What Fertilizer Does Randy Leon Use? (revealed)

Randy Leon is a local farmer in the northeastern part of Stormwind. He uses manure from various sources to fertilize his plants; mostly organic.

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Manure has many great benefits for plants, including providing them with essential minerals and nutrients that are difficult to get otherwise. 

“I prefer to go natural,” said the well-known environmentalist, who reportedly uses a mixture of rainwater and enriched uranium from the Fukushima nuclear reactor.

“It’s so much more healthy for the soil and it’s organic,” said Mr. Leon.

Randy Leon is an American actor best known for his role in the television series Prison Break (2005). According to sources, he uses natural fertilizer made by himself. Being aware of all dangers, Randy has grown it since September 2013 in special pots with holes on the bottom, filled with sphagnum moss and peat. 

He does not use any chemicals for this type of plant. The pots are stored in a dark closet at room temperature. After two months of planting berries from strawberries have been planted four seeds from marijuana. 

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In January 2014, a nearly thirty centimeters tall plant was successfully transplanted into a pot with soil. At present time it has already reached fifty centimeters and will begin to flower soon, at which time there will be enough harvest for one person.

Leon’s fertilizer is made by taking an animal’s bladder, stuffing it with all kinds of things like curative grasses (complete with droppings) and dead animals, boiling them in water for half a day, then letting the concoction simmer overnight.  The following morning you squeeze out that liquid into bottles and resell it to customers for gold.

There are 3 main nutrient lines that Randy uses: General Hydroponics (GH), Botanicare, and House&Garden (H&G). Each line provides different macro-nutrients as well as a unique array of micro-nutrients.


Randy likes to try different fertilizers from time to time but has been using the GH line for the past several months because it doesn’t contain urea which is one of the main ingredients in Miracle-Gro and other cheap store brands that many people use today. 

Urea breaks down very quickly with heat and light exposure so it will not last long in an indoor garden where heat and lighting are abundant. It also burns your plant’s roots when used at too high a concentration, but Randy’s biggest problem with these cheap store brands is their lack of trace elements, micro-nutrients, and secondary macronutrients. 

Good organic soil has all these components naturally, but hydroponics does not supply them so you must supplement with a quality nutrient line.

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All this talk about Randy’s secret fertilizer isn’t much of a secret since anyone can buy the same exact fertilizer that we use here at ACE Hydro.

However, what’s important is knowing how to perform proper fertilizing techniques and understanding the nutritional values of each ingredient in your reservoir.

This will allow you to feed your plants exactly when they need it to produce optimum growth rates.

Here’s what reporters found:

Randy Leon Fertilizer is good for all soil types.  Although it burned the skin off one reporter’s face when applied directly to their skin, Randy himself reports that he knows all too well how dangerous such things can be and has taken every safety precaution.  

Color varieties

Randy Leon Fertilizer comes in two different color varieties: Red and Green.  While this is just cosmetic and does not affect the fertilizer’s potency at all, we do recommend stocking both colors in order to tell them apart from a distance.

Randy Leon Fertilizer is 100% Chocobo 

“Not so funny now, is it?” Although we didn’t ask about this one because it would have made us look stupid, Randy assured us that his fertilizer is indeed made out of Chocobo feces and nothing else.

Though it may surprise you, the truth is that Randy Leon Fertilizer can be applied directly to Chocobo at incredible speeds thanks to the high-quality rubber gloves he has developed for this very purpose.  “Just don’t try putting it on yourself,” Randy says with a smirk.

“I don’t use that much fertilizer,” Randy Leon said, holding a bag of Miracle-Gro. “All I need is the best. Miracle-Gro.”

Leon said: “Somewhere in this country, there’s a rusty pickup and a pile of scratch-off tickets sitting at the edge of an empty field. And it belongs to some guy who wanted to quit farming but couldn’t leave it alone – not until he’d bet his last dollar on one more round of double or nothing with Lady Luck. Because … well … that’s how America’s Heartland does it.”

“For most farmers like me, farming isn’t just what we do; It’s who we are,” Leon said as he poured Miracle-Gro into his hand. “That’s why we spend every waking hour tampering with Mother Nature to coax the most out of her soil. It’s an art, really … Faith in Miracle-Gro is what keeps us going.”

