How to Grow Dragon Fruit in Pots

Dragon fruit is an excellent tropical plant to grow in pots & containers, especially if you live in a temperate climate. 

drogon fruit in pot

This tropical fruit doesn’t like to be exposed to frost, so planting it in a pot will allow it to be brought indoors when the cold weather hits. 

Grow Dragon Fruit in Large Pots (10 – 15 Gallons)

The best way to grow dragon fruit in pots is to use a large pot of at least 15 gallons.

It’s also important to select a well-draining pot because water can cause root rot if it sits at the base of the container.

To grow dragon fruit in a pot, make sure to choose the right size container. You’ll need one that is 15 to 24 inches wide and about 10 – 12 inches deep. 

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For extra support, buy a large 10+ gallon pot with a sturdy climbing pole. Because dragon fruit is a climber, it will sprawl over the edges of its container and will need a high pole to climb.

Once its roots have established themselves, you’ll need to give the plant plenty of space to spread its leaves and bloom.

Having established that in order to grow dragon fruit in pots, you’ll need a large pot with at least 10 inches of depth and a diameter of about 15 inches, depending on the size of the container, you can choose between terracotta, plastic, or clay pots. 

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It’s best to use a larger container because this will give the roots more space. Once the plant has sprouted, you’ll need to monitor it for pests, like Aphids.

Inspect the leaves often for insects that can damage the plant. If you notice anything, take it to a gardener immediately.

Grow Dragon Fruit in a Sunny Area

It needs to be in a sunny location with at least 8 hours of sunlight a day. However, if you can’t get your hands on the fruit when it’s ready, you can always plant it in a pot that’s too small.

If you’re growing dragon fruits in pots, make sure that they get enough sunlight.

Use Potting Soil Mix

Once you have a pot for the dragon fruit, you’ll need to add potting mix. 

The best soil mix for dragon fruit is a mix of cocopeat, compost, and red soil. The soil should be well-drained to prevent the growth of Aphids. Adding a layer of cactus-friendly potting soil is recommended.

Alternatively, you can choose a plastic pot with terracotta.

How Long Does Dragon Fruit To Bear Fruit?

dragon fruit bear fruit

So when should you expect to see new fruits in your plant?

It takes about 14 months for dragon fruit to bear fruit. Keep in mind that this tropical plant is not hardy, and it needs a warm climate to produce its delicious fruits. If you’re growing it in a pot, a large one-foot cutting should produce 3 or 4 plants. 

Essentially, you’ll need to water it less often, especially in the fall, as it will go dormant.

Once you’ve planted your new dragon fruit, you need to make sure you get plenty of sunlight for it to bear fruit. You can’t simply plant it in your kitchen. 

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Water Dragon Plant Regularly

Regardless of the condition of your potted plant, be sure to water it regularly.

You’ll need to place it under bright lights, and you may also need to add some extra moisture to the soil, which is not always possible with other plants. 

Growing Dragon Fruit for Profit

If you’re growing dragon fruit plants for commercial purposes, you can take the seeds from the plants. All you need to do is cut the dragon fruit in half and scoop out the seeds. Remove the flesh, and then plant the seeds close to the top of the pot. 

Keep the soil moist and cover the container with plastic wrap until the seeds germinate. Afterward, you can transplant the young plants to larger pots.

If you’re planting a cutting, it will take around 5 to 7 weeks to germinate. You should be careful not to over-water the plant – too much water can lead to rot. However, you can use a balanced organic liquid fertilizer for the plant. The soil should be kept consistently moist, but not soggy. 

The dragon fruit plant will be happy if you grow it in a sunny location.

When growing dragon fruit for profit, you should be sure to plant it as close to the ground as possible, as it grows quickly in hot summer. 

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How Long Does It Take Dragon Fruit to Bear Fruit?

In order to produce fruit, dragon fruit needs at least 2 – 3 years. Keep in mind that once this subtropical cactus matures, it can continue to bear fruit for 20 or more years. 

You can also sell the fruit you harvest, given that the market price for the dragon’s flesh is high.

The dragon fruit is an excellent choice for home gardeners. It’s very easy to grow and requires minimal maintenance. 

The seeds germinate within two weeks. Then, you’ll need to provide the plant with a consistent amount of water. When you’ve finished preparing the soil, watering it once a week is all it needs.

