Does Milwaukee Make A Cordless Pressure Washer? (+ 5 Best alternatives)

While Milwaukee is best known for its range of durable power tools, it also makes cordless pressure washers.

If you’re looking for a pressure washer that offers versatility and quality, look no further than Milwaukee.

These pressure washers are known for their long history of excellence and reliability.

Homeowners and DIYers alike use Milwaukee pressure washers for their home improvement projects, and their machines are frequently featured on social media accounts like Instagram.

Milwaukee pressure washers strike the perfect balance between price and reliability, and they’re known for their 18V One+ battery system that can power hundreds of tools.

Alternative Pressure Washer Brands and Models

If for some reason you want to get a different pressure washer brand, here are some of the reliable and affordable brands:

Sun Joe Cordless Pressure Washer

If you need a powerful pressure washer, the Milwaukee Sun Joe Cordless Pressure Washer is a great option.

The lightweight, compact machine has a 600-watt motor and can spray at up to 1160 psi.

It also has pressure select technology, so you can reduce the pressure to a lower level as needed. The four quick-connect spray tips and adjustable wand make it easy to complete light to heavy-duty cleaning jobs.


This cordless pressure washer has two 40-volt batteries. When you’re not using the second battery, you can use one battery.

The pressure will be 1,000 psi, but it can reach as high as 1,500 psi by using the boost button. The cleaner automatically returns to its starting pressure after eight minutes.

This makes it a great choice for many people who want to use a pressure washer but don’t have one handy.

If you want a powerful pressure washer, there are a few options to choose from. The Milwaukee Sun Joe Cordless Pressure Washer is one option. It costs around $500 and includes two 40-volt batteries.

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The DeWalt DWPW2400 and the Ryobi RY142300 are two other options. If you want a powerful electric pressure washer, you can choose the DEWALT DCPW550B Power Cleaner, which has 550 PSI.

It costs nearly half as much as the Milwaukee Sun Joe, but it doesn’t come with a tank, so it’s worth looking at them.

Power Products USA Ion 1300

The Power Products USA Ion 1300 cordless high-pressure washer is an excellent choice for those who are looking to clean a variety of surfaces. It features a battery-operated wand and proprietary hoses that are slightly larger than standard pressure washer hoses.

Its lightweight and versatile design makes it a great choice for a variety of household cleaning tasks, such as cleaning cars, decks, and boats.

This portable pressure washer is lightweight and easy to carry, making it an excellent choice for cleaning outdoor spaces and RVs. The powerful lithium battery provides long battery run time and prevents dragline issues.

The cordless Ion 1300 pressure washer’s high-pressure spray and large area flow make it a highly effective cleaning tool. It also charges from a car’s cigarette lighter.

While it may be the most compact pressure washer on the market, it does not sacrifice power or performance for portability.

The Power Products USA Ion 1300 cordless high-pressure washer has a battery that lasts 35 minutes at full blast and 1.2 gallons of water per minute. It uses a garden hose to operate, which isn’t hoseless, but does allow it to operate with a garden hose at 35 PSI.

Its low noise is an added bonus for the eco-conscious user.

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Ryobi Ion 1300

The Ryobi Ion 1300 cordless pressure cleaner from Milwaukee is a strong contender for our best value in pressure washers. The RY40PW01DG9 offers a strong motor at 2,300 psi but a lower water volume at 1.2 gpm.

This model’s overall stability makes it a good choice for homeowners who want a powerful machine that won’t drain their wallet.

The Ryobi Ion 1300 is powered by two 40-volt batteries. While one battery provides enough power for a full hour of pressure washing, the other is needed for a half-hour or less.

It has a standard running pressure of 1,000 psi and can go as high as 1,500 psi with the push of a button. The unit will return to its default pressure setting after eight minutes.

This cordless power washer is easy to carry and is easy to use. The lightweight unit has a high-performance lithium battery and allows the user to clean large areas while minimizing dragline problems.

Its lithium-ion battery ensures long-term runtime and offers high pressure for effective cleaning. It has two battery ports and an automatic shut-off when low-battery conditions arise.

