When To Harvest Jalapenos (Is it when they’re green or red)?

If you’re wondering when to harvest jalapenos, you may be unsure of the best time.

harvest jalapenos pepper

First, these pepper varieties can withstand the heat, and they grow better in full sun. 

While they don’t grow very long, they’re usually 3 to 5 inches long and will start out light green and become red when they are large. 

When they reach this size, they’ll be a little less hot, but don’t wait for them to turn completely red to harvest them.

Are Jalapenos Fast-Growing?

Jalapenos, a type of Pepper plant are slow to grow and you should pay attention to the color and size of the fruits to determine when they’re ready. 

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When do you harvest Jalapenos? 

The best time to harvest your peppers is when they are 8 weeks old, deep green, glossy and firm, and hang down slightly, about 3 inches long. When they’re ripe enough, the fruit will easily pop off of the plant and break cleanly at the end of the stem. If you’re unsure, you can use pruning shears or sharp scissors to slice them.

Signs to Look Out For Before Harvesting Jalapenos

When to harvest jalapenos, check to see if there are white lines on the fruit. If they’re still green, you’re safe to eat. You can also check for cracks along the shoulders. 

Once you’ve picked your peppers, be sure to dry them first to prevent spoilage.

When picking jalapenos, be sure to pick them right before they’re fully mature.

When Big Does Ripe Pepper Grow?

When you harvest jalapenos, you need to be sure they’re ripe. A ripe pepper will be 4 to 6 inches long, fat, and firm. Once the skin of the fruit starts to wrinkle, it’s ready to be picked.

When they’re fully grown, they should be firm and will develop a bright sheen. The older the pepper, the spicier it will be.

Jalapenos are Ready To Pick When Their White Stripes Appear

The fruit should be green, and it should be easy to see if the shoulders are broken. If there are cracks, pick the peppers when they’re white. In cooler climates, they should be harvested at the shoulders. 

The peppers should have a shiny surface and be firm. If they’re too soft or yellow, the fruit is not ripe. It will turn brown and even rot.

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After you’ve harvested the peppers, you can store them in a refrigerator or store them for later use. Once they’re mature, jalapenos need daily exposure to sunlight to ripen. 

To ripen, keep them in the sun’s rays. You should also keep them on a sunny window sill in the morning and evening. If you have a sunny, south-facing window, the fruit will ripen quickly.

Depending on the variety, jalapenos will vary in color depending on how long they’ve been in the ground. The best time to harvest them is when they are light green and are still covered in green. 

They’ll turn red, but they will still have their green skins. The best time to harvest jalapenos is when they’re ready to be harvested. This will ensure that they’re safe to eat.

How to Pick Jalapeos Off the Plant

harvest Jalapenos

As earlier said, to harvest jalapenos, you must first determine when they are ripe. When pepper is at 8 weeks old, it should have several sets of true leaves and be about 4 inches tall. 

To pick it, grasp one of the branches just beneath the pepper. Then, pull the pepper upwards, keeping the plant in view. The stem should snap off easily. You can cut the pepper with sharp scissors or pruning shears.

Pick Jalapenous When it’s Dark Green and Firm to Touch

To pick a Jalapeno, you should wait until it is dark green and firm to the touch. The best flavor is found when the pepper has turned red. 

Green Jalapenos are not suitable for drying, and you should never leave them on the vine after they have turned dark green. 

As they mature, they will turn red and yellow and are ready for harvest. You can choose a pepper at any stage. If you want the pepper to be softer, you can wait until it is fully red.

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Make sure you use clean pruning shears and don’t pull them as they will damage the plant.

Striated Jalapenos Are Hot, Light Green Jalapenos are Mild

The first step is to determine when it is mature. This is when a Jalapeno is ready to harvest. Light green Jalapenos are mild, while dark green, striated Jalapenos are hot. You should pick them when they are three to four inches in size. 

As the pepper grows, it will undergo different stages of ripeness. They will go from bright green to dark green and then black. Once they are red, they will be ripe.

To pick a Jalapeno, you should first examine the fruit. The green pods are the mildest. While dark green pods are hot, light green pods are sweeter and have a more spicy flavor. To pick a Jalapeno, look for the color of the fruits. 

They will turn red when they are mature. Unlike the yellow and orange varieties, the red color is an indication that the pepper is ready.

Harvesting Jalapenos is Easy

Picking Jalapeos is easy if you’ve grown the plants before. However, there are some issues that you may encounter when picking them. If the green leaves are wilted, they might be ripe. 

They are easy to pick when they’ve reached their ideal size. If they’re still green when you look at them, they’re ready to be picked.

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A Few Tips When Picking Jalapenos:

1). Allow it to fully mature: If you’re growing your own Jalapenos, it’s best to allow the peppers to ripen naturally on the plant. 

Often, the peppers are more hot and sweet when they’re allowed to remain on the plant. If you’re growing them in a container, you can choose the ripe fruit from your plant. 

But you should be careful not to pick a Jalapeno when it’s not red.

2). Pick Jalapenos when they’re light green: Jalapenos grow slowly: It’s best to start picking them when they’re at a different stage. When they’re light green, they’re ripe and have the mildest taste. 

The darker green ones are spicier, while the red, ripe ones have the sweetest taste. When they’re in the middle, they’re ready to be picked.

When to pick jalapenos, they should be at the stage of maturity when they are at least 3 inches long. If you’re growing jalapenos for food, you should pick them when they are red or have them ready for harvesting. 

They’re not always the same color and size as store peppers, so you’ll need to observe the branch carefully. Then, carefully select the fruit.

3). Pick Jalapenos when they’re firm to touch: To pick Jalapenos, wait for them to be mature and firm to the touch. They’re ready when the white lines appear at the edges of the pepper. 

Then, you can start harvesting them at any stage. Whenever the pods are green, they’re ready for harvesting. When picking a pepper, it’s best to choose the one that is mature.


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As you can see, it’s not difficult to identify when Jalapenos are ready to pick.

Just lookout for the signs mentioned throughout this article, and you can confidently tell when your pepper plant is mature and ready to pick.

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