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How Do You Revive A Sword Fern? (Step by Step)

how to revive fern

Gardening is a wonderful hobby and if you love to grow and care for plants then it is such a good thing for you and your motherland.

On a serious note, protecting a plant from diseases and dying is never easy. If you don’t know much about growing plants then it is a difficult job for you. In plants, sword ferns are really beautiful and bloom in a moist and warm environment.

In ferns, there are so many unique species and if you are a lover of sword ferns then you must know how to grow and take care of this plant.

A plant needs some basic ingredients or things to grow like water, shade, rich soil, and the right environment.

You can easily grow a sword fern by placing it in the right location and taking care of it daily. If you already have a sword fern but it is drying day by day, then how do you revive it? Want to grow your sword fern to its bursting potential? According to research, ferns can live more than 100 years.

Sword Fern

It is really frustrating to know that your sword fern is drying and you must be finding useful ways to revive it.

There are so many reasons for drying a sword fern but you can save it in so many simple ways. By taking the right steps, you can revive your sword fern and increase your garden’s beauty.

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Ferns are normally Hardy:

In general, some ferns are normally hardy and they have the ability to bounce back from issues. There are so many reasons behind the problem and wilt of ferns.

But, you can effortlessly revive a sword fern and beautify your indoor and outdoor space. With just a bit of care, you can save your sword fern. In this guide, we will discuss how to revive a sword fern in indoor and outdoor climates.

Indoor Ferns:

1). Reviving:

If your sword ferns are in an indoor space, then you must follow essential steps to grow and protect them. As we know that, there is a huge difference between both indoor and outdoor climates. So, reviving a sword fern in an indoor climate is different from an outdoor one.

If your indoor sword fern is facing growth and drooping issues, then it means you are doing something wrong.

Start providing essential elements to your indoor sword fern to revive it. Before choosing any pot for propagating sword ferns, you must check that it holds a drainage hole. The role of clay can play a big role in the potential growth of a sword fern. In order to get the best results, you can use porous potting soil.

Take the amount of soil according to the size of your pot or container. To make your garden more beautiful, you can consider hanging baskets.

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2). Watering Advice:

Not providing an adequate amount of water to your indoor sword fern can lead to drying problems. Some species of sword ferns grow well in wet soil but some grow perfectly in little dry soil. So, identify the type of fern and then provide water accordingly. It helps to revive your sword fern and organize your watering schedule.

You can also assess that in which condition your fern grow smoothly. Drainage plays a huge role. Whether your fern is in a pot or open soil, you can easily recover your sword fern with a little change in watering sessions.

If your sword fern leaves are turning droopy and yellow, then change your watering routine and fix drainage problems. If you notice that the surface of the soil is a little dry then you can water the plant.

Use lukewarm water instead of hot or cold. Coldwater is not suitable for the roots.

3). Climate Advice:

If you care about your sword fern properly but it is in the poor condition, then you can blame your indoor climate. If you have kept your sword fern in the shade where sunlight has no access, then it is the main issue. Y

our sword fern needs some amount of sunlight and there is a maximum chance that it will grow rightly. Indirect sunlight can be beneficial for your reviving sword fern. In a dark climate, sword fern turns droopy or yellow. Too much sunlight or sun exposure is not suitable and you need to pay attention to the indoor climate.

Moreover, humidity and temperature factors can also contribute major roles. Indoor air conditioning or heating system can impact badly on sword ferns. By addressing this issue, you can make the reviving process a little easier.

You can provide some moisture during the daytime to prevent dryness. Setting a humidifier near your sword fern can do wonders.

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They grow well in 70 percent humidity if they are in indoor conditions. The ideal temperature for the growth of a sword fern is 16 and 20 degrees centigrade. Keeping your sword fern pot near a window keeps it humid and warm.

4). Fertilizing:

Indoor ferns do require fertilizers and it is a good gardening technique to revive any plant. If your sword fern reaches the six-month mark, then you can use liquid fertilizer once a month. There is no need to use fertilizer in high amounts because moderation is the key. You will get better results and healthy sword fern with the usage of fertilizers. The excess fertilizer can burn the leaves.

