How Much Does A Walk In Chicken Coop Cost? (with 5 examples)

A chicken coop is similar to a rabbit coop.

Ideally, an inlet flap should allow the chickens to go in, and out, and provide adequate ventilation.

To maintain the health of the chickens inside the coop, you need to provide enough space.

If you’re wondering how much a walk-in chicken coop costs, here’s what I found out:

On average, a walk-in chicken coop costs $200 to $2,000 if you purchase it from Amazon or any recognized online store.

cost of walk-in chicken coop

You can construct your own chicken coop for around $100, or less (for an extremely basic design), or simply fabricate a chicken coop with items you can find around your house.

In this article, we would consider options for your perfect chicken coop.

Chicken coops buying advice

  • There are many chicken coops with a run, that is, the fenced-in area where the chickens can move around outdoors. Nevertheless, we recommend fencing a larger adjacent area as a run for the chickens, as the space inside the henhouse is very limited. The run is connected to the hen house, but the chickens spend the night safely behind closed doors inside the hen house.
  • If you want to buy a particularly comfortable chicken coop, it is best to choose a model in which the sliding door between the run, and the coop can be operated from the outside using a rod.
  • We advise you to buy a chicken coop that has the roof open, as this makes it much easier to access the interior. All compared models have a galvanized tub, which can be pulled out to the side for cleaning.

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What exactly is a chicken coop?

A hen house is a house in which the chickens can stay at night, or during nesting. You can build them yourself, for example from wood, but you can also buy them as a chicken coop kit.

A chicken coop is similar to a rabbit coop. Ideally, an inlet flap should allow the animals to go in and out, and provide adequate ventilation.

A species-appropriate chicken keeping also means that the animals have enough space.

The equipment of the chicken coop consists of perches, nesting boxes, a manure board, and a light source.

In addition, the floor should be lined with material that the chickens can scratch, such as shavings, litter, or hay.

Of course, water, and food must also be provided in the house. A chicken coop should also include an open-air enclosure in which the animals can move freely during the day.

This must be protected on the top against birds of prey, and on the sides against Foxes and Raccoons.

The larger the outdoor enclosure, the fewer problems you will have with brown spots in your garden.

Make sure that your chickens also find small shrubs or bushes to provide shade in their enclosure.

Chickens are not allowed to be kept on concrete surfaces. Appropriate husbandry also includes the opportunity to walk on grass, and enjoy dust baths.

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Chicken coop tips

Various factors should be considered when making a purchase decision when choosing a chicken coop.

So that you can make your decision well-informed, we present the most important criteria for buying a hen house:

  • Material (wood, plastic)
  • Number of chickens
  • Number of breeding sites
  • Outlet type and size
  • insulation

The size of the hen house is of particular importance. This depends on the number of chickens you want to house.

After all, you want to keep your chickens in a species-appropriate manner and offer them enough space, and exercise.

This means that each chicken should have around 20 to 30 square feet.

4 to 5 normal-sized animals per square meter can sleep in the chicken coop itself. Big breeds need more space, with very small breeds 6 chickens can sleep in a chicken coop of one square meter.

So if you have 10 chickens, your hen house should offer at least 2 square meters of space.

A chicken coop with an aviary can be a pleasant extension of your house for the animals and usually protects against enemies very well.

However, such a chicken coop does not offer enough space and should be integrated into a larger enclosure. Make sure you fix the enclosure fence at least 8 inches (20 centimeters) deep in the ground, as chickens like to scratch and dig.

There should be at least one nest for about 3 animals, and one meter of perch offers space for about four chickens.

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A trough length of around 15 centimeters should also be available for each animal. So, before you buy, take a close look at the details about the interior of your chicken coop.

If you have little space in your garden, you could consider a henhouse on stilts, where the area under the henhouse can also be used as an exercise area.

Your animals will also find sufficient shade there on sunny days.

With regard to the henhouse accessories, the following applies: The henhouse should have a slightly raised entrance with a plank, some daylight (e.g. through small windows) should get inside, and an exchange of air should be made possible.

Some suppliers have chicken coops with automatic flaps in their range that make opening, and closing easier in the morning, and in the evening. The flap then opens by itself via a timer or light sensor.

Make sure that the accessories are already included or have to be bought separately. If it is already available, you can choose between different, comfortable variants.

For example, some manufacturers offer the option of conveniently removing the excrement board of the chicken coop from the outside, which makes cleaning easier. Pull-out floor trays are also a very good solution for cleaning the hen house.

The material of your hen house is also an important factor.

While walls and frames are mostly made of (solid) wood, the corners of your chicken house should be made of metal to protect and stabilize the edges.

The manure board, perches, and floor of the chicken house should be made of plastic or aluminum to enable easy cleaning, and guarantee hygiene.

If you do not want to keep your chickens in a closed stall in winter, but rather leave them in their enclosure, you should make your henhouse winterproof or choose an insulated henhouse (including double-glazed windows and insulation).

Some chicken coops with heating are also offered.

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Top chicken coop manufacturers

Some brands have made a special name for themselves in the chicken coop segment in recent years, and there are now online shops such as Omlet, which specializes in keeping pets and their accessories.

