Snow Plow For Zero Turn Mower (Top 8 Options)

Advancements in technology have led to the invention of tools that make life easier and more efficient.

snow plow

The snowplow for zero-turn mowers is one such tool. 

This makes life a little bit less difficult during winter months by clearing snow from your yard or driveway with a simple brushless motor system without you having to do all the hard labor yourself.

Let’s take a look at what this innovative product can offer you.

In simpler terms, the snowplow is a plow that attaches to the front of a zero-turn mower. The plow can be raised and lowered as needed for better maneuverability during different stages of snow removal. 

However, you should note that this product does not come free. This is because you will also have to purchase a compatible model specifically made for your brand and type of zero-turn mower or tractor.

Below is a list of the top 8 best snow plows for zero-turn mowers.

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1). Warn 78960 Provantage Side X Side Straight Plow Blade

The WARN ProVantage plow is our pick for the best value in the lineup, not only does it have good lift capacity and come with a bracket kit, but at $150 cheaper than some of its competitors this product has the edge in price. 

This blade has a sharp V shape to cut through a heavy snowpack, along with tips pointed down in front to push piles of snow out of your way like an ice-scraper. 

It is made out of 1/4 inch thick steel which will last for years if taken care of properly; Most other blades are 3/16 or less which get dented up easily and start to develop cracks. 

This plow is made in the USA and has a good warranty if it can’t be repaired or replaced for free during that time

2). Kolpin Atv Switchblade Plow

The KOPLIN switchblade plow has 14 inches of lift and carries up to 3,500 pounds when angled with wings down, or around 1,800 pounds when fully raised straight behind you with wings out. 

The arm folds completely back against the mower for easy storage when not in use, but angles 45 degrees forward when engaged making this plow great for roadways. This is because you can plow and remove snow while driving. 

There is a 10″x12″ polyethylene blade included with the purchase of this product, or you can order an additional spare to replace it when the original wears out. The blades are also available in red to make sure they stand out against your black mower for visibility purposes.

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3). Country Manufacturing Zero Turn Snowplow 5 Ft Wide 

The Country Manufacturing plow looks like a traditional straight blade that attaches underneath your zero turn mower’s frame but instead has a small flap on the bottom. This pushes snow away from behind you so it doesn’t pile up in front of you while moving forward. 

This model features a 30-inch wide plow that can be adjusted up and down to a maximum height of 20 inches. This product also includes a 5-foot plow blade with a 100-pound capacity. 

The steel used in the construction of this ZTR snowplow is 2 millimeters thick so it holds up well to rocks and other debris on the road.

4). Country Manufacturing Zero Turn Snowplow 4 Ft Wide 

Just like our previous pick from Country Mfg., this model has a slant towards the rear while angled forward.

This will push all the snow out in front of you while driving without having to have your mower higher off the ground than normal to create a pile for you to drive over. 

This plow has the same 5-foot blade as our other pick, which also attaches to your zero-turn mower’s frame.

The lift arm for this plow is adjustable up and down with a maximum height of 9 inches while angled forward for use.

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5). Extreme Max 5500.5010 Uniplow One-Box Atv Plow 

Extreme Max’s one box plow has a 30-inch wide V-shaped cutting edge that can lift to 3,000 lbs when angled towards the rear of the mower or 1,500 lbs when straight out behind you. 

This makes clearing roadways quick and easy since you won’t be dealing with excessive amounts of snow building up in front of you. 

This plow is made out of 1/4 inch thick extruded aluminum which doesn’t flex or flex so it can take bumps around trees or rocks on the side of the road with ease. 

The box this plow attaches to has a versatile hinging design that allows you to tilt your plow forward for maximum lift, adjust its up and down angle, or push your snow into a pile behind you depending on what you need to do at that moment.

6). Motoalliance Denali Atv 60 Inch Universal Snow Plow Kit 

This kit includes everything needed to attach one universal snowplow to your ZTR mower. 

The kit consists of two mounting plates (one for the right side & one for the left) with an adapter plate, two carriers with pins to lock them into place on your zero-turn mower, mounts for blade angle adjustment, and of course a 60-inch plow blade. 

The material used in this plow is 3/8 inch thick steel which will not dent up easily like aluminum or plastic. 

The rubber anti-slip backing on this plow also prevents it from sliding around on concrete so you can get it maneuvered how you want without having to hold on to it while moving forward.

