7 Fantastic Chicken Run Roof Ideas (for 2023)

Chickens are one of the best pets you could ever keep. They are curious, affectionate, and highly intelligent. 

If given plenty of space, chickens become very attached to their owners.

The only downside is that they require a fine habitat in order to enjoy themselves, which can be expensive for many people. 

The roof protects your hens from bad weather and keeps them warm in winter.

It should be waterproof to prevent leakage, sturdy enough to withstand floods or high winds, and able to withstand the weight of snow in cold climates.

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Here are 7 chicken run roof ideas to help you save money on your next chicken coop project:

1. Make a Small Chicken Run to Grow Onto

If you’re looking for a chicken run, but you don’t have a large yard, try supplementing your small space with plastic containers to expand the size of the run.

Start by planting grass or creating a garden inside one container. 

Supplement this by attaching another container, making holes in the bottom to allow rainwater and nutrients through, and plant seedlings. 

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Finally, attach a third container which will be used as a pool during the hotter months of the year to give them the water they can splash around in!

2. Build onto Your Tool Shed

You should start off thinking about how much room you need to allow enough chickens into your backyard without overcrowding their living conditions. 

Measure your backyard and then buy a tool shed that’s the same height to give their chicken run some protection from the elements. 

This will allow you to maximize space until you can increase their house because it’ll be surrounded by chicken wire on three sides and plastic sheeting along the back wall.

3. Simplify Your Chicken Run with Recycled Materials

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to create an attractive chicken run for your flock. 

Instead, use what you already have lying around such as old curtain rods, planks of wood, and curtain nets in order to add practicality and style into your design. Put up supports for screening or add extra screening by creating grids out of elastic lines. 

You can also hang old bicycle chains upside down to create a perch for the chickens so they don’t have to sit on grass or dirt.

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4. Improve the Look of Your Chicken Run with Masonry

If you want your chicken run to last, then it’s worth investing in some masonry work! By building up layers of cement blocks, you can create a series of shelves that are ideal for supporting trellises and protecting seedlings from the elements. 

You might also consider adding planks along one side that are strong enough to support baskets overflowing with strawberries and other fruit harvested from your garden which will make for an enticing treat.

5. Install Chicken Feeders Inside Your DIY Chicken Run

Azalea Outdoor Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Live Satsuki Azalea Outdoor Bonsai Tree-5 Years

  • Small 5 Year old bonsai will arrive between 6″ To 8″ Tall in a 6″ Container and will perform Best outdoors

A quick way to give your chickens more space in their chicken run is to install a DIY feeder. Drill extra holes into your existing feeders so that the chickens have access to fresh grains even when they’re kept inside.

It also means that you can refill them without having to shift them which saves you time and could attract predators if it’s out of sight for too long.

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6. Add Waterproof Sheeting Along One Side

If there’s one thing that will make caring for chickens less of a hassle, it’s making sure they always have clean water.

One way you can achieve this with your design is by adding waterproof sheeting along one side of your chicken run so they always have access to fresh rainwater. 

Make the other side doesn’t get wet by nailing in the mesh which you can enclose with chicken wire and attach to the roof of your run.

7. Build a Chicken Run around Old Pallets

Pallets can be turned into an ultra-stylish home for your chickens using recycled materials such as old wooden boards and metal fencing strips that come from pallets themselves.

You can use these to create a hen house, perches, and grids that are easy to move around so you can adapt their living space whenever necessary.

House Styles: The table below shows which architectural styles can be found in the chicken run.

Averages300 x 200 cm / 10′ x 6′ floorplan, with a roof pitch of 45°
MaterialStone or brickwork for walls and wooden beams for roofs
WindowsSmall to tiny (10 – 40 cm wide)
Chimneys Short and often only rise over one room

Which Roofing Material Is Cheapest For a Chicken Run Roof?

To make a basic chicken run, you need to buy or build two runs which are divided by fencing. The roof should be strong enough to support heavy snowfall and it is not unusual for chickens to jump up on the roof of their coop. 

A basic flat roof made from galvanized corrugated steel can be purchased cheaply in roll form, but if you want your chicken run to also provide shelter from the rain, you will need a flat roof with gutters at regular intervals around the perimeter. 

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It can look attractive too if it has rubberized tiles fitted over the metal sheeting, but again this does push up the price. Chicken wire or netting can be nailed directly onto square-section purlins which are slotted between metal bars to give a sturdy, heavy-duty roof that is not too expensive.

Roofing Material For Chicken Run – Different Types of Roofing Materials for Chickens

The different types of roofing material may come in many styles and finishes but each type has its own benefits and drawbacks which homeowners should take into consideration when making their final decision. 

We will try and highlight some of the more popular types that we commonly see on our job sites. Let’s take a look:  

1). Cedar Shake: The cedar shake roof may be an appealing choice because it brings with it the classic “cabin” look and also because c wood itself has natural insect-repelling properties. 

In addition, it is a durable material that can last for years and will not need to be replaced as often as some of the other roofing shingles on the market.    

Roofing Material For Chicken Run – Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roof also has an aesthetic value that homeowners like, but they do come with a price tag that may not fit into all budgets and they can provide an attractive food source for squirrels and woodpeckers who may end up damaging your home more than expected.  

2). Asphalt: Asphalt shingle roofs typically cost less than other types of roofing materials such as tile or metal roofing. 