Outdoor Ferns:


Reviving an outdoor fern requires a different approach as compared to an indoor fern. Of course, you can control the outdoor environment so it is a bit difficult to revive sword fern in an outdoor climate. First of all, make sure that the soil drains properly.

It helps to bring sword fern back to life. In an outdoor climate, your plant gets direct sunlight and it can cause problems.

Put your sword fern in a shady area because harsh sunlight can turn the leaves brown. Giving water in this situation to your sword fern is necessary and you have to be quite punctual at it. Remember one thing, don’t fertilize outdoor sword ferns.

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Taking Care of Ferns:

If you are a lover of sword fern then you know the necessary things how to take care of it. In most circumstances, it is super easy to revive and regrow a sword fern. Just provide the necessary things that a sword fern needs to thrive.

Honestly speaking, sword ferns are great for your house. If you live in a rainy area, then there is no need to provide water to a sword fern.

But, you can water the plant once a week when it’s not raining. Ferns grow well in the rainforest or tropical regions. In order to grow new ferns from a large one, you can split the ferns and place them in a pot. The best time to do this is in October and November.

7 Simple Steps to Revive a Sword Fern:

1.     If you are seeing a drying problem in a sword fern, then water the plant.

2.     Dead fronds are not good for the growth of a sword fern so you have to cut dying fronds. By trimming dying branches to 2 inches, you can enhance the growth potential of a sword fern.

3.     Cutting the dead leaves and branches will promote healthy ones.

4.     Make sure that the pot of a sword fern must have a proper drainage system.

5.     Watering the sword fern is an important thing but do not make the soil too soggy.

6.     Place the sword fern in the shady area and protect it from direct sunlight.

7.     Fertilize your sword fern with liquid houseplant fertilizer.

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Reviving a Sword Fern in a Pot:

You can grow or revive a sword fern in a small pot. Reviving a sword fern in a pot is really easy. Just cut the dying branches and keeps the healthy ones.

Protect it from direct sun exposure and provide water occasionally in humid conditions. You can also fertilize the fern so that it can bloom to its full potential.

Ways to Save a Sword Fern from Dying:

Whether you want to save an outdoor or indoor sword fern, you need to pay heed to the drainage system. The main reason for dying a sword fern is due to poor drainage.

When drainage hole gets blocked, they create problems for the sword fern. A small pot is another reason for dying sword fern due to the outgrown problem.

If you see any signs of dying sword fern, then transfer it to a bigger pot or container in order to revive its growth. These are some simple methods of reviving a sword fern. Sword ferns are enough to prettify large gardens with their lacy and pointed fronds. They look beautiful with other plants and flowers.

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Important Tips:

  • If you notice dark spots on the leaves and fronds, then fret not. They are the sign that how fern reproduces.
  • You can split a fern every two to three years if the overall condition of the fern is good and healthy.
  • In order to care for your fern properly, you need to find out its type because there are myriad species.


  • Do not keep your sword fern in the sunlight because it can turn its leaves brown. Plus, the risk of burning is also there.
  • If you have plenty of indoor sword ferns, then keep them away from drying elements like air conditioning vents.
  • Pests can damage the health of sword ferns like mites, mealybugs, and scales. Some people use pesticides which is not good for word ferns. You can remove these pests by shaking the pot.

Things You Will Need to Revive a Sword Fern:

  • Soil.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Watering can.
  • Thermometer.
  • Fertilizer.
  • Shovel.
  • Moss.


Reviving a sword fern is not an easy thing but if you are a devoted gardener, then you can identify easy ways to revive a sword fern.

They are a wonderful addition to your garden as well as a house. But, the problems associated with sword ferns are inevitable.

With proper attention and care, you can grow a healthy sword fern for your beautiful garden. After reading this post, you can easily understand some simple ways to protect a sword fern from dying.

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