6 Common Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems (+ Solutions)

In this article, we’ll examine the common problems that the popular Ferris Zero Turn Mower has, and possible ways to fix them.

ferris zero turn mower issues

Note: Every lawn mower has some problems. John Deere, Cub Cadet, you name it.

The good news is they can all be fixed, by you, in most cases.

If you own a Ferris zero turn mower, you may have experienced some problems, such as the deck not moving or traction issues. 

You may also notice that the engine has a hard time generating enough power to drive the mower at high speeds. 

Luckily, these problems are easy to fix and can be easily solved by following some simple steps. 

Here are the 6 common Ferris Zero-Turn Mower Problems and how to fix them:

1. Ferris Mower Can’t Cut Wet Grass

Another common problem with a Ferris zero-turn mow er is the inability to cut wet grass. In these cases, slowing the engine and sharpening the blades are some solutions.

The first thing to do is to check the engine. If you notice the oil level is too high, then it could be a problem with the fuel mix or the spark plugs. 

In order to solve these issues, you can clean the air filter and adjust the choke.

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2. Ferris Mower Engine Not Running Properly

If the engine is not running properly, you should check the fuel mixture and the spark plugs. If they are too small, the problem could be the cutting blades. 

A dull or damaged cutting blade can be sharpened, but if they are broken, they should be replaced. 

You should also check for uneven cuts on your lawn. If this is not an issue, you should visit a dealer and ask for a replacement.

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3. Ferris Mower Vibrating at a Higher Range

Some common problems with Ferris zero-turn mowers include vibrating at a higher range at low and high speeds. If you find excessive vibration, you should stop using your zero-turn mower until you find a fix. 

Some models are not meant to mow at higher angles, so you should adjust the throttle or the choke. 

This can help if you are unable to mow wet grass. If this is the case, you should slow down the engine and sharpen the blades.

The most common problem with a Ferris zero-turn mower is that the cutting deck isn’t level. The deck must be level to ensure that you are getting the best cuts.

It is possible to sharpen the cutting blades, but if you’re experiencing any irregularities, you’ll need to contact a dealer. 

Fortunately, there are simple solutions to many of these problems. Keeping a Ferris zero-turn mower in good working condition is not difficult, but it is always worth checking and making sure it works correctly.

4. Problem With The Hydro Gear

Typically, a Ferris zero-turn mower problem with the hydro gear is caused by air. If there’s too much air in the transmission, it can cause the pump to struggle to create pressure. 

The solution is to take the lever off neutral and disengage the clutch and brakes and then push the motion control lever forward for five seconds. Afterward, the engine should start up and run smoothly.

If this isn’t possible, you can also check the carburetors and the hydraulic system.

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5. Lack of Power and Excessive Vibration

Aside from the hydro gear, other common problems with the zero-turn mower are a lack of power and excessive vibration. If the problem is caused by the hydro gear, it’s likely that the air is too small or too large.

If this is the case, you can adjust the air filter and choke.

While there are some other problems with a Ferris zero-turn mower, it should not be a cause for alarm. It’s a common problem among all zero-turn mowers. 

Ferris zero-turn mowers usually experience excessive vibration. If this happens, you should try to lower the speed of the mower before trying to mow it at higher angles. 

This will prevent uneven mowing and ensure a smoother lawn.

It can also be a problem with the hydro gear if you have multiple brands of the mower. However, if this happens, you should take a look at the manual and make sure everything is working.

6. Ferris Mower Wheels Can’t Turn

Another common problem with zero-turn mowers is that the wheels can’t turn. The engine of a Ferris zero-turn mower is often made of a large tire and the wheels can’t be turned in a fast motion. 

As a result, you should make sure that the wheel is level before using the zero-turn mower. If you can’t level the deck, then you’ll have to change it.

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How A Ferris Zero Turn Mower Works

If you’re wondering how a Ferris zero-turn mower works, you’ve come to the right place. Learn how this riding lawn mower cuts grass and eliminates weeds without pulling out the entire lawn. 

The Suspension System

The suspension system of the Ferris machine helps the wheels move independently of the chassis, which results in superior operator comfort, increased mowing speeds, and stability. 

You’ll be able to mow your yard in half the time, with less effort.

The Ferris zero-turn mower comes with a suspension system, which allows each wheel to move independently, helping smooth uneven turf. 

This helps reduce fatigue and increases productivity, making it the perfect machine for any homeowner. Its suspension system virtually eliminates shock to the chassis, resulting in improved operator comfort, higher speeds, and greater stability. 

The result is a more stable, comfortable ride, longer mower life, and more productivity.

What is The Ferris Zero-Turn Mower Suspension System For?

A suspension system is an important feature of the Ferris zero-turn mower. It allows each wheel to move independently, eliminating shock from the chassis. 

The patented independent suspension system increases ride comfort and make mowing easier. 

It also enhances the mowing efficiency by enabling faster work and more productivity. If you’re wondering how Ferris zero-turn mowers work, check out the video below to learn more.

The suspension system on the Ferris zero-turn mower reduces fatigue, allowing the rider to complete jobs in less time. The lowered ground pressure and improved operator comfort help to increase productivity. 

The ability to do more work in less time makes the Ferris suspension system an excellent choice. 

With a smooth ride, mowing more quickly is easier, and you can complete more tasks in the same amount of time.

A mowing job will be completed in less time and with less fatigue. Its superior comfort and performance will keep you happy and motivated. So, why not check out the Ferris Zero Turn Mower? You will be glad you did.

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Truly, the Ferris Zero-Turn Mower is great machinery for your lawn maintenance, but just like any other lawnmowers out there, they’re not perfect. Being able to troubleshoot the problem can help you solve it.

There are quite a few Ferris mower models. They’re fairly expensive, especially for beginners who are still finding their way with lawn maintenance.

The F800X model is priced at about $12,650. However, the F800X is more expensive. It has a 72-inch cutting deck and a patented suspension seat. 

With its mowing performance, the IS 6200 has set the standard for commercial zero-turn mowers. Despite its low price tag, this machine is still a great option for large yards.


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