Pests and Insects

Discover comprehensive insights into managing pests and insects effectively on Uncover expert advice, tips, and eco-friendly solutions to safeguard your beloved plants from the threats posed by unwanted pests. Empower yourself with knowledge to maintain a thriving garden and promote a harmonious coexistence with the fascinating world of insects.


Are Rabbits Endangered? (Yes, here’s why)


Rabbits, those adorable and nimble creatures, have always held a special place in our hearts. But in the midst of ...

7 Common Star Jasmine Problems (Quick Solutions)


You may be wondering why your Star Jasmine is not blooming or is turning yellow. The good news is that ...

The 3 Best Insecticides For Lace Bugs


The best time to apply insecticides for lace bugs is in early spring or early summer. Continue applying insecticides through ...

White Spots on Orchid Leaves? (What They Are & Solutions)


Orchids are easy to grow and care for. Sometimes, though, they’re prone to pest infestation and other related diseases. White ...

What Do Sawflies Eat? (5 Food list)


The larvae of sawflies feed on native shrubs and trees, causing extensive damage to food plants. The Steel-Blue Sawfly, a ...

7 Rose Leaf Problems (+ How to Fix Them)


If you have a rose plant in your yard, you know that it can be susceptible to several problems. You ...

Do Garden Spiders Bite? (Read this first)


If you find garden spiders in your yard, you may wonder if they can bite you. This article covers two ...

Where Are Husqvarna Sprayers Made?


Husqvarna Sprayers (check price on Amazon) are made in Charlotte, NC USA. These sprayers are part of the Husqvarna Forest ...

Who Makes DeWALT Backpack Sprayer?


DEWALT makes the 18-volt cordless battery-powered backpack sprayer, designed for weeding, feeding, and disinfecting your yard. A DEWALT backpack sprayer ...

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