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Why Did My Wave Petunias Stop Blooming? (Make it Bloom Again)


A wilting out of a flower is almost always a sign of some type of disease, so the best thing ...

grow morels

How Long Does It Take To Grow Morels?


There are many questions regarding how long it takes to grow morels. It’s hard to answer that question because the ...

Can Plants Grow in Glass Containers? (With Examples)


Growing plants in glass containers is gaining a lot of attention in most parts of the world. Some popular herbs ...


Best Hydrangea for Pots (Care Tips, Information)


A consideration when growing hydrangeas is that the best hydrangeas for pots can be quite limited, in some cases. Some ...


White Hydrangea Care (Everything You Should Know)


The benefits of getting all your indoor plant care done with White hydrangeas are endless. They have a natural resistance ...


How to Make Hydrangeas Blue: The Quick Guide


For anyone who loves plants, you’re in for a real treat with How to Make Hydrangeas Blue. If you’re interested ...


Baking Soda for Hydrangeas: Does it Work?


Should you introduce baking soda to Hydrangeas plant? For a healthy yard in the winter, try baking soda for hydrangeas. ...

buffalo grass

Buffalo Grass Plugs: What is It and How to Care for It


Many gardeners select Buffalo grass plugs. They are often used for topdressing and to provide a ground cover or for ...


Adding Worms to Garden (What Gardeners Need to Know)


Adding worms to your garden may sound like a relatively simple task. However, there are several important steps to take ...