This type of roof is easy to install as well as relatively low in cost. However, asphalt shingles are prone to tear when high winds or heavy storms hit so repair costs can be more expensive than with other materials.

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Roofing Material For Chicken Run – Asphalt Roof Shingles

Asphalt roof shingles are quite popular because they come in a wide range of colors and styles at relatively affordable rates. However, they can be noisy during rainstorms and do not offer much protection against moisture infiltration.  

3). Metal Roofs: It’s easy to see why metal roof siding is an attractive choice for homeowners who want durability without spending too much money on their roof. 

Metal roofs come in many different colors and designs which is another benefit that attracts many homeowners to this type of roofing.

Roofing Material For Chicken Run – Metal Roof Siding

Although metal roofs are known for being durable, their material can get hot during the summer months so take care if you have a garden beneath the roof structure. In addition, this type of roof siding is not ideal in areas where there’s a lot of snowfall.  

4). Asphalt Composition Shingles: Asphalt composition shingle roofs have been popular across North America since the 1950s because they’re attractive and affordable at the same time. 

Most shingle manufacturers offer a large range of colors that homeowners can choose from to match or contrast with their house color scheme.

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Roofing Material For Chicken Run -asphalt Composition Roof Shingles

This type of roof siding is also relatively easy to install, which makes it popular with homeowners who want to do this project themselves. 

However, if you plan on hiring a professional contractor, be prepared to pay more than what you would for an asphalt shingle roof.  

5). Tile Roofs: Tile roofs are quite popular in warmer climates because they offer excellent protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. They’re not cheap but tile roofs can last up to 50 years and require very little maintenance over that period of time.

Roofing Material For Chicken Run – Tiled Roof Shingles

A tile roof can increase your home’s resale value and will provide protection from heavy rains and winds because its shape tends to resist wind damage better than other types of roof siding. 

In addition, this type of roof siding can cost more to repair because it is labor-intensive and requires an experienced contractor.  

6). Wood Shake roofs: The wood shake roof has been a popular choice for centuries as far as roofing materials go. They’re easy to install and come in a range of styles and colors so homeowners can choose something that will complement their home exterior design.

Roofing Material For Chicken Run – Wood Shake Roof Shingles

The biggest drawback for this type of roofing shingle is the price tag which shouldn’t be surprising considering how long-lasting and high quality these products are.

Although they’re quite expensive, wood shake roofs do require very little maintenance and can last up to 40 years.

The cost of a roof installation is often dependent on the type of roof you choose as well as the quality of materials chosen for the job. 

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In addition, roof repairs may be expensive depending on which material your home uses so think carefully before signing a contract with a contractor to avoid any unwanted surprises.  

7) Slate roofs: This type of roof siding has been around for centuries and is still an attractive choice among homeowners today who want durability at a reasonable price. 

There are many different styles available so homeowners can choose something that will complement their home exterior design seamlessly.

Roofing Material For Chicken Run – Slate Roof Shingles

Slate roofs are also easy to install and have an average lifespan of 50 years. Slate roofs require very little maintenance but are prepared to pay more for roof repairs because this type of material is expensive to fix if it gets damaged due to storms.  

8). Bedrock Insurance Claims Carleton Shingle Roofs: These types of shingles are made from limestone, which has become the preferred choice among homeowners who want something that’s affordable but still durable enough to last many years.

Roofing Material For Chicken Run – Limestone Roof Shingles

Bedrock Insurance Claims Carleton shingle roofs come in a wide range of colors so homeowners can choose one that will complement their exterior design seamlessly. 

Bedrock Insurance Claims Carleton shingles are also easy to install, which makes them a good choice for do-it-yourself homeowners. 

The biggest drawback is that they’re not very attractive so be prepared to either live with this or find another way to disguise the roof.

Roofing Material For Chicken Run – Which Roof Is Best?

Azalea Outdoor Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Live Satsuki Azalea Outdoor Bonsai Tree-5 Years

  • Small 5 Year old bonsai will arrive between 6″ To 8″ Tall in a 6″ Container and will perform Best outdoors

The best roof shingle material will offer protection from rain and other weather elements while also complementing the exterior design of your home. 

It’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes before choosing a type of roof shingle because prices can vary depending on where you live and the type of material chosen. 

Also, ask about any discounts available in order to save money when signing an agreement with a contractor.


Innovative chicken run roof ideas can transform your poultry space into a stylish and functional haven for your feathered friends. From green roofs to solar panels, discover creative options to enhance your chicken coop’s aesthetics and sustainability. Whether you’re aiming for eco-friendly solutions or simply want to elevate your backyard poultry setup, these roof ideas offer practicality and charm. Explore the possibilities and give your chickens a comfortable and eco-conscious habitat while adding a unique touch to your garden landscape. Elevate your chicken-keeping experience with these inspiring roof concepts!


A popular feature in many chicken runs is adding planks along one side so they don’t become wet when it rains because this will quickly lead to disease outbreaks if barren soil mixes with the water. 

These sheets should be waterproof so that the chickens have a dry place to sit.

Don’t forget to include a pool in one corner of their run during summer months when they need fresh water to splash around in.

Many people choose to add chicken feeders inside their coop but this also means that your flock will stay put so you don’t have to move them very far if you want to refill it with food or clean out droppings. 

Make sure there is enough space so they can’t peck each other’s feathers and ensure that no pests can get into it which means keeping any part where the door opens off-limits.


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