Rooftop Lawn Ideas: 20 Best Ideas (+ Beautiful Pictures)

Most homeowners want to make their house uniquely beautiful and green.

That being said, what better and affordable design can you possibly think of? Hey! Relax, rooftop lawn can make a great difference.

Before you think twice, quickly do a recap of a house with rooftop lawn and one without rooftop lawn. You’ll notice a big difference between the two houses.

You can also make your rooftop beautiful as well. If you don’t know how to start, let  these 20 inspiring rooftop lawn designs inspire you. 

1. Turn Your Rooftop Into Round Lawn  

rooftop garden ideas


Rooftop with round lawn design on a wooden patio offers you a decent and comfortable rooftop where you can host parties and meet with your family.

This design is mind blowing. Your rooftop might not necessarily be round in shape, but you can landscape it to become round in shape with woods. 

Round lawn design rooftop will not only add value to your house but will make people admire it as well. 

Rooftop round lawn is an eye-catching design that is not common. Unlike other common rooftop lawn designs but this is accurately made round to spice up the beauty of your house.

2. Design Your Rooftop Lawn With Pool


You may not want to miss the wonderful design rooftop. Think about having a mini pool on your rooftop with a lawn.

What a way of bringing outdoor features into a building roof. I know you like it. But your concern is how to get it done. It is not difficult and It’s doable.

To get this excellent rooftop design is to create a lightweight concrete patio on your rooftop. When building such a patio ensure the centre of the rooftop has a hollow where you will position an artificial pool.

After which, install an artificial pool. Plant lawn around the pool to further make the environment beautiful. 

However, you can also choose the way you want the design to be that will best suit you. Having your rooftop lawn with a mini pool is superb and luxurious.

3. Use Rooftop To Create Carpet Lawn Design  


This carpet lawn design rooftop is created to make users have the same interior carpet feeling like of the inside house.

Carpet lawn design rooftop offers users a cool environment to carry out exercise most especially in the morning.

If you’re thinking of how to make your rooftop useful, then create carpet lawn in it to make the area useful and beautiful.

Carpet rooftop lawn is easy to install and is cost effective. It is simple and unique without much design that will break your bank account.

4. Landscape Your Rooftop With Lawn And Flower


What a better way to make your rooftop lawn appealing if not with different types of flowers. Use flowers that are not deep roots to beautify the area.

Not only will the flowers make the place beautiful but they will also make it cool and provide shades during summer.

You’ll not understand the importance of having flowers on your rooftop until you create one — especially during the heat season. 

Give your rooftop unique designs with different colors of flowers. The colors will transform the environment into an excellent place. 

5. Rooftop Lawn With Ellipse Design 


This is an amazing design that depicts an ellipse. What makes rooftop lawn stand out among many others is the creativity that you introduce into it.

People have moved away from just turning their rooftop into a lawn but be creative about the design to show an expression of beauty. 

The ellipse design has two entrances. You don’t need to have a big rooftop before you can make your rooftop look like this. Whatever size of rooftop you have, transform it to like this image. 

Irrespective of the space you have you can get it done — plan your rooftop space very well so that you can get the best out of it.

Look closely, you will see how concrete was used to create the ellipse design. Each edge of the design has separate features that make the rooftop lawn look superb. 

You can bring the version of this rooftop lawn design into your home. Create excellent features in your rooftop design that is good.

6. Create a Mini Outdoor Conference With Rooftop Lawn


You don’t have much space in your house to host visitors, then you have nothing to worry about because you can create a mini conference with your rooftop.

Rooftop has provided many house owners extra space for various activities. Likewise, you can turn your own rooftop into a mini conference hall to host visitors.

First, cover the rooftop with a wooden patio and plant circle lawn inside the patio.The lawn is used to create the circle while the seats are inside it. The lawn should be the same height with the patio. 

There are many ways you make your top roof beautiful. Patio with lawn helps make the top of the roof another conducive environment.

To create this type of design on your rooftop, cover the entire rooftop with a wooden patio. Then create a circle with the same wood. In between the circle, turn it to where you can grow lawn. Then plant your lawn and see how excellent the design looks. 

7. Wooden Rooftop Lawn  


Have you thought of creating a wooden rooftop lawn before? You may have not because your roof is not made with woods.

