Choosing The Best Pots For Christmas Cactus (+ 5 Pots we use)

While you can plant Christmas cactus in any pot, you should look for a potting medium that is high in organic matter and decomposed soil

pot for christmas cactus

Keep in mind, the pot should also have adequate aeration and drainage.

Our favorite pots are the UMIAMOY Matte Ceramic Planter Pot and the FaithLand Plant Pot (link to Amazon).

Some horticulturists recommend using garden soil, which retains moisture and allows the roots to breathe. 

This way, your plant will be happy and thrive.

Read on for some tips to choose the right planting medium for your Christmas cactus.

Which Pot Materials Do Christmas Cactus Prefer?

Clay pots are great for Christmas cacti because they are inexpensive and easy to find.

They’re also easy to clean and come in a light brown color that provides a uniform look for decorative purposes. 

A good thing about these pots is that they are easy to find and are affordable. However, these pots might not durable and tend to be fragile, especially during cold weather.

They will stiffen when cold weather sets in, and are prone to cracking.

This ceramic pot (on Amazon) for your Christmas cactus will keep your cactus from getting too dry. 

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These pots are well-made and easy to clean. Some even feature drainage holes so your plant will never get flooded. Another great option for your pot is a kit with four Christmas crates from Richlin Gardens.

You can buy these online or pick them up at a local store.

Top 5 Best Pots for Christmas Cactus (all pots on Amazon):

1. Ten-Stone 6+4.4 Inch Cement Plant Pots

When buying a new plant pot, it is important to know what you’ll be using it for. A large pot is best for small plants like succulents, but a medium-sized pot is better for larger ones like ferns. It also pays to consider the shape of the planter before buying one. 

A high-sided pot tends to hold more water than a low-sided one, which means your plants will remain wet for longer. Remember that your plants need to breathe, so if the soil is too wet, they will die.

While it is possible to grow a variety of plants in a small plant pot, it is important to remember that the bigger the pot, the larger it will be. The Ten-stone 6+4.4 inch cement plant pots are a great size for cacti and succulents. 

The small size is also best for mini plants, and don’t over-plant them. A bigger pot will crush the roots.

These pots are available in various sizes and colors. These pots are perfect for most plants. 

These ones are most popular in the U.S. and Europe. They are a great choice for small plants, as they’re lightweight and look great on a small patio or deck. 

A set of two is a great price point. If you want to buy two pots, they are an ideal option.

2. Streamline Cactus Shaped Ceramic Flower Planter Pot

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The Streamline Cactus Shaped Ceramic Flower Planter Pot is a unique and iconic planter for succulents and potted plants. 

It has a modern shape and is under three inches long, making it perfect for small plants. It has drainage holes at the bottom and is also available with detachable saucers for plants. It is available in both black and white and is a great choice for indoor or outdoor use.

This decorative planter is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Its smooth green paint and cactus texture make it the perfect pot for flowering cactus. 

The pot is 8.5″ in length and 5.25″ in height. Whether you’re looking for a small indoor or outdoor planter, the Streamline Cactus Planter Pot is a perfect choice.

If you’d like to give your indoor plants a tropical feel, this Cactus Flower Pot is a perfect choice. 

Its smooth ceramic construction gives it a classic cactus look, and the green paint allows for the planting of ferns and flowers of all sizes. Its large size makes it ideal for a small indoor herb garden or a terrarium. It is also durable enough to be used outside.

This versatile planter can be used indoors or out. It is made from durable polyresin and has drainage holes to keep your plants happy. 

This planter is designed to fit perfectly on windowsills and office decorations. It’s also durable and can handle a lot of water. The planter is 4.3″x3.5″ and is suitable for both cactus and smaller succulent plants.

3. ZONESUM Large Succulent Planter

ZONESUM has designed the Large Succulent Planter with a sophisticated design. The fully glazed ceramic planters feature a splash ink pattern and sandy beige base. 

The pots are durable and reliable, making them the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor planting. 

The planters have drainage holes and sound drainage, making them the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor gardening. Read on to learn more about this beautiful container.

