Do Deer Eat Geraniums? (Yes… 11 Ways to Stop Deer)

If you grow geraniums in your garden, you are at risk for deer invasion. They are notorious for browsing geraniums, but they won’t cause you much trouble like destroying your garden facilities

Most stores sell varieties of Geraniums that are resistant to deer. For example, Rozanne.

So, do Deer eat Geraniums? Yes, Deer eats Geraniums if they don’t find an alternative food source. Deer can also destroy your Geranium flowers if you don’t keep them out. Geraniums have strong fragrance and fuzzy texture, however, these don’t deter deer in any way.


That said, you should know that there are some steps you can take to prevent deer from attacking your sprouting flowers

But first, why do Deer always get attracted to these plants?

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Why Do Deer Destroy Geraniums?

While deer aren’t the number one culprit for eating geraniums, they can destroy them without warning.

They also like the smell of horticultural oils and can be attracted to hanging baskets of geraniums. 

8 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Geraniums

Here are 8 ways to prevent your flowerbed from being invaded by these pesky pests (deer).

1). Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

The first step you should take to prevent deer from eating your geraniums is to keep them out. Deer are not fond of plants with spiky leaves, so try to plant your geraniums in a raised bed or in a container. 

This will discourage them from jumping into your garden and eating the delicate shoots. Also, plant your geraniums in the fall when the deer are less likely to be in your garden.

2). Shield Geraniums With Companion Plants

You can also try planting scented geraniums with other plants that are deer resistant. This way, the deer will stay away from your geraniums. 

You can try to avoid them by planting other bushes and plants with a pungent scent. If the bushes or plants in your garden are fragrant and tempting to deer, consider putting them around your bushes or shrubs.

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3). Grow Geranium Varieties That Are Deer Resistant

You can also avoid letting the deer eat your geraniums by carefully selecting the variety and season. 

Rozanne geraniums are an easy plant to grow and will keep deer away. Although they’re not particularly poisonous to deer, they’re definitely not a favorite of the animals. This is because Rozanne has fuzzy, fragrant leaves. You can protect your geraniums by placing them in a shady spot.

4). Plant Geraniums in a Shady Area

If you want to protect your geraniums from deer, you should plant them in a protected area. 

Ensure that the deer don’t get to your Geraniums. When they do, they will often avoid them if you cover them with bushes or flowers. You can also try putting up fences, which can keep deer out. 

The best way to protect your Geranium plants is to prevent them from being in your garden or accessible to Deer.

When you see geraniums in hanging baskets, they may be more susceptible to deer than other kinds. However, you should consider the risk of damage to your geraniums by making sure they’re protected. 

A hanging basket with geraniums is usually safer for the deer than a plant that’s in a pot. You can also avoid the deer’s favorite food by placing them near fencing.

You should also consider the size of the geraniums. The more geraniums you have, the better. Geraniums can grow up to eight feet in diameter. You should avoid planting them too close to the trees and shrubs.

5). Use Deer Repellents to Keep Deer Away from Geraniums

Using repellents that are safe for pets and plants is recommended because deer can become used to them very quickly. Fortunately, there are natural ways to repel deer.

If you have a deer problem, you can protect your geraniums from deer by spraying them with repellent. 

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6). Plant Deer-Resistant Flowers Around Geraniums

When you have a garden full of geraniums, make sure that you plant deer-resistant flowers around them. While geraniums aren’t deer’s favorite flowers, they are an easy source of food for other pests and diseases. 

7). Use Motion-Activated Sprinkler Near the Flowerbed

To keep them out of your flower beds, place some deer-resistant plants near them. Another good way to repel deer is by placing a motion-activated sprinkler near the flowerbed.

8). Sprinkle Door Hair on Geranium Leaves

To keep deer away from new plants, you can also sprinkle dog hair all over them. The smell of dog hair will repel them and make them think that there’s a dog nearby. By using a repellent regularly, you can prevent major problems from happening.

9). Use Netting to Keep Deer Out

You can also use netting over your geranium plants to keep deer from damaging them. A light netting over the garden can help protect your flowers from critters. 

It can be placed over your flowerbed to serve as a fence and also prevent birds from flying into your garden. The netting will also act as a barrier between the deer and your flowers.

10). Build a Fence to Prevent Deer Trespassing

There are many ways to keep deer from eating your geranium plants. The best solution is to build a fence.

A fence will keep deer out for good, but it might not be effective enough to keep them out. This will prevent them from eating any of your vegetables.

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11). Frighten Deer With White Flag

Using a white flag can frighten deer. This is not only visually appealing but can also be effective. 

You can also place a pie tin in your garden or a pie tin on a fence. The best method is to rotate the spookiness of the white flag. A simple tip is to put the tail of a white flag over a plant and place it in a prominent position.


Deer are delightful visitors to your garden, but their appetite for sunflowers can be a challenge. Learn how to protect your sunflower blooms and keep your garden flourishing. Our blog provides practical tips, from natural deterrents to strategic planting, ensuring your sunflowers stand tall and vibrant. Embrace the beauty of sunflowers without compromising on the presence of these graceful creatures. Explore effective strategies to coexist harmoniously with deer in your garden and preserve the allure of your sunflower haven.

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All in all, the most effective way to keep deer out of geranium plants is to plant a barrier fence. 

A fence will keep deer from entering your yard. Combine this with a strong deer-resistant scents. An essential oil of oregano will keep deer at bay. A strong fragrance will make deer stay away from the border of your geranium plants.

Geraniums are very attractive to deer. They’re attracted to their fragrance. However, they’re not the number one culprit of destroying your geranium plants. 

Although deer aren’t the number one culprit of geraniums, they’ll eat them when they don’t have access to other food sources. If you’d like to plant a scented geranium, you should try putting a few scented weeds in your flowerbed as well.

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