The Best String Trimmer For Lawn Care Business (Top 4 Picks)

The best string trimmer for your lawn care business needs to be powerful enough to handle larger projects. 

string trimmer

A string trimmer uses a string line attached to the shaft to cut the grass.

They can come with either a straight shaft or a curved one. 

Straight shafts give you more versatility, allowing you to change out the trimmer heads. There are also special attachments for trimming edges and trees. 

You can purchase all of these accessories separately and easily switch out the ones you need.

This will save you money and time in the long run.

Here are the 4 Best String Trimmers for Lawn care business:

1. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer

A BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX string trimmer is one of the best string trimmers on the market. This lightweight cordless tool can do everything from trimming grass to blowing wet grass away.

It comes with two batteries and is priced at just over $100. For those who don’t need a lot of power, a BLACK+DECKER LST220 is a good option.

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The LST400 String Trimmer is quiet and easy to use. The Automatic Feed Spool prevents bumping or stopping to adjust spools, resulting in better performance.

The kit also includes an LSW20 Sweeper and LCC420 battery charger, a 4.0Ah 20V MAX battery pack, and a two-year limited warranty. The LST400 is a great choice for beginners and experts alike.

Its spool is easily adjusted, so you don’t have to stop and adjust it as you go. The LST400 comes with an LSW20 sweeper. The kit includes a battery charger and LST400 string trimmer, which have a 4.0Ah 20V MAX battery.

The kit comes with a two-year limited warranty. You’ll be surprised by how useful this machine is. It’s easy to use, quiet and comes with a spool adjustment tool.

The LST400 is one of the best string trimmers on the market. Its automatic feed spool makes it easy to start and stop without bumping.

This cordless trimmer is easy to start and quiet. It also has an automatic feed spool that keeps the string trimmer in place.

2. Airbike Brush Cutter Weed Wacker Edger Lawn Tool

An Airbike brush cutter is a great way to trim your lawn and define yard borders. This 2.3-pound Airbike is powered by two 20-Volt 2.0 Ah Lithium-ion batteries.

Its lightweight and easy-to-use design make it perfect for small properties. Its straight shaft makes it easy to maneuver and trim under bushes. The quick-change head system allows you to change the head quickly and easily.

The Airbike brush cutter comes with a telescopic pole and 90-degree head adjustment for ease of use.

A safety switch button is included to prevent accidental starting. The rotating baffle design prevents splashing while working and makes it adaptable to a complex working environment.

The weed eater has two blades: a flat one for thick seedlings and a round one for branches and shrubs.

The Airbike brush cutter can also be used to trim thorny shrubs, small vines, and saplings that have taken over marginal gullies. It also has a wide-angle cutter head that can cut up to half an inch thick branches.

A 2000-mAh lithium-ion battery allows the machine to work at 6000 revolutions per minute. Its telescopic handle helps you work efficiently without tripping over the edger blade.

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The Airbike brush cutter is lightweight and easy to maneuver, thanks to its free adjustable telescopic pole. Its 90-degree cutting head allows you to adjust the width according to your needs.

The ergonomic handle provides comfort while working. The safety switch button is located on the handle for safety.

The rotating baffle prevents splashing while the weed eater is in action, and the reversible design makes the unit adaptable to a complex working environment. The flat blade can cut through thorny seedlings. The round blade is useful for branches and shrubs.

The Airbike trimmer is designed to cut weeds and small vines. It is also ideal for cutting grass along edges and difficult-to-reach areas.

Its powerful motor means it’ll get the job done quickly. The weed eater can be used by two people at the same time and is easy to maneuver around. A sideways-facing weed cutter is more convenient, but manual edgers require a lot more effort.

Its features make it an ideal tool for lawn care. Its four-toothed blade is suitable for cutting branches up to half an inch thick.

A 2000mAh lithium-ion battery allows it to reach a maximum speed of 6000 revolutions per minute. Its ergonomic design makes it easier to operate. An Airbike brush cutter with a telescopic pole will be perfect for small and large lawns.

3. Greenworks 24V 12-Inch String Trimmer  

The Greenworks 24-V 12-Inch String Trimmer has two lines of cutting width for a total cutting width of 13 inches. 

You can use the cordless trimmer for both lawn and garden applications, but make sure that you bump it on rock or wood to start it. 

This can cause damage to soil or the grass if it is not trimmed properly. You can also purchase a backup battery to extend the battery life.

The Greenworks string trimmer also works as a great edger, and set up is incredibly easy. The head turns 90 degrees automatically. 

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You may have to push it a few degrees to lock it into its edging position, but the entire process is easy. Pressing a button will turn the cutting head into an edger. This feature is convenient for homeowners who want to create a clean edge.

This string trimmer has a USB port for charging all your portable devices. The charger can also charge other devices, such as cell phones, iPads, and tablets. The Greenworks 24V 12-Inch String Trimmers are excellent for many uses. 

