25 Butterfly Garden Accessories (Complete Gift List 2022)

25 Butterfly Garden Accessories (Complete Gift List 2022)

The joy of seeing butterflies especially in the morning makes most people desire to have butterflies in their gardens.

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However, creating an attractive butterfly garden is a major challenge to most people — even though they want butterflies in their garden.

The interesting part is that butterfly are attracted to a garden that produces healthy plants (e.g., Lavender, Coneflower, and Butterflies bush).

These plants are rich in nectar that provide butterflies with sugar, water, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, and vitamins. and also the plants produce fragrance.

You need the right accessories to cultivate such a garden that attracts butterfly. Butterfly garden accessories are vital when you want to make your garden butterflies home.

According to research by the National Wildlife Federation, “more than 150,000 Americans have pledged to be Butterfly Heroes.”

If that be the case, you too can have a garden that attracts butterflies. What you need is the right garden accessory.

Here are 25 effective butterfly garden accessories you’ll ever need:

1. Compartmentalized Planter Boxes

It’s the nature of butterflies to cluster around an area where there is a cloud of flowers. Because clouds of flowers provide enough nectar and fragrance that attract butterflies.

The simple way for you to grow clouds of different types of moveable flowers in your garden is to compartmentalize planter boxes.

Another reason why you need compartmentalized planter boxes is so you can grow a variety of plants.

Compartmentalized planter boxes are an accessory that you need to grow a bunch of flowers in your garden to attract butterflies.

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Flower’s fragrance attracts butterfly but what keeps them is the nectar. So you need both fragrance and nectar-rich plants in place to keep Butterfly in your garden.

2. Steam Gun Spray Disinfectant

Steam gun spray disinfectant is a garden accessory that you can use to spray your plants to repel insects and pests that disturb butterflies.

This is important because pests and insects don’t allow butterfly to have a peaceful perch on plants  — butterflies don’t stay in a garden where there is a threat. 

If you need butterflies in your garden you need steam gun disinfectant to properly spray your plants against any pest or insects. 

Steam gun spray disinfectant has a wide range of coverage. It uses a rechargeable battery. With the rechargeable battery you can use it anytime it’s charged.

3. Garden Tools Set

Garden tools set is a collection of all the tools you need to take care of plants to become healthy for butterfly. 

The tools contain a trowel, transplanter, hand rake, cultivator, weeder, pruner, plant rope butterfly garden stake, plant tag label, garden seeder, glove, and tote organizer.

When working on your butterfly garden, you need hand-glove to properly care for some of the plants that are not safe for humans but loved by butterflies.

You need pruners to prune dead branches off from some of the plants for them to grow new branches that are safe for butterflies.

When reporting plants, you need a hand trowel to easily report plants to another location within the garden that’ll make the plants more visible to butterflies. 

To make your garden healthy for butterflies you need these garden tools to take care of your plants. Garden tools set is an accessory that you use to maintain a healthy garden that attracts butterflies.

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4. Hanging Solar Lights

You need hanging solar lights to invite butterflies that go out at night to look for food. The light uses sunlight to charge and function during the night.

With solar hanging light, you’re not only going to focus on butterfly that fly in the daytime but also at night. Hanging the solar light in any direction you know butterfly follows.

The light is designed differently with different colors that make the environment colorful and produce a brighter environment for butterflies to perch.

Solar light emits brightness that shines on plants and makes the plants visible for butterfly to see at night. If you need butterfly in your garden at night, then you need to buy a hanging solar light.

The light comes with a hook that makes it easy for you to hang anywhere in your garden. The hanging solar light battery has the capacity to work for 10 hours when fully charged.

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5. Multi-Colored Waterproof Crystal Glass Globe Ball Light 

Multi-colored waterproof crystal light functions under any weather conditions. The light doesn’t need to be under any coverage before it functions. 

It emits different types of colors from one glass globe ball. It produces a perfect atmosphere that seems like natural daylight.

