How Much Does A Zero Turn Mower Weigh? (+ 5 Examples)

Husqvarna, Stihl, and John Deere are the most popular brands making reliable zero-turn mowers for homeowners.


That said, every zero-turn mower has a different weight.

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If you want to know how much a zero turn mower weighs, here’s what I discovered after analyzing 50 popular lawnmowers:

A zero-turn mower weighs an average of 500 – 700 lbs. Commercial purpose lawnmower with larger cutting decks weigh an upward of 1,500 – 2,000 lbs.

What is a Zero-turn Mower?

A zero-turn mower, which is sometimes called a ZTR (zero-turn radius), was initially a piece of equipment that was used to cut grass in large areas such as sports fields, golf courses, and along highways. 

It does this by having the ability to change the direction that it travels very quickly, without needing to make any real movement on its wheels.

The first time that such a machine was built with the sole purpose of being able to easily maneuver around landscaped gardens and yards came about in 1969. 

The two engineers from Oregon were asked by their lawn care company what they could do to improve productivity and efficiency. They responded with Zero Turn radius mowers. 

However, they initially had some issues with the machine, including safety concerns and climbing hills, among others.

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The modern zero-turn mower is not only safer to operate but also better equipped for jobs in difficult areas where standard lawnmowers cannot work.

For example, it can easily make tight turns while still cutting tall grass. 

However, how much does a zero turn mower weigh? Is there any significant difference between its weight and that of other types of equipment?

Zero turn mower

How Heavy Are Zero-Turn Mowers?

When zero turn radius machines were first introduced to the market, they weighed around 400 pounds (180 kg), which was about 100 pounds (45 kilograms) heavier than traditional lawnmowers. 

Back then, this made them very difficult to load onto trailers because of their weight.

However, they were still widely used to mow larger areas. 

This is because of their improved productivity and the fact that you could cut your grass twice as quickly with them compared to a standard model. Technology has evolved, so have these lawnmowers. 

Today there are models that weigh less than 300 pounds (135 kilograms) even though they can easily cut through tall vegetation. 

This makes it possible for them to be towed by smaller vehicles like ATVs or garden tractors, which also reduces the costs associated with transporting them around in order to do jobs.

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A zero-turn mower is an excellent piece of machinery to have in your garage. Not only can it trim the grass right down to its base, but it makes quick work out of large areas too. 

There are so many brands and models to choose from though that it’s hard to know where to begin.

One thing you’ll notice is how much they weigh. For example, you will see that Cat 266B weighs 1,320 pounds (590 kg). Is that normal?

Let’s take a look at 5 examples:

2010 Toro Z Master Commercial Riding Mower

1). A 2010 Toro Z Master commercial grade rear engine riding mower has a dry weight of 1,088 pounds (490 kg). That means that once you add oil and fuel, it can weigh up to 3,200 pounds (1 598kg) with a full 80-gallon tank.

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2). 2005 Ariens Deluxe 22 HP Zero Turn Mower

The 2005 Ariens Deluxe 22 hp zero turn mower has a dry weight of 981 pounds (442 kg), but once it is fuelled up its total weight can reach around 4,000 pounds (1814kg).

3). 2015 Gravely ZT HD60 zero turn mower

2015 Gravely ZT HD60 zero turn mower’s dry weight is only 712 lbs (323kg), but when you include the maximum capacity for both fuel and grass collection at 875lbs (396kgs), its total reaches nearly 2 tons.

4). 2010 Cub Cadet SC500Z zero turn mower

The 2010 Cub Cadet SC500Z zero turn mower’s dry weight is a light 750lbs (340kg), but when you add in fuel and a grass collection system its total will be 2,120 lbs (957kg).

5). 2014 John Deere X748E zero turn mower

The 2014 John Deere X748E zero turn mower’s dry weight is an astonishingly low 580lbs (263kg), but add the maximum capacity for fuel and grass at 1,100lbs (499kgs), and it can quickly weigh over 3 tons.

Weight can also be affected by the manufacturing material and the number of additional features:

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What Does A Zero-Turn Mower Weigh?

1). Weight can depend on the material used in production. For instance, Uni-Body designs tend to weigh less than other products. This is because they’re made from one solid piece of steel that’s connected to the front axle at one end and connected to the engine at the other. 

The steering wheel attaches right into this main structure. Unlike these, decks attached with bolts and brackets can weigh up to 200 lbs. more than Uni-Body models of the same size, this is one of their major benefits.

