How to Grow Euphorbia From Cuttings (A Simple Guide)

Euphorbia are perennial loving plants with succulent and cacti foliage, which most people want to have in their garden.

Based on the research conducted by the Michigan State University, it was found that Euphorbia propagated from cutting helps to speed up the process especially when the plant is exposed to air dry for 2 – 3 days.  

Growing Euphorbia from cutting is very easy when you understand the ideal environment and how to cultivate it.

You can grow Euphorbia plants from cuttings by using a sharp clean knife to cut out the branch specie of about 1 – 2 inches long. Remove 3 – 4 leaves from bud and deep it into water for 2 days to dry up sap before planting in well-drained and sandy soil.

When propagating Euphorbia through cuttings, not all weather conditions are suitable for it. The best climatic conditions are springtime and summer. Don’t cultivate Euphorbia from cutting during winter. 

In this article, I want to show you a simple guide on how to grow healthy Euphorbia from cuttings.

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Cut 1 Inch of Euphorbia From The Bud Before It Flower?

Euphorbia plants hardly grow when you cut it wrongly. Most people make the mistake of cutting a leaf bud side. 

Euphorbia plants that are cut wrongly find it difficult to grow roots. In as much the plant hardly grows roots, you can speed up the process of root germination.

Before cutting Euphorbia plants, get a clean and sharp knife. Hence, a clean and sharp knife will enable you to cut once.

Double cuttings with a knife will affect the rooting process of Europhia plants. Ensure the knife is sharp to cut it once.

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Cut In Between The Leaf Buds Of Euphorbia


Euphorbia grows leaves that are highly medicinal. However, cultivating Euphorbia plants from cuttings requires you to know the exact place to cut from.

The distance between the leaves on a stem is less than ½ inch. In Between leaves provide you enough space for you to cut without cutting leaf buds.

Locate the distance between leaves and cut the tip out before the flower. Ensure the stem you cut out is 1 inch or less than.

The 1 inch will provide you the required length for planting. It can be more than 1 inch but don’t let it be too long. 

Maintain 1 inch length if you want to speed up the growth rate of Euphorbia from cuttings.

Propagation of the Euphorbia plant through cuttings will delay its growth when the length is 2 inches and above. 

It’s important that you maintain 1 inch length otherwise, the healthy state of the plant will be affected. 

Likewise, the length will enable the plant to absorb nutrients and water easily that’ll aid the growth process. 

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Remove 2 – 3 Leaves From The Stem You Cut Out

Planting Euphorbia with leaves delays its growth and also affects the healthy state of the plant.

Remove some of the leaves from the stem before planting. At least removing 2 – 3 leaves will create enough distance between the next leaf and the soil.

Don’t allow any of the leaves to come in contact with soil if you want it to grow faster and healthily.

Euphorbia plants can be grown through leaves. When the leaves of mature Euphorbia come in contact with well-drained soil, it grows into another Euphorbia plant.

However, the leaves are generally a delayed way of cultivating Euphorbia plants.

When growing Euphorbia from cuttings, ensure you remove the leaves to a certain distance. Hence, the leaves will delay its growth process.

Instead of the stem to develop roots to absorb nutrients, which will make the leaves become greenish, the leaves undergo another process of germination.

Once Euphorbia leaves come in contact with soil germination starts immediately, which will affect the stem. Therefore, remove some leaves to create a distance between the soil and the leaves. 

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Wash Off Sap From The Stem With Clean Water

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Plant Sap is what help plant to transport nutrients and water from the root to all part of the plant.

It a chemical substance that allow the different vessels of the plants get nuterients and water. 

Plant Sap is harmful to Euphorbia plant when growing from cuttings. The chemical do affect the germination of the plants.

Sap form a chemical substance at the base of the stem thay you cut out. So, when you plant euphorbia like that without washing off sap, it either delay or stop the germination.

Dry sap is chemical substance that stop euphorbia from absorbing nutrients and water from the soil.

Instead of absorbing nutrients from the soil, it dries up the base and makes it decay. Once the the plant can’t absorb water and nutrients from the soil, it will automically died off.

It’s important that you wash off sap from Euphorbia plant before you planting. Hardly will euphorbia plants grows withour washing off the sap chemical.