Does Dragon Fruit Need Full Sun?

To grow dragon fruit, you’ll need to plant seeds in a warm, sunny location. Make sure to give the plant plenty of room in your garden, as this cactus grows tall and spreads out quickly. 

Because of its spread, it’s best to plant it far away from your home, electrical lines, and other hazards. This cactus typically needs a sturdy trellis to support its branches.

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When planted in the ground, dragon fruit plants need full sun but need to be covered in 30 percent shade cloth. 

The shade cloth must not touch the plants, as this can cause them to burn. If the plant gets too much shade, it’s likely to produce fewer fruits. In hot climates, you can plant dragon fruit in partial shade, but be careful not to overwater it or the fruit won’t set.

Dragon Fruits All-Year Round

If you’re planning to grow dragon fruit in your yard, consider a place where you can enjoy the fruits year-round.

The sun needs to be warm, and the plant will need a little extra support. If you can’t put up a trellis, consider putting up a tarp or similar structure to keep the plant upright. 

In warmer climates, drake figs can grow in the shade.

Since the dragon fruit is a climbing plant, it’s important to provide support for it to grow. Also, it’s a tropical plant and needs a lot of humidity and heat to fruit.

If you’re keeping it indoors, place it under bright lights to keep it cool during the summer. Since they are notoriously thirsty, dragon fruit plants need a lot of moisture to stay healthy.

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Growing Dragon Fruit Indoors in Winter

In the winter, dragon fruit is usually grown indoors. Because it needs plenty of light to flower and fruit, you should place it under a bright light. 

If you’re growing it outside, it can grow in a semi-shady spot. If you keep it indoors, it will not require much sunlight. But if you do decide to grow it in the shade, you’ll need to make sure you have adequate moisture for the plant.

The Plant Needs a Lot of Light

Because it’s a subtropical cactus, dragon fruit needs a lot of light to fruit. It may not get enough sunlight if it’s kept indoors. However, if it does receive any amount of light, it’s fine to place it under a bright light. Besides, it will need plenty of moisture, as it is a cactus. It requires about an inch of water every week.

Dragon fruit needs to be grown in well-drained soil. The plant should be able to support itself. 

During its flowering period, it will produce its first fruits. The dragon fruit plant will only flower in the second year. You can grow it in pots, but in hotter climates, it should be planted in a well-drained area. In pots, they can be transplanted to different locations.

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Can Dragon Fruits Be Grown in Pots?

Growing dragon fruits in pots is possible as long as the container is deep and has sufficient drainage. 

It should be 15 to 24 inches in diameter and hold between 10 to 15 gallons of water. 

Once the plant reaches fruiting maturity, it will need a year or two more to mature. 

If you want to grow dragon fruit in a pot, it is important to choose the right size for the container. Most trees are grown in 5-gallon pots, which will keep them relatively small. 

But if you live in a cooler climate, you can grow a mature tree in a 25 to 30-gallon pot. It’s important to fertilize the plant with plant food once or twice a month. Ensure the soil is moist, and side-dress the pot with aged manure or compost to keep moisture in.

Grow Dragon Fruits in Clay Pots (Terracotta)

You should look for a clay pot, as these pots keep the plant’s temperature constant. Choosing a larger pot will also give it more space to grow, which will be necessary for optimal growth. Once the plant is planted, the soil should have a pH of 7-8 and be sandy.

For best results, plant in a bright, sunny location.

If you’re unsure about growing dragon fruit in pots, you can try starting it from seeds. The only thing you’ll need to make sure of is that it’s a large enough container for the fruit to grow. 

You should also make sure that it has drainage. If you want to avoid overwatering, make sure the container’s bottom drainage is adequate to prevent rot. This is the main reason why most plants die.

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When growing dragon fruits in pots, you should be sure that you have holes for the water to drain properly. This fruit cactus are very hardy and require good drainage. 

Moreover, you must watch for insects. Insects are attracted to water and can cause damage to the fruit. Insects can also destroy young plants. It is important to maintain the containers for your potted plants to prevent insect infestations.

As the fruit grows in pots, it needs a lot of space for its root system. The container should be able to support the entire plant and have drainage holes. 

Essentially, you may want to use a tea strainer when washing the seeds before planting. If you are planning to grow them in pots, be sure to get them from the nursery.


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