2). Most mowers feature a steering wheel, engine, and transmission (and usually at least two belts). A bigger deck will mean a higher weight. 

Some extra features like an adjustable seat or cup holders can also increase its overall weight by as much as 100 lbs., depending on the model and manufacturer.

3). If you’re looking for something specifically lightweight, go with electric models. They weigh about half as much as gas alternatives.

Even though they use electricity instead of gasoline, they still make some noise and release exhaust like regular riding mowers. 

The only difference here is that electricity comes from a source making them environmentally friendly.

4). If your yard is on the heavy side, you might want to choose a more powerful mower with an engine of at least 42-44 HP. Gas engines running on lower numbers don’t have enough power to perform well on hilly or extremely large yards.

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5). Also keep in mind that weight can vary depending on where you’re located. For example, gas prices are higher in California than they are in Alabama, this makes electric models more competitive since they require no fuel whatsoever. 

You’ll also need to consider shipping fees for some products (especially if you purchase online).

It’s good to know how much your zero-turn mower weighs because this can help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a new mower. 

Firstly, the weight of the machine will affect the speed at which it can cut through grass, as well as how difficult it might be for you to handle or transport.

Some zero-turn mowers are heavy enough that they require two people just to pick them up off of the ground and put them into a truck bed or other storage area before being able to use them. 

However, other zero-turn lawnmowers are significantly lighter and have wheels attached so that you can move them around without assistance.

Additionally, if you were to purchase a very lightweight zero-turn mower, you would have to worry about the machine tipping over when you are attempting to attach a bagger or drive on an incline.

If you are considering buying a new zero-turn lawnmower, it’s important that you have all of the facts concerning its weight so that you can be prepared for whatever challenges might arise.

Lastly, most people weigh themselves daily without fail in order to track their progress towards their own personal fitness goals. 

While it is unlikely that many homeowners would consider weighing their zero turn mower, it’s highly encouraged that they at least know how much they paid for it or what type of battery capacity is included in case they need to transport it further than normal one day.

Additionally, while you might not typically weigh your zero turn mower, doing so before and after a long period of time in which the machine has been sitting idle is a good way to see whether or not proper maintenance has been conducted.

Additionally, zero-turn machines are now equipped with more powerful engines, in comparison to when they first entered the market. They also come fitted with features that improve their build quality and safety, such as rollover protection bars.

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Is There A Difference In Weight Between Zero Turn Mowers?

There are many types of zero-turn mowers available on the market, all of which feature different features that make them suited for particular jobs. For example, some are better at dealing with wet conditions, while others are safer to use. 

Those that can cut through tall grass typically weigh more than standard models, but the most significant change is seen among those that are designed to carry out landscaping tasks.

One type of zero-turn radius lawnmower that has become popular recently is known as a landowner or woodland mower due to its ability to cope with thicker vegetation. 

These typically have three axles rather than two and come equipped with features such as rollover protection bars, anti-scalping wheels, and additional ground clearance. 

One of the most popular examples of this type of machine is the New Holland LM1040.

As you can see from the image above, it weighs 1,349 pounds (622 kilograms) which is more than double that of any standard lawnmower. 

This not only makes them difficult to transport around but also adds an extra cost to their purchase due to the fact that they need larger tires in order to support their weight.

However, this does allow them to be used for landscaping projects where other types of mowers cannot go, one example being when cutting through vegetation along a steep slope. 

This makes them particularly useful when carrying out ecological projects designed to improve the environment in woodland by reducing dense undergrowth.

If you’re shopping for a new mower, remember that they all weigh something. It’s important to make sure your garage floor won’t buckle under the weight of your potential purchase. 

Also, take into account how heavy it will be when you’re pulling the mower around your yard. If you’ll be towing many other items behind it, take that into account too.

weight of zero turn mower


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, how much does a zero-turn mower weigh? The weight of all types of zero-turn radius lawnmowers has been steadily decreasing in recent years due to advancements in technology and design. 

This is mainly true when it comes to standard models which used to be significantly heavier than their counterparts, but this is no longer the case with modern equivalents.

However, if you are carrying out landscaping tasks or have rocky terrain where other mowers cannot cut then a landowner mower might be better suited for your needs. 

These can weigh up to twice as much as a regular machine and cost more initially but they will give you improved performance over uneven ground and help you to carry out your landscaping projects more quickly.


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