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Is Scotts Fertilizer Good? (9 Ways to Use It)

O.M Scott, the founder of Scott fertilizer, started by selling seeds in 1868, and since then, the company has dramatically developed.

scotts fertilizer | Plantgardener

The company is widely trusted, and it has many research facilities and offices all over the world.

That means they can bring customers effective and innovative products that are very cost-efficient. 

So what makes Scotts fertilizer good?

Scotts is a good fertilizer because it helps your grass grow while also helping in getting rid of weeds. If you don’t have much time to do gardening, this is the best choice. You will only need to apply it every 6 to 8 weeks, making it very convenient. 

There are different varieties of Scotts fertilizers, and they range from different types of insect controls, grasses, climates, and even weed eradication.

That makes its application easier and affordable.

This guide will discuss how using Scotts fertilizer will benefit your lawn and look at some of the most frequently asked questions. Read through to the end to learn more.

What makes Scotts fertilizer good?

Everyone knows that fertilizing your lawn is essential, but you may not know why. Using Scotts to fertilize your lawn has excellent benefits, and we will discuss some of them.

You will need to use the fertilizer every few months if you want the best results and also accompany it with other healthy habits.

That is the only way that you will achieve a lush lawn that is very green. Here are the benefits of using Scotts fertilizer:

1. Builds strong deep roots

If you are interested in getting your lawn grass to have solid and deep roots, then the Scotts Winter guard Turf builder will be the best for you.

It is a fertilizer lawn food specifically formulated to deliver your lawn with the nutrients it requires during fall. It will help repair any damages that the grass may have gotten during summer or a drought season.

That will ensure that your grass is stronger in the summertime, and the roots won’t affect the roots.

2. It helps prepare your lawn for winter

Scotts also have a fertilizer by the name winter guard. It is responsible for providing the required nutrients that your grass will lose during summer or during a drought.

It helps prepare the grass for the harsh winter conditions.

That way, when winter comes, your grass will remain green, and its roots will remain strong.

3. Provides essential nutrients to your lawn

Applying Scotts fertilizer to your lawn helps give the grass all the essential nutrients that it requires. It will help repair any damage caused during droughts, winter, or any other activity that resulted in damages. 

The fertilizer will help the roots absorb the nutrients and water it needs making it better than the lawns which are not fertilized. 

You also fertilize because, over time, soil loses its natural nutrients required for the grass’s better growth. The fertilizer will help the grass become thicker, greener, last longer, and lusher. 

4. It’s essential like water and sunshine

Everyone knows that grass needs water and sunshine to grow. But if you want the grass to thrive, you have to make sure that it gets fertilizer.

When you fertilize your grass, it gets essential elements like nitrate, phosphorus, and potassium. 

Your grass can survive with sunshine and water, but it will likely become discolored, weak, and faded.

Your grass must get all the required nutrients if you want it to look great and be healthy.

5. It’s Easy to Use

Best Fertilizer Spreader

Fertilizing using Scotts is very easy and takes a maximum of twenty minutes. Watering and spreading the seed does not take much of your time.

The needs of your lawn will differ depending on the type of grass you have grown, size, and geographical location, but it is a simple process in general. 

There are different spreads for other lawns, so you have to choose one that works best. One thing you are sure of is, fertilizing will take your lawn to the next level.

You can choose to go with two types of fertilizer, and you have dry and liquid fertilizer to choose from.

You use a garden hose to spread the liquid fertilizer, but the dry one has different methods. However, no matter the type you choose, make sure that you evenly spread the fertilizer.

6. Enhances Faster Growth

If you want your lawn to grow faster, then using Scotts fertilizer will do the trick. If you want results, then use the fertilizer around four times a year.

That way, your grass will be stronger, and it will grow faster because it has all the nutrients it needs. If you grow your lawn without using fertilizer, it will take you a lot of time to grow your grass. 

7. Scotts fertilizer is Cost-Effective

Scott fertilizer is not only the best but also much cost-effective. You will spend very little to buy the fertilizer and even less time applying it on the grass. Failure to use fertilizer will result in future repairs and landscaping, which will cost you more. 

That is why you should buy fertilizer and make your grass healthier while avoiding extra costs. Fertilizing is not only cost-effective but also helps keep your lawn looking great and makes it durable.

8. Helps Control Weeds

Scotts fertilizer helps to remove weeds by killing them. When the fertilizer is applied, it digs deep into the root, which helps in weakening the stems of the unwanted plants.

Fertilizer is added to the grass to make it healthier and stronger by gaining a foothold on its stem.

9. Gets rid of Mud Puddles and Patches

Scotts fertilizer is applied to the grass to make the root absorb more water which helps it grow faster and healthier.

After the fertilizer has been applied, it reduces breakages and makes the roots grow stronger, preventing them from pulling and mud puddles.

These benefits ensure the lawn does well no matter the condition and situation of the weather.

How to Use Scotts Lawn Fertilizer

Scotts Fall Lawn Food

To apply the fertilizer on your lawn, there are some things that you will need. They include Scotts fertilizer, a spreader, and about 20 minutes of your time.

With these, you are guaranteed a greener lawn that is also thicker. Below are the essential steps to keep in mind.

Watering your lawn

Make sure to water your lawns a few days before applying the fertilizer.

That will ensure that the soil has the needed moisture. It will also help the soil accept the fertilizer and ensure maximum results.

Choose the best spreader

There are two main types of spreaders, and they include drop and broadcast.

Every fertilizer has a different setting for the spreader, so you have to ensure that you adjust the settings accordingly if you want to achieve the best coverage.

Make sure first to check the fertilizer bag to ensure that you choose the correct settings for that spreader.

Start with the perimeter

Starting with the perimeter gives you peace of mind and not to worry about missing the edges.

You can choose a fertilizer from Scotts that has been specifically designed for the edges.

This step also ensures that you don’t apply grass fertilizer to the sidewalks, garden beds, or the driveway.

Fill in the middle

Applying fertilizer to your lawn is done just like mowing. Feed the lawn fertilizer by going in a straight line back and forth.

Make sure to overlap when you do each pass so that you don’t skip any spots. That way, the whole yard will be covered.

Ensure to handle the remaining product properly

Once you are done with fertilizing your lawn, return any product you did not use into the bag and seal it well.

You can use the product the next time you fertilize again but ensure you store it in a cool, dry place. Make sure the place is out of reach from children and will not be infested by pests.

FAQs about Scott Fertilizer 

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Scotts fertilizer and their answers. Read through to learn more and get answers to the questions you have been asking yourself.

Where Can I Find Scotts Fertilizer?

There are many places you can find Scotts fertilizer but order it online if you live in the United States. It is easier, and it will be delivered to your doorstep without any hustle. It is easier than going to the store and finding out that the type of fertilizer you need is not there.

Is it okay to fertilize a New Lawn?

No, it’s not okay to fertilize a new lawn; the roots need time in the soil to establish themselves. It is not recommended to fertilize a new lawn until late fall. That is when you can use a fertilizer designed for the winter. If you fertilize too early, you can cause the roots to burn, and the grass will die.

Should I Invest in a spreader?

If you are covering a large area, then you should invest in a spreader. The spreader will ensure that you achieve the proper coverage. It is also more efficient than when you do the job using your hand.

Scotts fertilizer: Conclusion

If you have read from above, you have all the information you need to make a great decision on Scotts fertilizer.

It is clear that this company has excellent fertilizer, especially for your lawn, and it comes with great benefits.

Pick one that you need and make your yard look greener and healthier. All the best!

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