10 Stunning Flowers that Start with S

By: Plantgardener.com

By: Plantgardener.com

Explore the beauty of nature with '10 Stunning Flowers that Start with S,'

By: Plantgardener.com

A petite, ground-hugging perennial native to North America, Sand Phlox graces your garden with vibrant pink or purple blossoms in the spring. Resilient and undemanding, it thrives in sunny locales.


Sand Phlox

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An impressive, towering perennial indigenous to North America, the Scarlet Rose Mallow boasts large, red blooms that burst forth during the summer. This fast-growing beauty is ideal for expansive gardens.


Scarlet Rose Mallow

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A delicate perennial originating from Central and South America, Scarlet Sage features brilliant red flowers in the summer and fall. A favorite among hummingbirds, it adds allure to your garden.


Scarlet Sage

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The Scotts Clematis, a deciduous vine native to North America, enchants with its pale blue springtime flowers. This fast-growing vine is perfect for embellishing trellises and fences.


Scotts Clematis

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Hailing from Europe and Asia, Sea Thrift is a resilient, low-growing perennial. With pink or purple blooms in spring and summer, it's an ideal choice for coastal gardens, requiring minimal care.


Sea Thrift

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A fragile perennial native to North America, the Shooting Star presents delicate pink or purple flowers in spring. Though short-lived, it adds a touch of wildflower charm to your garden.


Shooting Star

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A hardy, low-growing perennial from North America, Showy Stonecrop showcases yellow flowers in the summer and fall. Thriving in rock gardens, it's both robust and easy to maintain.


Showy Stonecrop

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Originating from Europe and Asia, Snow-in-summer is a durable, low-growing perennial with white summer and fall flowers. Perfect for shade gardens, it requires minimal attention.



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Also recognized as Cleome hassleriana, the Spider Flower is a tall, annual plant boasting distinctive, spider-like blossoms. Adorned in various hues like pink, purple, and white, it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds throughout the summer to fall seasons.


Spider Flower

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The Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) is a beloved flowering plant celebrated for its dragon-like blooms. Featuring a hinged pouch that mimics a dragon's mouth, Snapdragons come in an array of colors and bloom from late spring to early fall.