Is Red Spider Lily Poisonous? (for Humans, Dogs, Cats)?

A quick back story about the Red Spider Lily.

red spider lily poisonous

You’ll love it. Whether the plant is poisonous or edible will be determined by this story, please read on.

The popular Japanese anime series Dragonball Z has a recurring theme that revolves around a flower known as the red spider lily. 

This flower represents the loss of memory, self, and people.

The character Kaneki lost his identity and became a half-ghoul, but he still feels the pain of humans.

So, should red spider lily be eaten? Is it poisonous? Here’s what I found out:

The red spider lily is poisonous to both humans and animals. Therefore, it should not be eaten. It contains lycorine, a chemical that can be deadly to humans and pets if ingested. For preventive measures, the plant should be grown in areas that are not accessible to children, dogs, and cats.

Some parts of this plant are poisonous to humans, such as the bulbs.

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The Red Spider Lily Plant (an Overview)

Although this plant is associated with the underworld, some of its parts are used as medicine. The flower’s roots are a treatment for swollen or ulcerated tissue, while the flower’s bulb is used to neutralize poisons. 

The bulbs can be used as plasters for burns or other cuts, and contain alkaloids that are anticancer, antibacterial, and antiretroviral.

Red Spider Lily Flowers are Toxic to Humans

The flowers of the red spider lily are poisonous to humans if eaten, and it’s not always clear how toxic they are until they’ve reached the stomach. In the wild, red spider lily plants are found in shady, moist areas.

The plant grows best in acidic soils. 

Historically, the plant has been used in Japan as a natural pesticide, but that’s changed. In recent years, the flower has been cultivated in gardens and landscapes as a garden ornamental.

Red Spider Lilies are Great Companion Plants

Despite their reputation as a dangerous plant, red spider lilies can be a wonderful addition to your yard or garden. 

They look beautiful when planted in multiple clusters and can be grown alongside Chinese Ground Orchid and groundcover plants. While their name is somewhat frightening, they are not harmful to humans or pets. 

In fact, the flower’s roots and bulb can be used as a plaster for burns. This plant contains alkaloids that are anticancer, antibacterial, and antiretroviral.

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The Flowers Are Pest-Repellents

red spider lily

Aside from being a gorgeous plant, the red spider lily has a long history of being a noxious plant. Its flowers were originally used to kill pests in Japan and have become a symbol of death and are also placed at tombs. 

The leaves of the red spider lily are toxic to mice, and they’re even used to protect rice paddies. 

The only downside to the red spider lily is that it can easily be ingested.

Despite its name, the red spider lily is toxic to both humans and animals. They are best planted in areas with no children, but they can be found in gardens and sideways. Unlike most other plants, this plant is safe for a home without kids. 

When planted properly, they require minimal attention and grow prolifically. This plant is a good addition to the garden and lawn.

So, if you’re looking for an attractive plant to add to your garden, the red spider lily is the way to go.

Is Red Spider Lily Toxic to Dogs?

Yes, it’s very toxic to most animals, including dogs.

A veterinarian will look for signs of poisoning after your dog ingests a lily. They will ask you how long the plant has been in your dog’s mouth and whether the spider lily was eaten by the animal. 

They will also perform a physical examination. 

The vet will check the heart rate, pulse, and breathing sounds, as well as the blood cells. Your veterinarian may also order a biochemistry profile and urinalysis.

Your vet will pay special attention to the liver and kidney functions to determine if your dog has been impacted by the lily.

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Why is the Red Spider Lily Poisonous?

The red spider lily is a poisonous plant because it contains lycorine, a chemical that can be deadly to dogs if ingested. 

The plant was used as a pesticide in Japan. Although most wild animals are aware of the poisonous properties, household pets are not aware of this fact. 

Accidental ingestion of red spider lily bulbs can cause vomiting and diarrhea, and in severe cases can be fatal.

Protect Your Garden 

Although it is unlikely that you will accidentally let your dog eat the red spider lily, you should consider fencing the area where you’re planting it so your dog can’t reach it. 

It’s also best to use spray repellant on the plant to deter your pet from eating it. If your pet does manage to eat it, make sure to reward him or her by offering treats, praise, or treats.

Because of its poisonous properties, the red spider lily is often considered a poisonous plant. It is primarily dangerous to humans and cats. 

Therefore, you should never let your dog wander around the garden while you’re harvesting the flower. If you do decide to grow it, make sure to keep it away from young children and your dog. You can also keep it away from children.

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Discover the hidden perils of Red Spider Lilies in our latest blog. Dive into the details of their toxicity, exploring the risks they pose to humans and pets. Gain insights into identification and precautions to ensure safe gardening practices. Unravel the mysteries of these enchanting yet potentially harmful blooms, arming yourself with knowledge to safeguard your home and garden. Explore the captivating world of Red Spider Lilies with us at PlantGardener.

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Red spider lily is ‘truly’ toxic to dogs. Luckily, you can keep it out of the reach of young children and pets. 

If you’re planting the plant in your yard, make sure it’s not within reach of your dog. The plant can be very invasive and cause a lot of damage. A large amount of the lily will be fatal. But it’s worth the risk.

A red spider lily’s most dangerous aspect is its ability to cause acute kidney failure in humans and cats. 

While it’s not as toxic to dogs, it can cause serious gastrointestinal problems in both dogs and cats. 

You should never allow your pet to eat the flowers or plants you’re growing in your home. It’s best to protect your dog from the red spider lily by ensuring that it doesn’t cross the path of your dog.

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