20 Plants That Attract Kangaroos (+ Plants They Hate)

If you want to attract kangaroos to your property, there are several species of plants that attract the unique and lovely animals to your garden. 

If you’ve ever wondered where they all come from, this information could help. From Australia to New Zealand, plants that attract kangaroos have developed a special relationship with their predators.

Australian tree

The Australian tree is one of the most popular plants that attract kangaroos.

And it’s not hard to see why: It is large, strong, and can grow up to 50 ft, with a spread that covers up to a mile.

Kangaroos are mainly nocturnal animals, so their usual habitat is in the shade of trees. However, when conditions become unfavorable, such as stormy weather or a lack of water, they seek out other places to enjoy the sunshine. And the Australian kind of weather is just what they’re looking for: cool, moist, and surrounded by trees.

In fact, kangaroos like trees that are kind, gentle, and which provide shelter from predators. That’s why kangaroos often choose houses built with a lot of exposed branches and exposed roots.

They like trees that are low to the ground, so that predators can’t climb up and pry on them. And because koalas are nocturnal animals, they prefer a place where they can sleep undisturbed.

One of the easiest kinds of plants to attract is the Ivy. Its thick roots make it easy for it to take over an entire bush or a field. In fact, when conditions are right, it can take over a field in a matter of days.

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The plants that attract kangaroos include:

  • Australian eucalyptus trees
  • Hollies
  • Platypuses
  • Hornbills
  • Syngoniums

If you want to attract Kangaroos, there are some additional options. Kangaroos like trees with needles, including:

  • Marl
  • Quaker
  • Holly
  • Oak
  • Sycamore
  • Cypress
  • Spindle pine.

Other kinds of trees you might want to consider are cymbidiums, manzanita, kangaroo paw, and the Australian lily.

You can also plant herbs in your garden that will attract both Kangaroos and other insects. A great idea is to grow tea palms and ferns near your house. These will be enjoyed by the kangaroos that come to drink tea.

If you want to attract kangaroos using other means, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

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Provide shade and cool environment

First, make sure the area where you want them to gather is shaded and cool. Kangaroos are most active during the cooler morning hours and are not as active after dusk.

Also, because kangaroos are nocturnal, you should put the cages in a place that they can rest, like under a tree. This will give them a nice place to rest at night without predators.

If you want to attract kangaroos successfully, there are many plants that attract these, smart animals.

With a little work, you can easily have their number in your backyard. Once you have found the right plants that attract kangaroos, you will notice that they are soon becoming your favorite visitors. It won’t be long before you will be one of their owners.

Attracting kangaroos to your garden

Kangaroos are indigenous species to New Zealand, but they have now become popular for pets and for those who want to keep them in their gardens.

In the southern hemisphere, kangaroos are native to Australia, but they have also become quite popular in New Zealand because they occur naturally there.

They have adapted to the cold weather, highlands, and plains of this country. It is possible to attract these animals to your garden in a few different ways.

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Provide Shelter in Your Garden

One way to attract these animals to your garden is by providing them with shelter. The best shelters to offer for them are under tree canopies or even in rock crevices.

Provide trees and rocks

Aside from kangaroos, other animals like possums and wombats will not go near the ground, so trees and large rocks are the safest places for them. You may also want to add a small wall or fence around your garden to make it less appealing to these animals.

There are other things you can do to attract Kangaroos to your garden, but these two methods may be the easiest.

Also, if you live in an area that is commonly plagued by pests, you should consider adding natural repellents to your lawn and planting of more herbs, such as ryegrass and horseradish. All of these prevent the entry of pests and they also help the kangaroos survive in your garden.

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Add Lilies To Your Garden

Kangaroos are also very playful creatures, and they love to splash around in the water. If you add lilies to your garden and surround them with sand, it will make for an ideal habitat for kangaroos and other pets.

If you do not have these items nearby, you can place them on nearby rocks or plant pots which can provide a better place for kangaroos to splash about.

This will make them more likely to come to your garden.

When you have these creatures in your backyard, you should make sure that you know their basic needs so that you can provide the best possible environment for them.

To ensure that you do not endanger their safety, you should only let them out of their enclosures at night. If you keep them inside all day, you might scare them away.

This task may seem difficult but you should be able to find a solution for it quite easily. When you choose the best locations for your kangaroos, you should use deterrents to keep them away from your garden.

These animals will not venture far from their home. This means that if you have a fence surrounding your garden, you should enclose it on top, either by posts or by using thick netting. Otherwise, you can simply screen it from the outside.

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What plants do kangaroos eat?

Kangaroo eating

What plants do Kangaroos eat? This is a question that many people who are new to owning and operating kangaroos have asked.

