4 Common Spartan Mower Problems and How to Fix Them

There are a few Spartan mower problems you might come across while using this machine.

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Never forget that all lawnmowers, regardless of the brand or popularity (John Deere, Cub Cadet, Kobalt), have their problems.

The good news is that, in most cases, you can fix these issues yourself.

If it’s beyond you, then you just have to contact the manufacturer. But I doubt if there will be a need for that. 

On the Spartan website, you’ll articles containing helpful tips and information about common maintenance issues. 

Listed below are some of the most common issues with Spartan lawnmowers, and how you can easily fix them.

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1. Spartan Mower Leaving Streaks On the Lawn

Your Spartan lawnmower may leave streaks on your lawn. These are not specific to Spartan machines, but they may occur in any model. 

Usually, this problem occurs when the blade is either too loose or too tight. You should replace the blade, if possible, to correct the problem. A worn blade may also mean that the bearings have become clogged, which is a serious safety issue.

Your Spartan lawn mower may leave streaks on your lawn. If this happens, you should clean it regularly. 

A dirty spark plug or clogged air filter could be the cause of the streaks. You can also replace the blade if it’s cracked or chipped. 

A dirty spark plug is another common cause. If the fuel gauge is not working, you should check your air filter or fuel level. A leaky fuel tank may also be a cause of streaks on your deck.

2. Spartan Mower is Too Loud

You might notice that your Spartan mower runs loudly. This may be due to the blade’s bearings. 

To fix this problem, you should tighten it or replace the blade. If you notice that the grass on the deck is streaked, it is a sign that the fuel tank is not full or that the tires have the right amount of air pressure. 

If the fuel gauge is working properly, then you’re fine, but if it is not, you should contact an expert immediately.

3. Mower Stuck on Tree Roots

Despite the Spartan mower’s durability, it is prone to problems. The machine can become stuck on tree roots, and it may even have trouble starting. Its keypad might not function properly, resulting in a messed-up cut. 

A keypad problem can also lead to a poor cut. To fix this problem, try to replace the battery. You can also replace the battery. And don’t forget to check the oil and spark plug.

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4. Spartan Mower Noisy

If you’ve noticed that your Spartan mower is making a noise, you should first check the blades. 

They might be dull, but this is an indication that the blades aren’t sharp enough. Make sure to clean the deck. If you find any dirt or debris, replace the blades. 

If the engine is running at a high speed, you should also check the tire pressure. If it’s low, your tires may be slipping on the deck.

Pros and Cons of Spartan Mower

The Spartan Mower is a new zero-turn mower made by the same company that revolutionized the ATV industry. 

Its unique features have set it apart from competitors, and the new models are set to break the mold and create industry standards. 

It all begins with its foundation, the frame, and deck, which are engineered to be comfortable and ergonomic to operate. The blades of the Spartan Mower are symmetrical, which helps you cut your lawn with ease.

Spartan Mower is Durable and Offers Comfort

The Spartan Mower is designed with durability and comfort in mind, with a one-piece 7-gauge deck and rear baffling.

Its 6-inch deck is designed for superior volume and flawless grass distribution. The mower also comes with an ergonomic cockpit with an easy-to-use control panel and indicator lights. It also has a 12-volt power outlet and storage for extra blades.

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Compared to other models, the Spartan has better fuel efficiency. It has fewer problems, which means less money is spent on maintenance. 

The spare parts are expensive, so it’s best to prepare for some unexpected expenses. 

Pros of Using the Spartan Mower:

  • Ease of use
  • The SRT Series has ergonomic seats
  • Tecspak dampeners provide maximum shock absorption
  • The SRT Series also offers GT Trac for improved inclined traction. The tires on the SRT series have been designed for maximum comfort. 
  • The SRT series comes with a simple turn-dial height adjustment system, which allows you to adjust the height of the blades in minutes.
  • The Spartan Mower comes with an electric clutch, which is very convenient. 
  • The mower is also equipped with a vibration-control system that helps it run smoothly. 
  • The deck is also fitted with a shock absorber, which reduces the risk of injuries. 
  • The electric clutch on the Spartan Mower is also equipped with a soft-start electronic control that pulses electricity when the mower starts. This feature prevents the belt from squeaking and increases its lifespan.
  • The Spartan mower has a low center of gravity. The high incline traction helps in mowing slopes. It has a large capacity. The mowers come in different widths. However, the latter is ideal for narrow spaces, as it is equipped with a deep deck. The smallest models are smaller. This means that they are perfect for compact gardens.

How Does a Spartan Mower Work?

A Spartan mower is an ideal lawn mower for anyone who wants to mow a large yard without spending hours doing it by hand. It features Zero-Turn Technology and Elastomer TecsPak cushioning that makes it comfortable to ride. 

Plus, it has a new brake system, so it can stop even in the tightest areas. These features help it cut through the toughest grass in no time.

A Spartan lawn mower has a wide mowing deck, which allows for a more uniform cut. This is important because it means less time to complete the job. 

Another benefit of a Spartan zero-turn mower is the smooth ride it provides. 

Unlike riding mowers, which require pulling on the steering wheel and often cause discomfort, zero-turn mowers offer an almost completely flat ride.

THis mower has ergonomic seats and a lever-based steering system, removing stress from your shoulders and back while you mow. 

A Spartan RT mower even comes with an integrated dampener. It has a high-quality riding deck, which is ideal for residential or light commercial use. You’ll be able to mow your lawn more quickly and easily.

A Spartan lawn mower is a perfect choice for homeowners who want to cut grass quickly and cleanly. 

A Zero-Turn mower is easier to maneuver and can travel at speeds up to 11 mph. With a 42 to 72-inch cutting deck, it is easy to mow large areas without a lot of effort. The operator has an excellent view of the cutting edges, so you can easily trim close to obstacles.

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A Spartan mower is easy to maneuver. Its low center of gravity makes it easier to operate on slopes. Its engine can reach 11 mph and can reverse speed up to 5 mph. 

The blades can be adjusted to cut grass closer to obstacles and other obstacles, reducing the time it takes to mow a lawn. Its wide mowing decks make it an ideal lawn-mowing machine.

Unlike conventional riding mowers, a Spartan zero-turn mower is easy to operate. The zero-turn mechanism makes it very convenient. You can push it forward or backward while mowing your lawn. With the Spartan zero-turn mower, you can cut grass faster and better. 

Its ergonomic design and elastomer bumpers make it easy to maneuver. A steering wheel with a zero-turn feature makes it much easier to navigate.

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Unveil common issues faced with Spartan mowers and expert solutions. Dive into troubleshooting tips for optimal mower performance. Explore comprehensive guidance to overcome challenges and maintain your Spartan mower effortlessly.


Regardless of the Spartan mower problems mentioned in this article, his machine is easy to operate and has great traction. 

It is also more comfortable to ride than a traditional riding mower, and the seat is adjustable. Its patented braking system and comfortable cockpit make it easy to maneuver. 

One of the main benefits of a Spartan zero-turn mower is its speed. Its fast-moving speed reduces fuel consumption and helps save on fuel.

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