Multi-colored waterproof crystal light is highly effective for attracting butterflies. The light emits brightness that looks like the daytime.

All colors-in-one bulb that is built to withstand any weather condition. Butterflies cluster an area that has high brightness. That’s why you need multi-colored waterproof crystal glass globe bull light.

The light produces high brightness and a cool environment that butterflies like. Unlike other lights that emit heat, this light does produce any heat. The colors suppress the heat.

6. Thick kneeling pad

If you want to make your garden butterfly friendly, then you need to constantly take care of the plants. 

Butterflies like plants that produce new leaves where they get enough nectars.

You need thick kneeling to protect yourself against any harmful object in the garden. Use a kneeling pad to protect your kneel when working.

Butterflies naturally visit gardens that the plants produce nectar always. But how can the plants produce nectar always if you don’t care for plants? Caring for the plants takes some time. Especially when repotting plants.

That’s why you need a kneeling pad to take care of your plant.

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However, when taking care of plants in your garden that require you to kneel then you need a thick kneeling pad.

You need a thick kneeling pad most especially when you are doing reporting. A thick kneeling pad helps to prevent your knee from being stretched while working on the farm.

7. Garden Statues 

Garden status is an accessory that is effective when you want to attract butterflies into your garden. 

Do you know that butterflies do perch on birds? Yes, they do. So, when you have the solar light garden status of this bird in your garden then butterflies will definitely come to your garden.

Butterflies will assume the birds be alive as the light shines brighter.

Take advantage of garden status to invite butterflies into your garden. The garden status uses solar light that makes it effective even at night.

8.  Garden Cart Rolling Scouter

Garden cart rolling scouter is designed to make your work at the garden easy for you. You need a garden cart rolling scouter to move the plants when reporting some plants.

When you want to change the location of some plants to a better position where butterflies can better see them, you need a garden cart rolling scouter.

From time to time, you have to constantly watch the directions where butterflies follow to your farm and relocate plants to that direction for butterflies to see.

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Garden cart rolling scooter is built to make you create a garden that attracts butterflies irrespective of the season.

9. Flower Pot Cart Holder

The flower pot cart holder is designed to make the movement of flowers within the garden easy and simple. 

It has a compartment where you can display several species of plants that attract butterflies. 

To attract butterflies, mix up the flower with nectar-producing flowers and fragrant flowers. The fragrant will invite butterflies while the nectar will keep them to the spot.

When butterflies discover that your garden has flowers with enough nectars and fragrances they will always visit your garden. The availability of fragrance flowers and nectars makes butterflies take abode in your garden. 

10. Garden Expandable Hose

Do you know that butterflies like moist gardens? Yes, they do. When the ground is moist, butterflies perceive the smell and perch in the moist environment. 

Watering your garden makes it moist. Irrespective of the size of your garden, you need a garden expandable hose to water the ground.

Garden expandable hose is used to connect water from a source to the garden. It has a punchable spray that makes water spread around your garden to make it moist. 

Garden expandable hose is an accessory you need to make your garden moist for butterflies to visit often. 

Garden expandable hose manufactured to cover a reasonable size of the garden. It expands as you keep stretching it.

11. Garden Working Apron 

Garden working apron is an accessory you can use to protect yourself against harmful plants that are good for butterflies.

It also protects you against spilling flying debris and other elements in the garden that are not good for your skill.

But when you put on an apron you will be able to work without any worry about any spill flying debris. An apron is very helpful when taking care of plants in your garden.

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12. Planter Fountain 

Butterflies like flowers and water. They like to play with water and flowers. Planter fountains make constant water available for butterflies. 

Planter fountains make water run up and back to the source continuously. The constant flow of the water attracts butterflies.

Once there is a continuous water supply from the planter fountain, butterflies will definitely come around such areas.

If you want butterflies to reside in your garden you need a planter fountain installed close to plants that produce enough nectars.

Position the planter fountain in a strategic place in your garden close to where plants that have nectars are to attract butterflies. 