As with most questions of what plants do Kangaroos eat, the answer differs depending on the owner and the kangaroo.

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Here, I will explain what plants these animals eat and why you should be concerned if you own one.

Unlike dogs and cats, kangaroos are carnivores. They are primarily feed on small animals, although they will eat any kind of food that an animal would want to eat. A good diet for a kangaroo is one of fresh fruit and vegetables, although they enjoy other types of foods as well.

Not only do they eat fruits and vegetables, but they also enjoy worms, seeds, and other foods. The best food sources for a kangaroo include:

Other foods that are okay for these furry creatures include mealworms, grasshoppers, and other hopping insects. 

On top of the food that kangaroos eat, they also enjoy water. This makes them an excellent choice for owners who live in dry climates.

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However, as with most pets, it is important to keep their drinking water filled at all times. If you plan to let them drink from a dish, you should clean it frequently so that bacteria will not grow in it.

Finally, one of the best questions about what plants do kangaroos eat? It is important to answer this question before buying a new kangaroo. These animals can be very aggressive when it comes to eating, so owners need to know exactly what they can and cannot feed their furry friends.

Vegetables That Kangaroos Eat

Some of the more common vegetables that kangaroos eat are

In order to get your kangaroo to eat more of these foods, give them extra treats when they get them, and always keep their water empty at all times.

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One of the best answers to the question of what plants do kangaroos eat?

Of course, depends on which type of kangaroo you own! You may have a red kangaroo that likes to consume tubers and pink grapefruit, while a black kitty will prefer green leafy vegetables like spinach and beets.

If you’re trying to decide what plants are best for your pets, be sure to provide plenty of fruits, vegetables, and greens.

This will help to avoid your kitty from becoming overweight or unhealthy. Good luck with your search for the perfect foods for your pet kangaroos!

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What plants will kangaroos not eat?

What plants will kangaroos not eat? This is the question all true Australian wildlife enthusiasts ask, and it is almost impossible to get an answer straight away. Let’s just say that the subject of what plants won’t eat in Australia is a bit hazy.

That doesn’t mean the answer is not relevant, however. For example, there are a couple of plants which aren’t edible by humans but certainly make good friends to a kangaroo! These include the bottle gourd and the fruit tree.

The bottle gourd looks a lot like the common gourd we’re all familiar with. It has a round shape with a black, spiny surface, and a long, tapered end.

You can hold one in your hand and it feels firm; this is because it is quite strong. To eat, you need to puncture the tip with a finger or with a tongue, and spit out the seeds. Of course, the bottle gourd isn’t the only edible member of its genus.

Another very common food for Australian kangaroos is called the bottle palm. There are two species:

  • The Camelia species
  • The Umbellifera species

The former produces berries, while the latter contains seeds. Both are juicy fruits, and they’re eaten by kangaroos, too.

But don’t worry; humans can actually eat these too. Many people do. In fact, it is possible to breed camels in captivity, and their offspring have been known to produce good quality meat. This makes the Australian bush the most kangaroo friendly of all the world’s plants.

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But the real question, what plants will kangaroos not eat, is not just “what do kangaroos eat?” but “what are the other animals eating?” Not all of them can be eaten by humans, but some of them can be. That’s why a little bit of biology is always welcome when you’re growing a new kitty.

In some circumstances, of course, your kitty will not eat any of its own kind. The melanoma (or colored) species, for example, will not eat its own tail, even though it is a vital part of its anatomy. This is because the tail contains blood vessels that supply nutrition to all of the skin’s cells. As a species, all kangaroos have black fur, but the color usually varies between individual patches. Therefore, the tail contains enough “blood” to be accessible to all of the cells.

There are plenty of other foods that will only be accepted by your kitty if you raise it from an early age. These include worms, such as the silver haired or Campbell’s Eye, or other flatworm larvae.

These too will be rejected if they are ingested by your kitty. If you provide them with jars or plastic tubs of cricket chow, the earthworms will accept them. If you give them potato peelings, though, they will decline the idea, so try cricket food instead!


Discover the enchanting world of plants that captivate kangaroos. Unearth a list of flora irresistible to these iconic marsupials, enhancing your understanding of their dietary preferences and ecological impact. From eucalyptus to native grasses, explore the greenery that beckons kangaroos into your landscape. Gain insights into coexisting harmoniously with these unique creatures while fostering a biodiverse environment. Elevate your gardening knowledge and create a space where kangaroos feel at home. Dive into the blog for an in-depth exploration of the plants that forge a connection with Australia’s boundless beauty.

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What plants will kangaroos not eat? It really depends on the species, of course. However, this list should help you decide whether a particular vegetable should be included in your pet’s diet.

And don’t forget – if you don’t feed your kitty on the vegetables you want to offer, they won’t eat them!

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