Choosing the right size of pot for your succulents is essential. The ZONESUM Large Succulent Planters are 5.7-inch-diameter and 6.1-inch-diameter, which is the perfect size for succulents in individual pots. 

The large planter has a drainage hole and a separate saucer for proper watering. A wide opening is also essential to keep the succulents healthy, as a compact planter will lead to overwatering.

When choosing the right pot for your succulents, make sure to consider the type of soil your plants will grow best in. If you choose a clay pot, the best choice will be the one that has a drainage hole.

Otherwise, you will run the risk of overwatering and rot. A smaller pot with a drainage hole is more appropriate for a two-inch succulent. 

However, make sure to leave some space between the plants in your arrangement. You don’t want to overcrowd your succulents because they won’t grow properly.

A sturdy ceramic pot is important for the longevity of your plant. It is lightweight, durable, and non-toxic. It is also good for housewarming gifts. Alternatively, terra cotta or white pottery is a great option for a succulent planter. 

These are perfect for terra cotta pots and make the perfect gift for any house-owner. There are plenty of options when it comes to buying a new planter for your home.

4. Kimisty Plant Pot – Large Round Succulent Planter With Hidden Saucer

The Kimisty Plant Pot is a large, round succulent planter with a hidden saucer. The ceramic material is high-temperature-resistant, and the saucer allows drainage without leaving a mess. 

This unique design is also functional as a coffee or side table decoration. 

Using the pots to house your plants is a great way to add a little vintage flair to your home. Just be sure to choose a small plant, as these pots do not come with any plants.

The Kimisty Plant Pot comes with a wood stand, which is also made of Acacia wood. It is the perfect size to hold a succulent plant and can also be used as a shelf decoration. 

The pot is 5.5-inch in diameter and has a 3.5-inch-deep saucer. The rounded shape of the ceramic stand and saucer makes it ideal for succulent and cactus arrangements. 

The small pot is a great size for smaller plants, including pileas and ferns.

The Kimisty Plant Pot comes with a wooden stand and ceramic planter. It is made of high-temperature-resistant ceramic and features a hidden saucer and drainage hole.

Its size is ideal for succulent and cactus arrangements, and it is a lovely way to decorate your desk. The Kimisty Plant Pot is perfect for succulents and cacti. It also looks good on shelves, and it is a great choice for home decoration.

5. Ekirlin 5 Inch Ceramic Plant Pot

The Ekirlin 5 Inch Ceramic Plantpot comes with a golden hue, making it the perfect size for Christmas Cactus. Its leggy metal base is also sturdy, helping it to stand upright from the ground.

The planter is made of premium ceramic material and has an ergonomic design. This is one of the best products from the brand. It is also available in different sizes, including one for indoor use.

The brand’s newest addition is the line of AquaPots, which are ceramic self-watering containers that provide your plants with continuous water and fertilizer-infused water. 

The container’s frost-resistant ceramic material makes it ideal for winter storage. However, this brand of planters does cost more than the standard ones. To save money, you can buy several different designs of pots from different retailers.

These pots are made of high-quality glazed ceramic. With the use of durable components, they eliminate the risk of overwatering, plastic drip tubing, water ring stains, and fertilizer runoff. 

In addition, these containers are made to last for a month and use up to 25% less water than a standard planter. These planters are also available from independent retailers in the U.S.

There’s an overflow hole on the side of the container to prevent overwatering. This style of pot is available in a variety of sizes and colors, which makes them distinctive pottery and a fun garden accessory to collect. 

So if you’re looking for a beautiful planter for your home or office, you should definitely consider the Ekirlin 5 Inch Ceramic Plantpot.


Knowing how to grow and care for Christmas Cactus is an important feat to achieve.

While it’s an easy plant to grow, the wrong choice of pots can hinder the plant’s growth for weeks; there will be a continuous struggle to absorb nutrients from the soil.

Hence, keep an eye on any of the pots discussed on this page. You don’t need to get all the pots, just one pot at a time, and you’ll always find your succulent smiling.


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