Let me surprise you. Wooden rooftop lawn is not built on roofing wood. No, not at all. Whatever materials your rooftop is made of, you can still create a wooden rooftop lawn in there.

Wooden rooftop that is used with a lawn can make the lawn stay healthy and greenish. Because it absorbs water to keep the plant underneath cool for a long time.

The beauty about a wooden rooftop lawn is that it makes the environment cool and brings you close to nature. Because everything around you when you are on the rooftop speaks nature.

8. Use Your Rooftop Steps To Create Lawn 


Do you have steps on your rooftop design? If you do then good. You can easily get this design. 

Turn each step into an amazing design lawn garden. Use it to grow different designs of flowers that are at least 2 inches tall.

The flowers will create shade that will keep your exterior house cool even during heat. They also create shade where you can stay and enjoy your outer space during summer.

Rooftop lawn steps will not only make your building cool but also help to reduce the cost of energy bill. 

The flowers also prevent logs of water from gathering around your rooftop. It helps to make your rooftop last long while keeping your building strong as a result of the shade it provides.

Rooftop lawn flowers are used to protect the building against ultraviolet that is harmful to some of the building materials. 

The flowerings are not necessarily going to be high plants but to some extent to withstand wind blows.

9. Use Planter Pots With Lawn To Beautifies Your Rooftop 


Rooftop has become an additional space in the house where people entertain visitors, meet with family, and have quiet time.

Such additional space can be more beautiful by introducing a lawn. You may turn the entire place into a lawn. 

Use planter pots to position the lawn into strategic places that will best make the environment look different and excellent.

Planter pots with lawn will bring in serenity that will make the place more comfortable. You can paint the planter pots with different types of colors to beautify the place.

Use precious stone to create a boundary between the planter pots. The precious stones will also give the place an additional outlook that is worth viewing.

10. Turn Your Parking Slot Rooftop Into Comfortable Area


Are you living in a house that is controlled by a corporate body?  The corporate body accepts rooftop gardens but the house roof is slanted. 

You love to have a rooftop garden in your house but the corporate body in charge of the house said you can’t re-construct the roof. Then what do you do? Take advantage of the parking lot to create a rooftop garden.

Then check out the car parking lot. Does the car park have the requirement for building a rooftop garden? How big is your parking slot and why not take advantage of it to build rooftop gardens. 

If your house isn’t roofed in a way you can build a garden and the cost will be higher to build rooftop garden then make use of your parking slop.

Create a very nice rooftop garden at your parking slot to enjoy nature. Create an all level lawn at the top of your parking roof. 

Turn the rooftop garden into a mini amusement park to entertain visitors and have a good time with your family.

Most people who have parking slots in front of their house use them to build rooftop lawn. The parking slot rooftop lawn helps to improve and increase the value of property. Take advantage of your parking slot rooftop to grow lawn and plants.

11. Create Rooftop Garden With Planter Pots


 A Rooftop garden requires creativity. How beautiful a rooftop garden is depends on the creativity. 

You may have a large space but what will give it a face value is the creative you bring into it. The beauty of a Rooftop garden largely depends on how crafting you are to make the area look nice.

Planter pots can help you make the area look beautiful when you don’t want to use the entire place for a rooftop garden. Get different sizes of planter pots with compartments to turn the section of your rooftop into a garden.

Planter pots are used to grow different plants and lawn. Using planter pots on your rooftop garden will enable you to grow different kinds of plants that will make your rooftop garden look beautiful.

Paint the planter pots with different types of colors to further make the rooftop garden aesthetic.

12. Plant Lawn Around Tower That’s On Your Rooftop 


Irrespective of what you have on top of your roof so long it can be used to grow lawn then, go ahead to beautify your rooftop with it.

Use planter pots to design your rooftop with different designs and styles you want. Use planter pots to decorate sections of your rooftop into how you want it to be.

13. Use Your Rooftop To Create Football Pit Lawn 


Innovation makes a rooftop garden to stand out. How innovative are you? Do you know you can design your rooftop to be like a football pit? Yes you can. 

Rooftop can be transformed into different designs and styles of your choice. Use the rooftop of your house to create a design of your choice.

Having a rooftop that is garden enabled gives you advantage for you to improve your house designs. You can bring a version of that design that you have in mind to transform your rooftop garden.

Not just the beauty, rooftop gardens improve building strength and also cool the interior of your building. 

