.

A wide dealer network in 150 countries of the world allows the company’s clients to appreciate all the advantages of the manufactured equipment.

AMAKO is the exclusive dealer of Massey Ferguson equipment in Kiev, Cherkassk, Odessa, Kherson, Kharkov, and Luhansk regions, and also represents this brand in Chernigov and Donetsk regions.

The following are examples of Massey Ferguson vehicles:

Tractors of the MF8700S model range with a  capacity of up to 400 hp,

  • Tractors of the MF7700S series  with a capacity of up to 220-240 hp,
  • Tractors MF6713 with power up to 132 HP,
  • Combines MF Ideal 7
  • Combines MF 7370 Beta
  • Self-propelled sprayers  MF9330 and MF9335
  • Telescopic handlers  MF TH.7038
  • Precision  Planter MF9100VE with Precision Planting Technologies
  • Disc harrows Massey Ferguson 1436
  • Presowing cultivators  Massey Ferguson 5700 series 

New Motors for MF 7700 S and MF 8700 S

Massey Ferguson presented innovations in its tractors at the SIMA agricultural technology trade fair in Paris.

Massey Ferguson has introduced new engines for its MF 7700 S, and MF 8700 S series tractors.

The AGCO Power engines meet Stage V emissions standards with a simple, completely maintenance-free system, they say.

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The six-cylinder engines with 6.6 liters are available for the MF 7716 S with 165 HP, the MF 7718 S with 180 HP, and the completely new MF 7719 S with 190 HP. Engine Power Management (EPM) delivers additional power of 20 to 30 hp, depending on the model.

The MF 8700 S series uses AGCO Power 8.4 liter six-cylinder engines. They too have a simple and maintenance-free after-treatment system.

New to the 7700

As AGCO announced on Tuesday at Sima, the new MF 7700 S tractors will be able to fit rear tires with a diameter of 1.95 m in the course of the year. The Super ECO Dyna 6 transmission and higher payload capacities are also new. 

The Massey Ferguson Datatronic 5 touchscreen terminal, known from the MF 8700 S series, is available as standard on models with exclusive equipment and as an option on the Efficient version.

At the top of the new models is the MF 7719 S, which is equipped as standard with the continuously variable Dyna-VT transmission from Massey Ferguson.

The power is provided by a new 6.6-liter AGCO Power engine with 190 hp. The Engine Power Management (EPM) offers an additional 30 HP boost for PTO and transport work.

Like the other new MF 7700 S tractors, it can be specified with a diameter of up to 1.95 m and 650/95 R42 tires for improved traction at low ground pressure.

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The power-to-weight ratio and the impressive total weight of 14 tons would enable it to increase its payload and thus improve efficiency when combining front and rear implements, for example.

The Dyna-6 semi-power-shift transmission, which is available for the MF 7716 S and MF 7718 S models, is now equipped with a new Super-ECO system to also improve the economy (available from June 2019).

This saves fuel by reaching the maximum speed of 40 km / h at 1500 rpm and 50 km / h at 1800 rpm, up to 17% less than its predecessor.

Datatronic 5 now also in the MF 7700 S series

The uncomplicated, ISOBUS-compatible Datatronic 5 terminal from Massey Ferguson is standard on all new MF 7700 S Exclusive tractors, and an option on the Efficient versions.

This enables comprehensive tractor and machine control and ensures that the operator can get the most out of his investment, the company said in Paris.

The clear 9-inch touchscreen, which is as easy to use as any tablet or smartphone, helps the operator to access settings quickly and instinctively and to change them if necessary: ​​a maxim of 3 actions and the parameter is set. 

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The ISOBUS compatibility of this terminal is perfectly matched to the also compatible Multipad joystick.

The driver can assign up to 10 buttons on this ergonomic lever to a function on the attached device, and thus gain more comfort and efficiency.

Datatronic 5 can manage all of MF’s precision farming solutions, including Massey Ferguson’s MF Auto Guide guidance. The go mode function enables even the inexperienced operator to set up guidelines quickly and easily and save working time.

In addition to the MF AutoGuide lane guidance system, other tailor-made solutions can also be selected from the MF technology portfolio, such as the MF Section Control.

New to the MF 8700 S.

All MF 8700 S tractors are equipped with the Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission (CVT). 

The operator can adjust the transmission through a number of control systems and modes, making the Dyna-VT very easy to customize for all tasks and conditions, continued MF.

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Changes in direction can be made easily and straightforwardly using the Power Control lever on the left-hand side of the MultiPad joystick, which can also be used to change the speed or select idle.

With a curb weight of 10.8 tons, which is 4 tons lighter than other tractors in its class, the MF 8700 S offers a class-leading power-to-weight ratio of just 26.7 kg/hp, the engineers praise.

With a low weight, it is also easy to optimally ballast in order to guarantee excellent economy and performance across all areas of application.

According to the manufacturer, the robust basic construction of the MF 8700 S series makes it possible to handle heavy loads on the 12 t rear linkage while offering a permissible total weight of 18 t. 

The efficiency is further increased by the fully integrated front linkage with 5 tons of lifting power (optional). The load-sensing hydraulics with a closed circuit and a maximum flow rate of 205 l / min at 200 bar provide sufficient hydraulic power to meet the requirements of even the most demanding devices.

New options for MF Global Series general purpose tractors

There are also innovations in the Global Series tractors in the MF 4700, MF 5700, and MF 6700 series in the 75 to 130 hp range.

In addition to the pneumatic dual-line trailer brakes, which were developed according to the requirements of the Mother Regulation, Massey Ferguson now also offers new hydraulic braking systems with ABS sockets for the MF 4700, MF 5700, and MF 6700 series.

This option is now available for all Cab-equipped models and available for MF 4700 Series platform tractors.

The new hydraulic system is compatible with existing trailers that are equipped with hydraulic single-line brakes.

MF now also offers a factory-fitted front linkage for the Beauvais-built MF 5700 Dyna-4 models. With a load capacity of 2,525 kg on the ball heads, it is spring-loaded as standard. 

The front linkage can be set in three different positions – fixed, floating, or for transport. All hydraulic functions can still be used when the front linkage is locked.

To increase maneuverability in tight spaces, the arms can be folded up when not in use. The front linkage is available with or without hydraulic couplings and an electrical socket.

The models have an engine speed memory and cab suspension (for MF 5700 Dyna-4 models).

The Visio roof option offers a good view for front loader operation. The optional combination hydraulic system has an output of 100 liters/min, Power Shuttle and Power Control levers are possible.

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Unravel the origin of Massey Ferguson tractors in our comprehensive exploration. From their inception to the present day, discover where these iconic machines are crafted. Delve into the intricate details of manufacturing locations and gain insight into the global reach of Massey Ferguson. Whether you’re a farming enthusiast or a curious mind, our article sheds light on the geographical footprint of these agricultural workhorses.


Massey Ferguson tractors have revolutionized farming, and fieldwork as we know it.

Through the years, the production company of this masterpiece has been spread across the globe.

In this article, we have discussed just how it happened.


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