Once butterflies come around plants that have nectar and see close water they will naturally reside in that environment.

13. Soil PH Meter

Soil PH meter is used to measure the soil’s acidic and alkaline nature. The reason for the PH meter is that some plants that attract butterflies may not necessarily grow in an accident soil.

Some plants that invite butterflies to the garden might also not grow in alkaline soil. You need to find out the nature of the soil.

When you don’t use the soil PH meter to test the acidic nature of the soil, chances are you will end up producing toxic plants that are not healthy for butterflies.

But with the soil PH meter apparatus, you can check the acidic and the alkaline state of the soil before you plant. 

It is important you test the acidic nature of the soil and the alkaline nature of soil before you plant any butterflies attractive plants.

Butterflies run away from gardens that produce toxic plants as soon they taste that plant. It’s important that you know the nature of the soil before you plant; otherwise, you’ll end up repelling butterflies from your garden.

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14. Breathable Slip-on-Garden Snickers

Sometimes, gardeners experience fatigue as a result of the uncomfortable shoes they put on. That’s why breathable slip-on-garden snickers are designed to make you comfortable on your legs while working in your garden.

The snicker has soft cushions that make you feel good irrespective of the number of hours you spent while walking.

The breathable liner allows your feet to receive a constant flow of air, which keeps your feet dry always. It has a mesh at the upper feature that makes it soft at the top of your legs. 

You can adjust the shoes with the classic lace-up closure. Breathable sneakers shoes provide you maximum comfort while walking in your garden to make it suitable for butterflies.

15. Garden Spiral Drain Bit

Garden spiral drain bit is an accessory that you need to break the soil into smaller particles before you plant. The soil that you pour on the planter needs to be broken into small pieces before you mix the soil.

Garden spiral drain bits help you to properly drill the soil before you plant. Planter box soil needs to be properly broken before filling the boxes for any planting.  

The drilling of the soil will make those plants that can sprout up under strong ground. Garden spiral drain bits make it possible to grow both deep root and non-deep plants in the same garden to attract butterflies.

16. Collapsible Yard Leaf Bin

Collapsible yard leaf bins are used to keep debris. The bag is designed to help you keep your garden clean and neat for butterflies to visit.

There are plants that are no longer suitable for butterflies once the plant dies. So, you need a collapsible yard leaf bin to keep the prune branches inside.

Collapsible yard leaf bins help to make your garden neat and clean for butterflies to visit. 

17. Geometric Planters

If you need plants to grow in one direction you need geometric planters. It has the capacity to make plants grow in one direction.

Geometric planters are an accessory you need in your garden to grow plants that will invite butterflies. You can move the plant to anywhere in your garden.

It’s built with technology that makes plants have one-directional growth. When the geometric planters are used, the planter grows toward one area and falls on the ground.

18. Butterflies Designs Wind Spinner 

Butterflies wind spinners are artificial solar light butterflies that you can hang in your garden to invite butterflies.

Butterflies wind spinners move along with wind to invite other butterflies. Since butterflies move in companies of other butterflies, once they see butterflies design wind spinners they’ll come close.

Butterflies design wind spinners is an accessory that you can use to invite butterflies into your garden. 

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19. Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Lights

Outdoor solar garden stake light is an artificial flower that lights up at night. It emits brightness that shines on other natural plants around.

The essence of it is to make the natural plants visible to butterflies when they come out at night. It produces high and quality brightness that makes the entire area visible for butterflies to perch on.

The light uses a battery that lasts up to 8 hours when fully charged. People who use this light in their garden don’t have any challenge inviting butterflies to their garden.

The flowers look like natural flowers at night when the light is turned on. The look of the flowers at night makes butterflies not leave any garden that has artificial flowers.

The same way butterflies like water and nectars, likewise light. Light gives them direction at night. The outdoor garden stake light invites butterflies into your garden and makes them stay because the garden has the complete item they need. 

20. Vertical Raised Garden Bed

A vertical raised garden bed is an accessory that offers you the opportunity for you to stand while working on your garden.

