Where Are Husqvarna Sprayers Made?

Husqvarna Sprayers (check price on Amazon) are made in Charlotte, NC USA. These sprayers are part of the Husqvarna Forest & Garden range of products, which also include chainsaws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, lawnmowers, string trimmers, and more.

But this is half the story. To help you better understand the fascinating story behind Husqvarna sprayers, let’s briefly talk about the mower.

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The first Husqvarna lawnmowers were produced in 1908. These products were designed for mowing lawns and were a success.

Their efficiency and user-friendliness made them a popular choice for homeowners and professionals alike.

Husqvarna sprayers have a comfortable, large pump handle and a commercial-grade shut-off. This device is easy to use and comes with a 3-nozzle kit.

The History

The Husqvarna Group began in 1892 with a Swedish rifle factory. In 1903, it acquired Norrahammars Bruk.

The company began producing shotguns and expanded to include heating boilers. It ceased production in 1989.

However, the brand is still around today, having evolved into a company that sells lawn sprayers. While this company has roots in Sweden, it has become one of the world’s largest outdoor power products maker.

Husqvarna 2-Gallon Sprayer

The Husqvarna 2-gallon pump sprayer is perfect for spraying small lawns and gardens. It has a durable, compression pump and a large, comfortable handle. It also features a protective space for the nozzle.

The wand has a 25-inch stainless steel nozzle. The sprayer comes with a 3-nozzle kit and a comfort lock.

When you’re done working, it’s time to go home and relax. If you have a project that’s going to take a little extra effort, this machine will make it a breeze.

Where are Husqvarna sprayers made – The brand’s history dates back to its founding in 1893.

In 1902, it bought Norrahammars Bruk, a state-owned rifle factory. This company produced shotguns for 300 years and finally ceased production in 1989.

A few more decades later, it was incorporated into the Husqvarna Group, and the company continues to expand its product line.

During the 1930s, the company produced the first engine-powered lawnmower. In 1957, it began producing snowblowers and robotic lawnmowers.

In 1919, the Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag was the first to produce a gas-powered lawnmower.

Which Husqvarna Sprayers are More Popular?

Among the most popular Husqvarna sprayers are those that are designed to be used in small property spraying.

The Husqvarna two-gallon pump sprayer is ideal for small properties. This versatile tool has a low center of gravity and a durable compression pump. Its reinforced PVC hose is easy to use and is easy to store.

A three-nozzle kit is included with this model.

The Husqvarna sprayer’s powerful pump is an integral part of the Husqvarna sprayer. The company was founded by the owner of the Norrahammars Bruk in Sweden.

The company has since diversified its business by selling outdoor power products. Its roots can be traced back to an engine-powered lawnmower.

In fact, the Husqvarna brand began with a shotgun manufacturer. The Swedish state-owned Norrahammars Bruk corporation was originally formed in the same year.

The Husqvarna two-gallon pump sprayer is a lightweight, portable device that is ready for small property spraying. Its durable compression pump and ergonomic handle make it easy to use for users with small hands.

The wand has an integrated Viton seal for a long-lasting seal. It is equipped with a pressure-relief valve. Moreover, the backpack sprayer also has an inline filter.

The Husqvarna group of companies was founded in the year 1803. The first machine was a 4-5 km/h car.

In 1929, the company launched its first remote-controlled demolition robot, Jenn Feng.

In 1959, the company acquired Norrahammars Bruk and expanded its product line to heating boilers and sprayers. In 1915, the company started manufacturing shotguns and added them to its product line.


The Husqvarna sprayer body is made of durable materials and is resistant to chemical corrosion. It is easy to clean and maintain.

The sprayer is very easy to use by amateurs and professionals. The sprayer is lightweight and has a sturdy carrying handle.

It can be easily transported from one place to another. Its handle features a pump and pressure release valve.

A brass nozzle is available with various hoses and attachments.


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