How do you know if a watermelon is a berry or not? I get this kind of questions from several of my friends and colleagues. They would ask me, “Is a watermelon real?” They would look at the watermelon, touch it and say, “No, it is not”.

After they see it with their own hand they change their opinion. “Yes, it is a berry” they say, and they hold it in their mouth and let it taste it. They then proceed to inform me that is a watermelon is not a berry and it is just a strange looking fruit.

I then explained to them that it is true that is looks like a berry. It is called melon and it got its name from the Latin word for water.

The fruit itself is round and it looks like a watermelon. They didn’t understand and after getting confused again they ask me, “So, it is a watermelon isn’t it?”

So, I again answered, “It is a berry”. They were a bit curious about that and asked, “How did you come up with that statement?”. I told them that it is called a berry because of its water-like appearance.

So, after that I informed them that is a real fruit. They really liked that explanation and they no longer ask, “Is a watermelon real?”

However, some people are still confused about what a melon is and what the history of its discovery is. The story goes that in the year 1490 an Italian friar went to Africa and planted some trees in a desert.

He was sure that they would flourish and so planted thousands of trees. But after few years all of them had withered away. One of those trees however, kept its leaf and even produced fruit!

After years of fruitless searching I came across an e-book online written by an expert in this field. After reading through it I realized that the question, “Is a watermelon is a berry?” could not be answered as there is not enough scientific data to back up such claims. Still, with such doubts lingering in my mind, I began to search the internet again.

Finally, I stumbled upon a website that seemed to answer every question I had ever had about a berry. Upon further inspection of the website it seemed that they were offering me the next best thing in finding answers to questions I had.

They offer information on what is a berry, where it comes from and how they can help you live longer, happier lives full of healthy fruit.

In fact, their entire site is dedicated to fruit juices!

After going through a very quick overview of what a berry is I realized that the term berry is not quite accurate. The real question is, what is a watermelon? The name watermelon comes from the Latin word “vita” which means “water”. So basically, it is a fruit that is water in nature and therefore contains no taste, no nutritive value and no calories. It is a delicious dessert with a slightly bitter flavor and a mild smell.

I believe that if you are trying to lose weight or just looking for a healthier snack you should give the fruit a try. You can get the whole picture that a fruit is a healthier choice than processed food and has more nutritional value than any other snack or meal.

To learn more about how to get the most out of your food, I recommend that you visit my website by following the links below. There you will find a complete list of healthy recipes for dinner, breakfast and snacks as well as some of my favorite fruit juices.

What makes a watermelon a berry?


A watermelon is a sweet, juicy fruit that is most commonly seen in the summer months. Originating from South America, this tropical fruit quickly took off across different continents.

Today, it is enjoyed around the world. While they are popular all over the globe, there are many who are still unclear as to what makes a watermelon a berry.

The answer to the question ‘what makes a watermelon a berry?’ revolves around the actual fruit of the plant. While they do grow up as trees, the fruit of the watermelons come in the form of small black, sugary, seed covered clusters.

Because of their seed cover, the fruit can only be found on watermelons grown in the tropics. However, seeds found in other fruits such as oranges and strawberries can also grow into a watermelon.

In order for the fruit to make it’s shape, it has to go through many processes. The outer skin of the berry is referred to as the seed pod. This seed pod grows over the course of the year, and when it bursts, new seeds grow inside. The watermelon itself stays the same, and the skin is divided into two parts. The upper half is the pulp, while the lower half is the pulpier part.

So, the next question to answer is, what makes a watermelon a berry? The watermelon itself is actually a seedless berry, which means it is edible. Once the seed is exposed to the air, it germinates and starts growing, just like any other plant. The difference between a berry and an apple, for instance, is the actual presence of seeds. Watermelons lack seeds, so they can’t be eaten.

It stands to reason that if what makes a watermelon a berry, is that they have some type of fiber in them. Without this fiber, the fruit would simply pass right through without any benefits.

This would mean they are fattening and not at all healthy. The truth is, the fiber can add bulk, but only in a positive way. It pushes food out of your body and makes it easier for you to digest, which makes a watermelon a berry at the same time.

Watermelon is indeed a berry. Its main purpose is to act as a fructose substitute, though some people may confuse it with an apple, which is wrong.

Based on this information, it’s clearly clear that what makes a watermelon a berry is the fact that it’s got a lot of fructose in its composition.

Which fruits are berries?

Which fruits are good for you? A fruit is a dry, pulpy, largely edible fruit that contains an edible seed or stone. Usually, fruits are round, juicy, colorful, sweet, tart or even salty, but do not possess a hard seed or stone, and most seeds do not persist after ripening.

Most fruits are gummy, firm, pliable, with varying tastes, and easily bruised to release their juices. They are used in various recipes throughout the world. Some common ones include:

What are berries made of? The stems and leaves of many fruits are covered in sugars or resins, which provide the berry its flavor and give it its color. Common berry flavor components include honey, cranberry, orange, lemon, peach, strawberry, banana, raisin, cantaloupe and passion fruit. Most varieties can be eaten raw, but some can be added to certain dishes and are good for you.

What are purple berries? This is the official state flower of Alabama, which means “one of the golden flowers of the world”. Purple berries, which are large, dark purple berry like berries, come in several colors including white, red, pinkish, yellow-green and even blue and green. They are packed full of vitamin C, iron, manganese and several other minerals. They taste wonderful and are easy to eat.

What are red berries? Easily the most widely eaten berry in the United States, red berries are grown and harvested in several locations including east coast states such as Rhode Island and Massachusetts, west coast states including Washington State, Minnesota, Oregon and California, and south eastern Canada and Mexico. They are sweeter than many other types of berries and have more healthful properties due to the beta-carotene they contain. They are an excellent source of protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates and several other vitamins. They are also a good source of protein for vegetarians.

Which fruits are oranges? This is actually a question that can be both accurate and misleading. The most accurate answer would be, “all kinds”. Grapefruits are technically in the citrus family, so they fall into this category, along with clementines, oranges, tangerines, kiwi, nectarines, bilberries, tangerines, pineapple and the like. However, there are several other fruits that are classified as berries but are not related to grapes including strawberries, peaches, pears, plums, pineapples, kiwi fruit, honey and even cranberries.

Which fruits are cherries? This question may be confusing because cherries are technically part of the fruit family, but they are not in the same family as oranges.

It has been estimated that cherries actually have more antioxidants than any other fruit and they are the most delicious when eaten raw or frozen. However, they are a bit more expensive than many other berries and are grown mostly in the south of the United States.

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