Do Carrots Have Seeds? (+ How to get the seeds)

Carrots are popular tubers and vegetables grown primarily for food.


They’re also relatively easy to grow and don’t require a lot of supervision.

But one concern that most beginner gardeners have is how to get Carrot seeds. 

Do Carrots have seeds and can you extract them easily? 

Yes, Carrots produce seeds on the tips of the flower stems. The carrot’s fertilized umbel swells at the base of each tiny flower. The outer seeds are matured earlier than the inner ones. The seedlings will grow and reproduce in a similar manner as the original plant. 

What Do Carrot Seeds Look Like?

The seeds of the carrot are small compared to the ones of other plants. They grow on a tall stalk and produce tiny white seeds.

The seeds are small – just one to five millimeters long – and are quite numerous. 

An ounce of seeds of carrots contains about 8000. A pound of carrots contains about 50,000 seeds. A teaspoon is filled with about 2500 seeds. When stored properly, the carrots will be more likely to sprout the following year.

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Carrots Bloom Beautiful Flowers

Carrots have thousands of flowers. The outer ones are the first to mature. The inner ones contain the most fertile pollen. Each flower contains 5 stamens and five sepals. Each carpel has 2 ovules. 

The carrot’s flowers are self-pollinating. Because they have a hard shell, carrots have large numbers of seeds. The seeds are prone to falling off the stem when the plant is in a drought.

While you’re looking for the best isolation distance for carrots, keep in mind that it’s important to remember that carrot plants are not fruits or grains. The seeds are dry fruits and measure just a millimeter long. 

In addition to that, you’ll want to store the harvested seed in a cool, dry place. This way, the seeds will remain viable even if you’re not in the same region as the parent plant.

While carrots have seeds, most gardeners aren’t aware of this until they’re close to harvest. 

They’ll grow greenery this year and produce a long, tender root the next year. However, they won’t flower until the following year. The seed capsules should be stored in an area that’s dark and cool. Some people prefer to use silica packets as these keep the seed viability of the seed husk.

Once the umbels are harvested, you can collect the seeds and store them for later use. In the case of carrots, you can save the seeds by collecting them in a plastic bag.

While carrots do have seeds, the seeds are not easily transferable. Unless you want to keep them safe from moisture, it’s best to collect them from your own garden. It’s best to avoid wild species that may be harmful to your vegetable crops.

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What Part of Carrot Has Seeds?

Most veggies are annuals, meaning they grow from seed to seed. Carrots, on the other hand, are biennials, requiring two growing seasons to complete their life cycle. 

Their seeds are usually found on the tips of their flower stems. The petals of the flower resemble a tiny umbrella, and the umbel is round. The seeds are formed by the outermost layer of a single tiny flower.

The outermost layer of the carrot is called the pericycle, while the innermost layers contain the seeds. 

The pericycle consists of two strands of xylem and phloem, while the cortex contains more phloem. The seeds are located in the middle of the carrot, and they are covered by the epidermis. Because they are so small, the seeds are prone to shatter and need to be stored in paper bags.

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The Seeds of Carrots Are Borne In the Flower Stem

The seeds of a carrot are located in the flower stem. This part is known as the umbel, and it consists of a number of rays that mature at different times. 

The outer rays mature first, and the outermost rays are the last to develop. This makes the carrot look like a bird’s nest, and the stalks are hygroscopic. They bend outward when they’re good for seed dispersal and bend inward when they’re not.

The flowers of a carrot are surrounded by pericycles. The pericycles surround the phloem, and they contain pollen. 

The outer petals have five sepals, while the inner petals have two ovules. The flowers of a carrot do not self-pollinate, so they must be pollinated by other plants. 

Once the seed has matured, it becomes an inflorescence. This is where many small flowers are held on a branch without leaves.

The seeds of a carrot are found in the outer part of the plant. The seeds are the innermost parts of the carrot, and they grow in the middle of the plant. 

The seeds in a carrot are produced on the inside of the flower. The meridian, or root, contains the carpels and the flowers. Moreover, the mersicada is the fruit of a carrot. It is also covered in oil.

Carrots have seeds. Unlike other fruits, carrot seeds are not real seeds, but they are dried fruit. 

As a result, the carrot is not a fruit, and its seed contains a large number of schizocarps. When we say ‘carrot’, we are actually talking about a vegetable. It is a type of flower. The seeds of a carrot come from the roots, but the plant can also be used as food.

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While carrot seeds are not edible by themselves, they can be used in cooking. 

They are grown in a variety of ways. 

It’s important to collect sound, healthy, and fertile roots. Then, the carrot flowers and the seeds are formed. The fruits of a carrot are called schizocarps. 

A schizocarp resembles a winged “helicopter” that falls from a maple tree.

How to Get Carrot Seeds 

Despite their name, the most common way to get carrot seeds is by collecting the flowers. If you are lucky, you can find a few in your neighborhood. 

If you are not so lucky, you can buy them at the central market or gather them from bushes and thickets. However, the seeds are not guaranteed to grow, so you may need to visit several plants to obtain a few. This section of the post will explain how to get carrot seeds from bushes and thickets.

After collecting a few carrot seeds, it is time to start farming. You’ll need to prepare a slurry of seed-starting materials. If you are growing more than one carrot variety, you will need to separate the seeds. 

You can do this by dividing them by distance. The farther apart you keep them, the more likely they are to survive. Once you have a small batch, you can then plant them in your plot.

When you have enough carrot seeds, you can simply plant the full carrot in the ground. It will grow into a seed. Then you can harvest it and use the seeds. 

In addition to using a slurry, you can also make your own. The carrot plant will produce three seeds. You can triple your crop! The seeds will keep for at least six years. This method is not too difficult, but it will require some patience and care.

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Carrots aren’t just delicious vegetables; they also have seeds, and understanding their growth process can enhance your gardening skills. In our blog, explore the intriguing world of carrot seeds, learning when and how to harvest them for optimal results. Discover the secrets to successful carrot seed saving and gain insights into the lifecycle of this popular root vegetable. Uncover the potential of cultivating your own carrot seeds and take your gardening expertise to the next level with Plant Gardener’s comprehensive guide.


It’s a lot easier to harvest carrots planted on the ground than in containers. Hence, the seeds, too.

The best method for doing this is to make sure you have soil that is loose and free of rocks. To harvest the best possible Carrot seeds, you should plant a cluster of 3 to 6 seeds per space, and place them in rows. When planting, you should layer the soil with compost and soil. 

Apply it thinly so that it doesn’t cover the seeds. The goal is to get the seedlings to sprout, and the soil should not be more than half an inch deep.

To get the right amount of carrot seeds, you must first plant a separate plot of land for each one. 

A gardener can also isolate one carrot plant from others by keeping a large area of land clear of all crops. Ideally, the carrots will grow in an area with a small distance.

It’s possible to plant more than one type of seed in a location. If you have an acre of land, you should have more than enough space to plant your seeds.


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