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7). Meyer Plow Auto Angle Hydraulic Snow Plow 80″ 

This Meyer Plow has adjustable down pressure thanks to hydraulic controls on the handlebar of your zero-turn mower. 

This allows you to get more or less blade pressure depending on the amount of snow that’s been pushed up from behind making it easy to handle wet slush or rock hard ice. 

The 80-inch cutting edge is angled forward. As soon as you start moving forward everything will be pushed out in front of you instead of accumulating around your machine as a massive pile.

8). Polaris Glacier Pro Lock & Ride 52 In. Steel Plow Blade, Black 

This plow has a 52-inch wide blade and attaches with a set of clamps underneath your zero turn mowers deck, this attachment method prevents anything from getting snagged while pulling it since you’ll be pushing it. 

This plow’s angled design allows you to push snow up and overbanked areas, so if your road has a decent side you can take advantage of this feature instead of wasting time shoveling the entire driveway.

This is because it’s banked by hills or other natural obstacles.

Tips To Choose The Best Snow Plow For Zero Turn Mower

1). Get The Right Size

The first thing to do when looking for a snowplow is to make sure it fits the machine you want to attach it to. Every model of snowplow can be mounted on specific size (width) tractors. 

There are two main sizes; 60″ and 72″. A 60″ plow will fit most small-sized zero-turn mowers, while a 72″ plow will work best with larger tractors like mid-sized or full-sized ZTRs.

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2). Brand Name, Quality, And Customer Service

In many cases, price is a good indicator of quality. If you buy low-quality products, they usually also have low prices.

High-quality products have a higher price tag. But, prices can vary from one manufacturer to another so it doesn’t always work as a buying guide. 

Some brands are known for producing high-quality products at a low price point. These days both the big brand names and smaller brands offer great value, so keep an eye out for good deals.

3). Attachment Method

The method used to attach the snowplow blade to your zero turn mower is different depending on individual models, but in general, there are three attachment methods available: bolting the plow onto the ZTR deck plate (the best method). 

Using quick-release tabs; attaching directly to the ZTR axles (not recommended). When deciding which attachment method is best for your needs, consider what kind of conditions you are most likely to encounter. 

While the quick release tabs are faster and easier to attach, they may not be as sturdy during rough usage, so if you were planning on using your ZTR for commercial purposes (shoveling driveways), it’s worth investing in a good pair of bolts instead.

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4). Cutting Width

Snowplows can have different cutting widths, depending on the model. Some are adjustable, others aren’t– but all models will fit within a certain size range. 

The actual cutting width is usually one or two inches wider than the snowplow itself. This is because that’s how much room is needed for attaching it onto the tractor deck plate or axle. 

If you want to clear snow fast, you need to choose a snowplow with the widest cutting width possible. If you want more precise control over where your ZTR cuts, look for plows that have narrower widths.

5). Full Or Half-Moon Blade?

There are two main types of snowplow blades: full moon and half-moon. A full moon blade is recommended for occasional use. This is because it clears large surfaces in one pass, but can’t get into tight spots easily. 

On the other hand, a half-moon blade will let you clear small patches of snow accurately while also being able to maneuver around corners better. 

This is because it has less surface area making it perfect for regular usage (especially if you only have a few locations where you’re clearing snow).

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In this comprehensive guide, discover the optimal snow plow attachment for your zero-turn mower. Uncover essential tips and insights to efficiently clear snow from your property using your existing equipment. Learn about the benefits of zero-turn mowers in snow removal, along with key considerations when selecting the right snow plow. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional landscaper, this article equips you with the knowledge to tackle winter weather with ease. Prepare your zero-turn mower for winter duty and ensure your property remains safe and accessible even in the harshest conditions.


These are all great choices for anyone looking to clear their driveways with ease using their ZTR mower.

This is currently among the best machines money can buy in each category and compare them to pick out. These are the top choices out there. 

If you were to pick one based on how well they match up with my checklist for this type of machine it would have to be the WARN 78960 ProVantage Side x Side Straight Plow Blade – 60″ as it has the largest blade size (at 60 inches. 

This can clear up to 3 feet away from your mower, this was a big plus since I had more room to work around rock or tree stumps that might be on either side of my driveway. 

The price is also one of the cheapest and having owned previous Warn products before they were easily some of the best tools I’ve ever used, so if you’re looking for something reliable but on a budget, this may be the best option there is.

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