So that you not only find a cheap chicken coop but also the one that perfectly suits you, your animals, and your garden, we have listed the best-known manufacturers :

  • Guy
  • Cocoon
  • Food bowl
  • TecTake
  • Zoopplier

As chicken coops become more popular, manufacturers of other products have also added them to their range.

For example, the toy manufacturer Schleich also produces mini-sized chicken coops as well as Lego chicken houses in the popular Minecraft style.

A clear sign of the growing popularity of accommodations for our feathered companions.

Chicken Coop Examples

Miweba My Animal chicken coop MH-32 XXL 

About this item

  • Durable: high-quality pine wood, protective waterproofing, water-repellent tar board.
  • Large space: double story, two separable levels inside with stairs, many viewing grilles, 186 x 62 x 114 cm in size.
  • Intelligent room partitions, lockable hutch, open run, egg tray, and 2 perches for chickens.
  • Hygiene: easy to clean, extendable sheet steel drawer, easy egg removal from the nesting box.
  • Safety & accessories, galvanized wire installed in the frame, door locks, wooden stair connection, easy assembly, also suitable for rabbits, dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, hares, hamsters, rodents, and small animals.

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Zoopplier Chicken Coop Chicken House No. 02


About this item

  • Dimensions including nesting box: 1570(W) x 1000(D) x 1130(H) mm, suitable for 4 to 6 birds depending on size. Made from solid spruce wood, free run is made of galvanized wire mesh. Total weight: approx. 40 kg
  • A retractable tray made of galvanized metal, and a fully collapsible roof, for easy cleaning for hygienic and practical chicken keeping.
  • 2 lockable front and rear doors. A window with wire mesh provides good ventilation. 3 x Seat and Sleeping Bars.
  • 2 x 3 compartments spacious nesting box for storing the eggs. The nesting box with rain protection rail protects against the weather. Made from animal-friendly treated wood for years of outdoor durability, completely fox-proof
  • This item is sent in 3 boxes. This could be unintentionally distributed by the shipping service manager during transport and delivered on different days. Partially pre-assembled. Delivered flat-packed, includes easy-to-follow assembly instructions, and is easy to assemble.
Chicken coop

Zoopplier Chicken Coop Hens House Chicken House No 10 XXL Nest


About this item

  • Dimensions including nesting box: 82.7 inches / 2060 mm (W) x 35.5 inches / 750 mm (D) x 52.3 inches / 1200 mm (H), depending on size suitable for 4 to 6 birds. Made from solid spruce wood, free run space is made of galvanized wire mesh. Total weight: approx. 44 kg. Mesh size: 12.7 mm. Wire thickness: 0.9 mm.
  • – A nesting box (330 x 700 x 430 mm) with two compartments and 2 perches in the sleeping area (650 x 750 x 800 mm). The nesting box with rain protection rail protects against the weather.
  • – An extendable galvanized metal tub, fully fold-out roof, for easy cleaning for hygienic and practical chicken keeping.
  • – This item is sent in 2 boxes. – Partly pre-assembled. It comes flat-packed, with easy-to-follow instructions, and is easy to assemble.
  • Made of pet-friendly, treated wood for years of outdoor durability, completely fox-proof.

Zooprinz High-quality Chicken Aviary


About this item

  • Premium hutch with large XXL waste drawer, nesting box with roof for an opening, chicken ramp, and outdoor enclosure. The stable door can be opened/closed from the outside.
  • Long durability: weatherproof chicken coop/chicken house over 2 floors made of high-quality wood made from robust pine. The spout (aviary) is equipped with a strong, galvanized grid.
  • Optimal hold: suitable for small animals such as chickens, dwarf chickens, quails, guinea pigs, rabbits, or dwarf rabbits. The enclosure offers your pets an optimal retreat.
  • Easy to clean: thanks to the pull-out metal drawer, the spacious hutch can be cleaned quickly. The top-opening nesting box allows easy access to the eggs.
  • Weather resistant: the premium house / outdoor run has been painted with a gentle and non-toxic varnish and protects the villa / outdoor enclosure ideally from moisture – ideal for your garden.
| Plant Gardener

Wiltec Chicken Coop 


About this item

  • The chicken coop has a nesting house and an outdoor run.
  • The overall dimensions of the coop are 310 x 150 x 150 cm.
  • The hutch is made of wood and is painted reddish brown.
  • Two nesting boxes on the sides of the chicken house with a lid.
  • Easy to clean thanks to the pull-out galvanized tray under the nesting house.


Discover the investment required for a walk-in chicken coop. From basic to deluxe options, explore costs, materials, and considerations. Gain insight into factors influencing pricing and tips for budget-friendly choices. Whether a backyard hobbyist or small-scale farmer, find the ideal coop within your budget. Unlock the secrets to poultry housing affordability and make informed decisions for your flock’s comfort and safety. Explore the world of chicken coop economics and embark on a journey towards efficient and cost-effective poultry management.

Why use a Chicken coop?

Chicken coops are convenient spots to keep your poultry animals, and if you’re looking to purchase some then you are in luck.

The top brands and costs have been outlined in this article. Now, you can make well-informed decisions.


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