It’s used to grow different types of flowers that are butterflies-like. These flowers attract butterflies into your garden.

Vertical raised garden beds also make it possible for you to easily move the upper flower down when you notice that butterflies have finished the nectars. 

Butterflies will keep coming to your garden when the flowers always have nectars. Butterflies cluster around flowers that have nectars. 

The vertical raised garden bed is an accessory that makes butterflies always be in your garden because of the arrangement of the flowers to always have nectars

21. Garden Butterflies Ornament 

Garden butterflies ornaments are made with waterproof PVC that makes them withstand any weather conditions.

Its artificial butterflies cluster together to attract more butterflies. Garden butterflies ornaments work both day and night.

At night the light is turned on for butterflies to see. Once the ornament emits lights that shine brighter, other butterflies will definitely come around.

These ornaments attract butterflies because of the artificial butterflies. Once butterflies see the artificial cluster butterflies, they will come close to see why other butterflies are there.

Garden butterflies ornament makes it easy for butterflies to visit any garden that has the artificial butterflies ornament. 

22. Garden stone fountain Figurines 

Naturally, butterflies hardly perch on the ground that is not moist. But how do you then keep butterflies for a long time in your garden?

That is where garden stone fountain figuring comes in. create a garden stone fountain figurine close to your plants where butterflies like to always perch on. 

The stone fountain figurine creates a wide environment for butterflies to play around. They will perch on the plants and come to the stone fountain figurine.

Ensure there is water always for butterflies to drink after playing with the nectars. The water is another factor that will keep butterflies long enough in your garden.

Garden stone fountain figuring can also be placed at the entrance of the garden to further ensure butterflies see it before perching on plants.

23. Flamingo Garden Light

A flamingo is a bird that butterflies usually perch on. It can be on the bird for a long time. At times you hardly see the bird without a butterfly perching.

Flamingo and butterfly are companions. So, when you have flamingo status in your garden, then it will attract butterflies.

Flamingo garden light is an accessory to attract butterflies. At night the statue produces light that makes the statue obvious for butterflies to see. 

If you need butterflies in your garden, then get a flamingo garden light to attract butterflies.

24. Fake Shrubs Simulation

Live shrubs are hidden places or homes of butterflies. Where there are shrubs irrespective of the colorful butterflies will definitely be hidden there. 

If you want butterflies that visit your garden to have a hideout that will make them stay in your garden, then you need to install a fake shrubs simulation.

Fake shrubs simulation is designed to produce light at night for butterflies that go around in the night to see it. 

A Conductive environment is where butterflies stay. Fake shrubs simulation is another way of creating such a conducive garden for butterflies.

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25. Breathable Heavy Duty Grow Bag

There are some plants that need watering often before they grow and such plants attract butterflies. Since these plants take a lot of water, then how do you grow them to avoid moisture?

Breathable heavy duty grow bag allows the flow of air, which keeps the soil dry. Instead of the soil remaining moist that’ll cause roots to decay, the breathable function is to take in air and keep it rotating while drying out the soil.

Breathable heavy duty grow bag is designed to carry over 5 lbs weight. You don’t have to worry about the weight of the plant you want to cultivate in your garden.

Breathable heavy duty grow bag is an accessory that you can use to grow plants that attract butterflies to your garden.


Transform your butterfly garden into a haven with the perfect accessories! Discover essential items to enhance your garden’s charm and attract more fluttering visitors. From colorful feeders to enchanting décor, elevate your outdoor space and create a sanctuary for these delicate creatures. Explore Plant Gardener’s guide to butterfly garden accessories for a delightful and harmonious garden experience.


Thank you so much for going through the complete list of butterflies garden accessories here.

By now am sure you’ll no longer have any challenges in choosing the right accessories that will best invite butterflies to your garden.

If you need a helping hand, I will recommend a planter fountain, garden butterflies ornaments, and flower pot cart holder.

These accessories will not only attract butterflies to your garden but also make them stay in your garden. 

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