Growing Watermelon in 5 Gallon Buckets (Which variety to grow)?

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If you have a small space, growing watermelons in 5 gallon buckets can be a great way to experiment with growing a variety.

Some people prefer to grow watermelons from the bush variety, while others are content to grow them in the ground.

No matter what method you choose to grow watermelons, keep in mind that they need plenty of sunlight and should be exposed to 8 hours of direct sun each day.

If you don’t get enough sunlight, your watermelons won’t grow fruit or flowers, so you’ll need to place them somewhere else.

Bush Sugar Baby cultivar: Container growth tips

You can plant seeds for bush sugar baby watermelons in containers that contain 1 gallon of soil, or in the ground. The seeds need 60 square feet of space each, so you will need to prepare your soil for them accordingly.

They also need to be planted about a quarter inch deep in peat pots that measure two inches square on the top. Plant two to three seeds per hill, dividing them by about four to six feet.

The female flowers of the plant must be pollinated to produce fruit. To do this, simply brush the stamen inside the opening of the flower.

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If you don’t have a bee-hive or other pollinator, you can use a paintbrush to collect pollen from male flowers and apply it to the female flowers. Watermelon blooms about a month after pollination.

How much can Bush Baby Watermelon produce?

The best container watermelons to grow are Bush Sugar Baby watermelons, which can produce 10 to 12-pound watermelons.

Sugar Pot watermelons are also excellent varieties, although they are difficult to find in recent years. But they will require a lot of water and must be watered constantly to grow properly.

In addition to growing in containers, container gardening creates space in your garden and maximizes your harvest. It doesn’t matter which variety of watermelon you choose, the only limitation is your container size.

If you’d rather grow the fruit in containers, you can buy a sugar baby seed and plant it directly in the pot. The seeds will sprout from the soil and produce fruits that are between eight and twelve pounds in weight.

They’ll also grow on a metal trellis or planting bed. Mulch will help control weeds and preserve moisture in the soil. The fruit will be sweeter than the average watermelon.

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You can determine when your watermelon is ready to harvest by tapping it with a finger. When you hear a high pitch sound, it’s too early.

The fruit is ready when the tendrils have turned brown. To harvest, trim the stems with garden pruners. The fruits can be stored for about a week or four days in the refrigerator. If you’re harvesting too early, they’ll begin to die off.

Warm-season Watermelon variety

If you’re planning to grow the watermelon in a container, be sure to choose a warm-season variety. Since watermelons don’t grow well in cold temperatures, they require warm temperatures to germinate and grow.

If the climate you live in has short growing seasons, you should start the seeds indoors or purchase seedlings from a garden center. Then, when the weather is warmer, plant the seeds directly in the container or bucket.

To grow bush sugar baby watermelons in containers, follow the instructions above. The seeds are best sown about a quarter inch deep in a seed-starting mix.

You can also place them in seed starting trays indoors. Plants should be kept moist but don’t disturb them with watering sprays.

Watering temperatures should reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can use a heating mat under the tray to keep it warmer.

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Watermelon seeds are inexpensive and easy to grow. You can also guarantee that the seeds are of the desired variety, since they don’t suffer transplant shock. The Bush Sugar Baby watermelon, for example, takes 80 to 85 days to mature.

However, it will require a warm climate to grow properly. Sow the seeds indoors at least 6-8 weeks before the last frost in your area.


In this comprehensive guide on PlantGardener, discover the secrets to successfully growing watermelon in 5-gallon buckets. Learn essential tips, from selecting the right varieties to proper watering and fertilization techniques. Whether you’re limited on space or aiming for efficient container gardening, this article provides actionable insights to ensure a bountiful harvest of delicious watermelons. Unlock the potential of your small garden or balcony with this step-by-step tutorial. Dive into the world of container gardening and enjoy the satisfaction of nurturing your own juicy watermelons from start to finish.

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Final thoughts

Another tip for growing Watermelons in buckets is to support the vines with a nylon onion sack. This will help the fruit to stay upright. This can extend the harvest season and save money on labor.

The fruits are overripe when harvested, but they are very sweet. So, consider growing this fruit in a container with a trellis. If you do, you will have a bumper crop of delicious fruit!

For best results, make sure to water the soil twice a day. You can check by sticking your finger into the soil. If it is not moist, water it thoroughly.

You can also use a watering can to water the plants. If you want to have multiple plants, install a drip irrigation system.

You should monitor the moisture level in your garden by checking your plants daily.

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