However, be aware of the dangers of using this product. The battery is rechargeable and the cord is long enough to run multiple devices. Moreover, the Greenworks string trimmer is designed to be easy to use.

The Greenworks string trimmer is also an excellent edger. The easy-to-use spring-mounted head makes it easy to convert it to an edger. 

The only change you will have to make is to push a button to convert the head to an edging position. 

It is easy to convert from string trimmer to edging mode. When a cordless string trimmer is not sufficient for trimming, you can simply remove the cord and use it as a cordless edging tool.

The Greenworks string trimmer is a great edger, and the simple setup makes it an excellent edger. 

The spring-mounted head automatically turns to an edging position when in a cutting position. If you need to cut a fence or other large area, the GreenWorks string trimmer is an ideal choice. There are several features to choose from, including an auto-stop function.

This electric string trimmer is a great edger. Its spring-mounted head automatically turns 90 degrees toward the edging position when the tool is in the edging position. To use it as an edger, you need to push a button. 

The Greenworks cordless string trimmer is one of the best options for edging. The Greenworks G-24 System is made up of various tools, including the chainsaw, pole saw, sweeper, drill, and handheld circular saw.

4. WORX WG163.9 20V PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer

The WORX WG163.9 20V-powered string trimmer is one of the most versatile and durable trimmers on the market.

It converts to a wheeled lawn edger, and its cutting head rotates through a range of 90 degrees for a variety of terrains.

The ergonomic handle is easily adjustable for easy carrying and maneuverability. Its patented line-feeding system makes cutting your grass easier than ever, and you can get two free spools for life.

This trimmer has a 12″ cutting diameter, which is wide enough to cut large patches of grass and bushes without getting stuck in them.

The tool’s string is made of DNA2 DoubleHelix aerodynamic trimmer string, which is oval-shaped to reduce drag and motor noise. It also boasts over 100 lbs of tensile strength and is durable enough to handle the toughest jobs.

The WG163.9 is a cordless, 20-volt weed eater with a powerful motor. While it doesn’t have the power of a gas-powered trimmer, it’s much more convenient and lightweight than a gas-powered model. It also has a convenient front handle for easy maneuverability and comes with a two-year warranty.

The WORX WG163.9 20V cordless string trimmer is one of the best affordable tools on the market today.

This trimmer is designed to provide a high level of performance. It doesn’t have the power of a gas-powered trimmer, but it is powerful enough for the average homeowner. It’s easy to maneuver and has a great warranty.

This lightweight, a cordless trimmer is an excellent choice for most people. The Worx WG163 has a powerful engine and a handy battery.

Its cordless feature makes it easy to use and doesn’t require the user to disconnect the tool from the power source. It also reduces the amount of noise produced by the machine. The WORX WG163.9 is an excellent cordless string trimmer for the price.

The WORX WG163.9 cordless string trimmer has a powerful 20V motor and is lightweight. Its 20V cordless string trimmer is compatible with many cordless string trimmers. This weed eater is ideal for most homeowners, as it’s easy to maneuver and uses rechargeable batteries. The WG163 has a front handle for easy portability.

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Why Do You Need String Trimmers?

There are many different types of string trimmers available, but there are several that are particularly efficient for lawn edging. 

Unlike a string cutter, a trimmer with a straight shaft will ensure you get a more even cut. Additionally, a string trimmer with a curved shaft is less effective than a straight shaft. This means that you’ll have to hunch over and work on your lawn for long periods of time.

A professional string trimmer can be an essential tool for a lawn care business. It’s the perfect tool for businesses looking to maintain the grounds of their properties. 

A powerful trimmer will be able to cope with overgrowth situations. This means it’s vital to choose a trimmer with a high cutting capacity. A powerful string cutter can make short work of trimming large lawns. 

The right tool will be able to handle even the biggest weeds.

A string trimmer is an essential tool for any lawn care business. It should be one of the first tools that you purchase for your lawn care business. The right trimmer should be long-lasting and durable. 

A curved-shaft trimmer can cause a lot of damage to a lawn. A gas-string cutter will last longer. If you are considering buying a cordless trimmer, choose a model that has a powerful battery.


Discover the ultimate string trimmer for your lawn care business! Our comprehensive guide explores the top options, offering insights to streamline your operations. From power and performance to durability and ergonomics, find the perfect fit for your needs. Elevate your landscaping game with the best tools in the industry. Unlock efficiency, precision, and professional results. Explore now at PlantGardener.


When you’re starting a lawn care business, you’ll need to buy a trimmer that’s powerful enough to handle the jobs. 

A high-powered string trimmer should be able to handle overgrowth situations.

If you’re hiring a team of people to maintain your property, you’ll need a strong string trimmer to help you complete the job. You’ll need one that will last for a long time.

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