Top 10 Plants That Attract Australian Birds (with Pictures)

You may have been wondering, “What plants are great for attracting Australian birds?” There is a whole range of plants that will attract a variety of flightless and migratory birds to your backyard.

Not only do they look beautiful, and add beauty to your landscaping, but they also provide valuable habitat for many of the Australian wildlife species that call our country home.

If you are an Australian native or know an Australian native, you know that plants are a very important part of the life that surrounds us. We depend on plants to power our lives, heal us, and provide us with food and other necessities.

What plants that attract Australian birds are those that can thrive in both extreme environments of the desert and wetland areas. While it may seem hard to believe, some of the most common plants that attract Australian birds are cactuses.

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Cactuses actually come from the same family as cucumbers and tomatoes. In Australia, there are a variety of plants that attract these desert species of cactus.

In fact, there are at least a dozen specific causes that are known to attract birds.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of these plants is that their leaves remain short, which makes them easy to spot among the dappled colors of desert vegetation.

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They also have small, pearl-like flowers that add to their charm. These flowers are usually blue or gray in color, but can vary slightly depending on the species of cactus.

Many of the birds that enjoy a visit to your backyard will stop by at your flower garden to admire the beauty of these flowers.

Asters are another group of plants that you should be aware of. The aster family contains over one hundred species of plants, and Asellanthus (also known as sunflower) is the most common species in this group.

Because of the plants unique beauty, asters are also prized by bird lovers who look for a change of scenery from the usual greenery of their neighborhood park or flower garden.

In fact, a majority of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia, are comprised of a collection of these asters. Not only do these plants contribute to the botanical richness of the area, they also provide a point of distinction for bird watchers and photographers alike.

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To enhance the beauty of your backyard, many people choose to add shrubs, trees, and flowers to their yard. However, there are some plants that attract birds to your yard more so than others.

One of the best-known of these plants is the Beautyrest Tree, a large evergreen tree that is known for its climbing ability.

The Beautyrest is also one of the hardiest trees, which makes it a favorite among those who like to hike and climb.

It is also known as a “cactus tree” because of its medium height and wide-spreading branches, which make it very suitable for borders and other areas of a landscape design where it can be a focal point.

Watering is another important factor when it comes to attracting birds to your gardens and yards. Certain flowers and plants will wilt if they are not watered, so it is best to research the species of plants that you wish to use before deciding to water them.

If there are certain areas of your yard that have become damp or mossy from excessive rainfall, you may want to consider using a type of lawn sprinkler or an automatic birdbath to restore the natural balance in your yard.

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how do you attract native Australian birds?

Satin Bowerbird

It is often said that the first step to how do you attract native Australian birds to your backyard is to build the perfect bird house. The problem with building a traditional bird house for an aviary is that there is not enough width or length for the birds to fly through, and so they just hang on.

A lot of people use different kinds of materials to make their bird houses, but none are as successful as a bird house made from redwood.

Redwood can be used to build a sturdy bird house that will attract native Australian birds to your backyard, all for a low price. Here is a closer look at how do you attract these birds using redwood bird houses.

A good redwood bird house is usually made from redwood trees that are native to Australia. While they are plentiful in the Northern Territory, Central Australia and parts of Queensland, they are unfortunately rare in South-East Asia and very dry in the south-west.

Therefore, if you want to build a bird house out here, you are going to have to look at what species of redwood trees are growing where. If you find some in your local area, you may have luck building a structure from them.

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However, it is best to find a large supply of redwood trees for your project.

A lot of bird houses are built from cedar, which tends to be drier wood than the other types of trees listed above. However, you can still find good bird houses made from cedar, as long as you know where to find them.

One of the easiest places to find good bird houses is to go looking in the mail and classified ads in your local newspaper. You may also find some in rural communities, in parks, or public gardens. There are several kinds of cedar, so it pays to look around to see which one will work best in your area.

For many people, knowing how do you attract native Australian wildlife is so rewarding that they want to share their knowledge and experience by passing on their techniques and designs.

If you have a passion for nature and are interested in teaching others, then you might want to consider becoming a nature teacher. In this way, you can help attract native Australian birds and plants to a variety of environments.

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Build a Bird House

One great place to start is by getting a bird house, or two, and teaching others how do you attract native Australian birds to your house.

Many people already have houses and want to share them with others. If you have a beautiful house, you can display it proudly, or you can take it along on your next camping trip, to show it off to friends and fellow campers. In either case, your display will be an important part of the overall experience of being outdoors.

There are plenty of other ways to attract the local wildlife. One of the most effective is by planting trees and bushes around your property, as well as placing bird houses near cottages and shops where you would like to attract birds.

This will not only provide them with a source of food and shelter but will make their presence known to other campers and wildlife enthusiasts.

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So, if you are wondering how do you attract native Australian birds, consider taking up a new hobby or increasing your experience level.

Why do plants attract birds?

Have you ever asked yourself “Why do plants attract birds?” Well, if you have then you are not alone. In fact, there are many theories behind this phenomenon, however, none of them have been proven to be 100% true. Birds are very smart animals that can be easily attracted to certain flowers or food, but there are some things about plants that they can not see.

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First off, we should mention that birds, just like all creatures of the natural world, are in search of food and survival. They will eat whatever is available to them no matter if it is tasty or not. One of the most important factors that play a big role in the food chain of the bird world is the type of flower. The more of this flower species that a bird encounters the more likely it will be able to find food to eat. This means that plants with a wide variety of colors will be more attractive to a bird than say a flower that is very rare.

Another reason that plants are so useful to birds is that they are very safe to be around. Unlike wild animals, plants will not run off and grab their dinner from your hands. This also makes them a good food source as many birdhouses will house multiple species. In fact, most birdhouses will house one or two species of bird and then have a nesting area for the birds to rear their young. In fact, the male bird will use the nest box to urinate and to prepare his body for flight.

Bird gardens are another place where you might find a bird in search of food. Many birdhouses will contain food for the birds, most of which can be eaten by the bird while it is resting on the plant. Planting roses in your garden is also a great way to attract birds, especially during the spring.

Why do plants attract birds? Well, there are a lot of reasons that come to mind, but in general, there are a few reasons that cannot be ignored. One reason is that the food that birds need is quite simple and they can find it out in just one visit. In addition to this, plants are also beautiful to look at and a perfect addition to any garden. Finally, there are other elements that work together to make a garden attractive and that are birds, flowers, and insects.

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Hopefully this answer helped you understand the answer to the question, “Why do plants attract birds?” Now you know that they are quite simple to get to (you do not even need a garden seed) and they add beauty to any garden. The next time you have to wonder, “Why do birds go to my flowerbed?” just think about how beautiful your garden can be with just a few plants.


Discover the vibrant world of Australian birdlife with our guide to plants that attract these beautiful creatures to your garden. From colorful lorikeets to melodious magpies, learn how to create a bird-friendly haven. Explore plant choices, habitat tips, and the joy of birdwatching. Elevate your gardening experience by inviting nature’s winged wonders into your outdoor space. Enhance biodiversity, enjoy the symphony of bird songs, and create a haven for both flora and fauna. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Australian birds and transform your garden into a lively, avian oasis.

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