How To Wash Sap Off Euphorbia

How To Wash Sap Off Euphorbia:- Get a basin of 2 – 3 diameter deep filled with clean water to wash euphorbia stems. Before you wash the stems, ensure you put on hand gloves. 

The hand gloves will protect your hands against sap chemicals. The chemical is not safe to be washed with bare hands. Therefore you need to protect your hands with hand gloves.

Get the cut off stem and deep the base into the water and use your hand to scrub off sap. 

Remember not to deep the complete stem inside the water. Rather the base of the stem, exactly where you cut from the main branch.

Wash it for like 5 – 10 minutes to make clean. Don’t soak the stem inside water if you don’t want it to decay. 

The 5 – 10 minutes is enough to make the stems clean before you plant. If cut euphorbia plants are not properly washed, the sap chemical substance will affect the plant growth rate.

Air Dry Euphorbia Plant For 2 – 5 Days Before Planting

Air drying of a cut Euphorbia plant is very essential because when you plant it without drying the base, it will affect the growth rate.

Cut Euphorbia plants that are wet with sap will hardly germination compare to dry ones. If at all the wet ones will germinate, it will take days. 

When the stems base are properly air dry, it take few days to germinate. Once the dry base stems come in contact with wet-drained soil, they’ll easily develop roots that aid germination. 

Irrespective of the weather conditions of your area, ensure you air dry Euphorbia stems for at least 2 days. If the weather conditions of your area is not harsh to keep stem dries for 2 days, then extend the days to 5 more days.

Planting euphorbia plants with wet stems will either delay or stop the plant from germinating. Air drying of euphorbia plants helps to speed up the plant germination.

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Plant Cut Euphorbia In Well-drained And Rich Nutrient Soil

Growing euphorbia from cutting require well-drain ans rich nutrient soil. Most importantly, the soil has to be wet-drained.

Euphorbia plant can survive in a poor soil but hardly will will it survive under no well-drained soil. 

If the soil is not well-drained, the plant can’t develop root easily. How well-drained is the soil is what determine how easil for the plant to germinate.

If you want grow euphorbia from cuttiungs, ensure you plant it in a well-drained soil. Another way to help speed up the germination process of euphorbia is to ensure the soil has enough nutrients that will make it develop easily.

If the soil is just well-drained without mix with organic matter, the plant will surfer mal-nutrition that retard it growth process.

Highly rich-nutrient and well-drained soil will make the euphorbial to grow easily and faster than when planted in poor soil.

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Dig 1 Inch Hole To Plant Cut Euphorbia Plant

Euphorbias are naturally shallow soil plants. They don’t require much soil to germinate. However, the soil have to be well-drained and rich in nutrients. 

The plant is has fibrous roots at the initial germination doesn’t require much soil. Once the soil is well-drained it can easily grow roots that’ll make it stay healthy.

The 1 inch or less than 1 inch hole is deep enough to plant euphorbia when growing from cuttings.

The 1 inch hole is deepo enough for the stem to began it germination process and remain healthy. The 1 inch stem is long and has the capacity for it grow.


Observe 1 Inch Planting Distance When Growing Euphorbia From Cutting 

Propagating euphorbia plant from cuttings especiallly when using planting sizeable pot, you need to give certain planting distances.

Growing euphorbia in the garden, you also need to give certain planting distance that’ll allow the plants to have vent.

Planting ditance will enable the plants absorb water and nutrients, which they require to grow and remain healthy.

Therefore, 1 inch planting ditances is enopugh for you to grow euphorbia plants either in garden or planting pots.

Euphorbia Plant Need More Acidic And Alkaline

Before you plant euphorbia in any soil, ensure you carry out test on the soil. You need to know the pH levek of the soil.

Euphorbia plant blossom in a soil that has more acidic than alkaline. Theregfore, if the soil is more acidic than alkaline is most preferable.

If the pH level of acidic and alkaline are equal, then you can use it to cultivate euphorbia plant. If you want to grow fast and healthy euphorbia from cuttings, then you need to text the pH level of the soil.



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Growing euphorbia from cuttings help to speed up the growing process. Likewise, when you give the plant proper care, the plant will blossom irresopective of the weather conditions

Growing Euphorbia from cuttings help to shorten the growing process. And it’s an easy method to propagate Euphorbia.



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