Most people go for rooftop gardens to help them reduce the cost of energy bills and reduce heat as well. 

14. Turn Your House Rooftop Into Lawn


Just the way you transform your field with green life and makes it beautiful the same way you can transform your rooftop.

It is not just the beauty that rooftop that is completely used for lawn brings that matter but the benefits it offers the structure count as well.

Rooftop provides a solution to the problem of lack of space for gardens. No need to worry about space when you have a rooftop.

Make your rooftop beautiful just the way you would make your ground floor garden. To keep rooftop lawn healthy and greenish always then supply them with constant water supply.

Get well-mixed compost soil to grow lawn in your rooftop building. Lawn that is greenish offers an amazing outlook and presents an exceptional view.

15. Use Your Rooftop To Grow Different Types Of Lawns


Rooftop that is used to grow varieties of lawns has different looks compared with one that has one lanw. The color transforms the entire area and makes it look beautiful.

Imagine the look you will get when your rooftop has different types of lawns. Have you thought about that? You don’t need too many facilities at the top of your roof but the colors from your lawns will make the area inviting.

16. Create Rooftop Mini Hill Lawn


How best you can landscape your rooftop will give it the best outlook you desire. Rooftop can be used to create a version of any natural fixture you see around you.

Mini hill lawn gives a better sight and makes your house have a good sight. The Biggest concern is the weight of the hill to most people. 

Mini hill lawn is built based on the capacity of the structure. Besides, the mini hill lawn is a weight light that almost all houses can hold.

To create a mini hill lawn, get planter pots that are flat with a diameter of 2 – 4 sq and use it to create a layer. Put each of the planter pots on top of each other to get mini hill height.

After the arrangement, use soil to cover the entire pots. Let the soil be light, not much. So long the soil can grow lawn then plant your lawn to create mini hill lawn on the rooftop. 

17. Create a Rooftop Lawn Layers


Rooftop is another space of the house most people transformed into an amazing sight. Create an eye-catching view with your rooftop. 

Rooftop lawn increases the value of building while making it the top a conducive environment to have fun.

Take a look at the rooftop lawn designs in the image above, it’s beautiful and luxurious. You can bring the version of this rooftop into your house. Improve your house with quality rooftop lawn design.

18. Make Your Rooftop Lawn All Green


If you live in an area where carpet green lawn is not common then you can use your rooftop. Create all green lawn on your rooftop and make it outstanding among every other building along your area.

The essence of all green lawn rooftop is to make the building cool during summer. It also helps to reduce the cost of energy.

During summer, the energy power people consume is high as a result of heat. One of the ways you can reduce the amount of energy power you consume during summer is by turning the complete rooftop into a lawn.

The green lawn reduces the heat and makes the interior of your building cool. The cool state of the building helps to reduce energy consumption.

Most people use rooftop lawn to reduce their cost of energy because lawn help to provide cool environment 

Complete rooftop lawn makes your build last long because the lawn holds excess water that could have damaged your concrete rooftop. 

All green lawn roofs provide an emotional feel. Green depicts life so, when it’s on the rooftop of a building, it makes the environment lively.

19. Decorate Your Rooftop With Flowers


The Rooftop can be designed with the lawn in different ways. You can plant at edges while the center is used for other events.

Flowers attractive colors at the edges of your rooftop give the area an excellent look.

Let the flowers have the same height for a unique look. Maintaining the same flowers height will give a unique view. 

20. Design Your Rooftop With Lawn Ball


Rooftop deserves the best outlook. Make your rooftop have a unique design that is not the same with others.

Use the lawn to create that object that you like most on the rooftop of your building. The design will be distinct and unique in nature.

You don’t need to break your bank account before you make the rooftop beautiful. With a bit of creativity you can make your rooftop look nice. 

Rooftop has become an extended home for many homeowners where they cultivate different plants and have a cool time. 

Rooftop is as useful as any other outdoor space you have in your home. Today, people’s attention is being drawn to the rooftop that is why it is important you make it look nice.

Create an excellent sight with beautiful designs on top of your rooftop. Make the area look extremely homely with your designs.


Get motivated with these ideas to transform your rooftop into splendor. Give your rooftop a face value by designing it with lawn. 

There is no better time to start than to start now. Plan out your rooftop no matter the space it has. Make the place excellent and unique by crafting it with mind-blowing designs.