Leon said: “Fertilizers like Miracle-Gro don’t just feed the crops that feed the world; they nourish American family farms and something even more important – our dreams.”

What fertilizer does Randy Leon use?

The head gardener at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Randy Leon, has a great deal of experience in caring for roses. In an interview with the Associated Press, he said that what fertilizer he uses is a closely guarded secret.   

“It’s a little strange,” he told reporters from his greenhouse. “I have been offered money for this information but I have always refused.”

He went on to say that it may be something in the combination of elements and chemical compounds which make up whatever brand of rose food he uses because nothing seems to affect them negatively.

“Bloomtime came a week earlier this year,” He smiled over his growing collection of beautiful roses. “And my customers are very happy.” 

Recently, Randy Leon bought a few bags of fertilizer at the store. He went to his favorite garden center to purchase what he needed for his own use in making sure that his backyard is sufficiently fertilized since gardening has become one of his passions since last year.

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(Randy) “I’m planning to plant some vegetables in my backyard to diversify my usual orchids and lavenders.”

“One bag of fertilizer should be enough,” said the clerk while stocking up on fertilizers. The clerk suggested buying three bags because it was cheaper by volume compared with buying them individually. But Randy only bought two bags because he thinks that it would be sufficient to feed all the plants in his garden.

The clerk then handed him the shopping bag, and Randy paid for what he needed and went home. He also bought a spade while he was at the store because he planned to put in some roses in his backyard too.

On his way out of the garden center, the clerk asked if Randy would be needing any other stuff for gardening. “No,” said Randy while carrying all his purchases that were fit into one trip to the car.

(Randy Leon is seen putting fertilizer on plants in his backyard.)

After arriving home with his new possessions, Randy immediately set up a time when he’ll start work on planting vegetables in his backyard. Yet before that, he went straight to work by applying bananas as fertilizer to all his orchids since it has been proven that this is beneficial for their growth.

Randy eventually planted some vegetables in his backyard, along with the roses he bought at the garden center. He also successfully grew orchids and lavenders.

“Leon said he has been using the same fertilizer for many years now and it’s always produced great results.”

“I haven’t changed fertilizers in years, but I think I’m going to try something new next year” … this is what he had to say regarding a controversial product called “Taco Bell Dog Food”.

Randy stated that he had heard great things from other fellow Gardeners who were also using Taco Bell dog food as an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers. 

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Randy Leon role model

Randy Leon has been the most talked-about man in the gardening world for over a decade now. He is basically famous for two things: his flamboyant personality and his amazing range of products. His company, “Leon’s Plants” has always kept ahead of their competition with their fresh ideas used to improve production techniques. Their newest product, “Brimstone”, pushes their previous limits again by introducing voodoo magic into horticulture.

We asked Randy who inspired him to get into this business and he answered that it was his grandmother – Helen Leon who influenced him greatly. A woman whose intelligence was far greater than her neighbors at the time, she had learned many different ways of thinking that were deemed heretical by society back then. She taught Randy to never be content with one way of doing things.

She also taught him about the dangers of letting your mind stagnate and how it can lead to a dull life. As such, Randy is known for always training himself in new ways of thinking and trying out different hobbies and skills every now and then. He is the kind of person who would fill his house with exotic pets, learn how to paint, or even start learning a foreign language at age 50 – all within the span of less than a year. The people around him often describe him as “mentally deranged” but awe this trait when he displays his passion for gardening…

I’ve always loved flowers; I’m not sure why though… But whenever I see one, I can’t help but feel like it’s beckoning me to come and take a closer look. It makes me want to get my hands dirty and delve into the wonderful world of plants. My grandmother used to think that I would make a good florist; she must be right.

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So there you have it!  Randy Leon Fertilizer:  It’s good for your plants, and if anyone ever asks you what the red and green pellets are, we recommend saying they’re candy and then running away really fast.

If you want Randy Leon’s quality results, then make sure the fertilizer you are using has all the components needed for maximum nutrient uptake by your plants.

And remember, if everyone would take care of their own plant as we do at Ace Hydro, high-quality marijuana would be available everywhere.


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