The compact and lightweight design make it ideal for everyday household cleaning. The 320 PSI water pressure is a great choice for cleaning decks, boats, cars, and other items around the home.

Its 20-litre water tank and water filtration system make it convenient to use. It can also be stored conveniently for transport.

The safety lock and trigger lock features help protect children while cleaning. The water pressure is adjustable for cleaning different surfaces.

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SaintGE Multipurpose Washer

The SaintGE Multipurpose Pressure Washer is designed with convenience in mind. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry around. It also comes with a high-pressure gun and hose, allowing it to clean a variety of surfaces.

In addition, the machine features a 2.6-Ah Li-Ion battery that helps you get the job done without worrying about running out of juice.

With a 1200-rpm brush motor, two gallons of water per minute, and a powerful cooling system, this pressure washer has impressive power. Its net wet weighs only 4.2 pounds, which makes it a convenient machine for a variety of cleaning tasks.

This model is also good for cleaning dead ends of cars, motorcycles, decks, and other items around the house. However, some people may still consider pressure washing a luxury and only use it on a rare occasion.

Another great option for small projects is the Milwaukee electric pressure washer, which comes with a 5-gallon water bladder and is compatible with all types of electrical outlets.

It is easy to use, thanks to a convenient power cord and flexible hose.

The motor of the pressure washer runs smoothly and produces little noise. When connected to a pole, it is ideal for smaller jobs. The stainless-steel pump is easy to use and features LED lighting.

Milwaukee M18

The Milwaukee M18 cordless pressure washer and multi-tool kit delivers professional power in a compact package.

They are ideal for professionals in the construction, remodeling, flooring, and maintenance-repair industries.

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The 18-volt system has REDLITHIUM batteries, ergonomic designs to reduce physical strain, and REDLITHIUM technology to deliver power and speed. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless pressure washer has three exclusive features:

The gas Milwaukee m18 pressure washer offers many advantages over its electric counterpart. It typically comes with a single quick-change sprayer tip, which is similar to the showerhead on a bathroom sink.

It offers 0-, 25-, and 40-degree sprays as well as two jets and soap settings. However, this unit does not have an onboard tip storage, so you’ll have to swap it out later.

The M18 FUEL is a line of outdoor power equipment built for the most demanding tradesmen.

It delivers unmatched performance in a compact package with exclusive MILWAUKEE(r) innovations such as the POWERSTATE(TM) Brushless Motor and the REDLITHIUM(tm) Battery Pack.

The M18 cordless pressure washer is a powerful tool that will help you complete your outdoor project. It also has a durable, easy-to-store carrying case and a hose.

Another Milwaukee M18 cordless pressure washer is portable and lightweight. It can be stored on a shelf or above a garage. It comes with LED lighting for easy operation and is rechargeable with the M18 battery.

The power cord is convenient to use, and the hose connects easily. The hose connects the machine to the pole, and the motor operates smoothly.

And thanks to the patented technology, this tool is capable of pressure washing almost anywhere!

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Ivation Multipurpose Washer

The Ivation Multipurpose Washer is an extremely portable power washer that can be used for a variety of different jobs. It weighs less than 17 pounds, is equipped with built-in wheels, and can be recharged from your car’s cigarette lighter.

It is ideal for washing cars, trucks, boats, and RVs, but it is also great for washing pets. Its dual-purpose design makes it ideal for apartment living, too.

The Ivation Multipurpose Washer comes with a built-in 12-Volt Car Plug, making it possible to operate it on battery power.

However, this plug cannot charge the device, so you’ll need to use a home plug in order to use it.

It will light up red while charging, then switch to green when it’s ready to be used.

Unlike most pressure washers, this one won’t drain your battery or leave a greasy residue.


In this comprehensive guide, discover if Milwaukee produces a cordless pressure washer, exploring its features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. Uncover insights into the efficiency, portability, and overall performance of Milwaukee’s cordless pressure washer models, aiding in informed decision-making for your cleaning needs. Delve into the convenience and versatility offered by cordless technology, examining its suitability for various outdoor cleaning tasks. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a homeowner seeking efficient cleaning solutions, this analysis provides valuable information to help you determine if Milwaukee’s cordless pressure washer aligns with your requirements and preferences.

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