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The Best Pot Size for Strawberries (+ Why Use a Pot)

Are you ready to grow some delicious, sweet Strawberries in your home but want to know if you can grow Strawberries in pots?

strawberries in pots | Plantgardener

This post covers which Strawberry varieties to choose, whether you can plant them in pots or not, why you should use a pot to grow Strawberries.

You’ll discover the best pot size for strawberries, and how to provide the best growing conditions and care for strawberries. 

To start with, I would like to let you know that Strawberries can be grown in pots.

Growing Strawberries in pots is an easy way to enjoy the super-sweet Strawberry all summer long.

So, what’s the recommended pot size for Strawberries? Strawberries are easy to grow in pots that are large enough and well-drained. Use at least 8 – 15 inches wide pots and 17 inches deep. Strawberries need plenty of space because they spread while growing and they also need room for their shallow roots.

Strawberry Varieties to Grow in Pots

Though you can grow any Strawberry variety in pots and expect a harvest, certain Strawberry varieties produce fruits better than others. Here are some Strawberry varieties that are available:

  1. Classic Strawberries: this variety produces an abundance of fruits in early summer.
  2. Perpetual or ever-bearing Strawberries: this variety usually has two harvests – one harvest in early summer and the other harvest in late summer or early fall. However, the first harvest is normally more abundant than the second harvest. Sometimes, a small mid-summer harvest may also be produced.
  3. Alpine Strawberries: this variety usually grow as ground cover. It produces tiny berries from early summer to fall. As a result, it requires lots of Alpine Strawberry plants to produce a small harvest. This variety is not always anyone’s first choice.
    Strawberry varieties are also divided into groups. Some certain Strawberry groups produce fruits once a year while others produce fruits over months. Here are some Strawberry groups that are available:
  4. June-bearing strawberries: This variety of strawberries produces a generous harvest of large, sweet Strawberries for several weeks in early summer. This group is popular among home gardeners and there are several varieties available within this group to grow.
    You can plant early, mid-season, and late-season varieties of June-bearing strawberries to extend the season.
  5. Ever-bearing strawberries: Just as the name implies, this Strawberry group bears fruit continuously. This group can produce several harvests – though medium size – throughout the season.
    You need to protect Strawberry plants in this group in winter with either shredded leaves or a mulch of straw because the plants in this group are less winter hardy than June-bearing or day-neutral strawberries.
  6. Day-neutral strawberries: This group yields a moderate harvest of Strawberries from late spring through autumn. It also offers a good yield during the first year. The Strawberry fruits are, however, smaller than June-bearing and ever-bearing strawberries.

    Whenever you want to plant strawberries, make sure that you plant the same varieties together so that the care and harvests are aligned. Also, note that all Strawberry varieties need a cold winter to ensure future fruiting.

Why You Should Use a Pot to Grow Strawberries

There are several distinct reasons why you should grow Strawberries in pots. Growing Strawberries in pots is a good way to prevent soil-borne diseases and attacks from pests, such as slugs, because the pots can be lifted off the ground.

Strawberries grown in pots are less prone to fungal and bacterial diseases.

Also, growing Strawberries in pots will aid in moving the plants around to track the sun, thereby enjoying more sunlight and warmth than they might have if grown in the garden bed.

During winter, only potted strawberries can be moved under cover to induce an extra-early crop. This will make it possible for you to enjoy a much longer harvest from the same strawberry variety.

In summary, you should use pots to grow Strawberries for the following primary reasons:

  1. To manage space: Strawberries are compact plants and can manage a few pots to manage space.
  2. For aesthetic value: Some Strawberry varieties produce flowers that resemble miniature wild roses. This makes them aesthetically pleasing as well as delicious.
  3. For convenience: You can have pots of strawberries close to your kitchen or outdoor seating area for easy picking. You can also move the pots around easily.
  4. For pest, disease, and chemical control: Growing strawberries in pots keep them off the ground, and this helps to reduce pest problems, as well as fungal and bacterial diseases. Growing in pots also makes it easier to prevent unwanted chemicals like herbicides and pesticides from hitting your Strawberries.

The Best Pot Size for Strawberry

Strawberry plants have a relatively small root ball. So, they can be grown in pots as small as 10in. to 12in. in diameter and 8in. in depth. However, note that the smaller the container, the more frequently you’ll need to water the plant.

Growing Strawberries in Pots

The kind of pots you use for growing your Strawberries will impact the health of your plants. The best pots for growing Strawberries are those which are urn-shaped and with drainage holes down the sides in variable areas.

Though the holes may make the pot looks dirty with water sipping out through them, they are perfect for the growth of Strawberries grown in pots. Urn-shaped pots are perfect because Strawberries are small plants with shallow root structures.

Pots can be made from clay pottery, ceramic pottery, plastic, or even wood. Any of these materials will work, just be mindful of their downsides:

  • Plastic pots are lightweight but may blow over time.
  • Clay pots – that aren’t sprayed with a waterproofing agent – may crack and break down after some years. Also, they are porous and the potted soil will dry out very quickly. So, you’ll need to be very vigilant of the soil moisture.
  • Ceramic pots that have been coated will last long. However, they are quite heavy.
    Just ensure that any pot you choose can hold several plants and has adequate drainage. You can also grow Strawberries in hanging baskets.

More so, light-colored and synthetic pots will keep the Strawberry roots cooler than natural materials and dark colors materials like metal and clay because they conduct heat.

Strawberries don’t like extremely hot temperatures, so we recommend that you choose light-colored pots or containers if you live in a hot climate.


The pot size for Strawberries doesn’t really matter. Simply get a pot that is wide enough to accommodate more Strawberry plants and deep enough to hold Strawberry’s small and shallow root.

We recommend a pot that is 10in. to 12in. in diameter and 8in. in depth.

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