The 5 Best Orchid Pots For Phalaenopsis (a buyer’s guide)

While there are several options out there, it is important to find the right size pot for your Phalaenopsis Orchid.

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Phalaenopsis Orchids prefer a shallow glass pot to grow in. They do not like high humidity, and therefore do not do well in tall pots. 

It is best to opt for a shallow glass container.

Decorative pots are usually only for aesthetic purposes, and the lack of drainage may result in disease and root rotting.

Furthermore, many decorative pots contain chemicals that can harm the plant’s health.

The best orchid pots for phalaenopsis have two main components: 

  • A decorative pot that conceals the roots 
  • A grower pot with sufficient drainage holes. 

In addition, the plant needs support when it is in flower.

The latter is ideal for young plants. A single, sturdy plastic pot is a good choice for a growing Phalaenopsis. Moreover, a wooden pot is also perfect for this species.

A clear glass pot is also beneficial for plants. It lets you see the roots, but it does not have drainage holes. So, it is necessary to choose a glass pot carefully. 

The proper potting medium is equally important for your plant. A dense, peat-based mix can cause your Phalaenopsis to die. If you’re growing a single plant, a shallow, non-reactive pot is recommended.

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Here are the top 5 Best Orchid Pots For Phalaenopsis:

1. Repot me Hexagon Ceramic Orchid Pot Planter

This 4″ x 6″ ceramic orchid pot features a high gloss glaze and attention to detail. The design allows for maximum aeration and drainage and includes feet that suspend the pot above a drip tray for added stability.

Each piece is handcrafted and unique, so the color and finish will vary. It will add a lovely touch to any orchid display.

This pot is available in two different sizes, including a smaller one that is 5 by 5 inches and a larger one that is 7 x 7 inches. 

Both pots have an attached saucer. These pots are made so that the orchids cannot stand in water. The rePotme Hexagogon Ceramic Orchid Pot is made from a high gloss ceramic that ensures proper air circulation and drainage.

These ceramic orchid pots have high-gloss finishes on the inside and outside of the pot. They have a drip tray and feet. 

They are made so that they won’t stand in water. These pots are made to accommodate a 6-inch orchid. These pots are also great for other types of plants, like succulents. You’ll find that they are both easy to care for and will make your orchid’s life easier.

These ceramic orchid pots are available in four different sizes. Each one is a unique combination of black and white and has a glaze inside to keep the soil moist. 

This pot is 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall and features multiple pads around the base to protect the surface. In addition to the rePotme Hexagone Ceramic Orchid Pot Planter, you can also purchase a Crystal Clear(TM) Orchid Pot for a beautiful look.

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2. Raku Ceramic Cachepot Orchid Planter

This elegant planter vase features a 6″ ceramic orchid planter and matching saucer. This handcrafted terracotta vase is available in a wide range of decor colors. 

This piece will be made to order and take about 2 weeks to ship. Because each piece is handmade, the color and pattern of the pieces will vary. Regardless of the size of the orchid planter, it will add charm to any room.

This terracotta pot will fit any standard 6-inch pot or orchid planter. The Raku patina, shape, and color will enhance the beauty of the plants you choose. The design is unique and will brighten up your home decor. 

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A beautiful orchid planter will live up to its name and compliment any style. Once you’ve chosen the right one for your space, you’ll be delighted with the results!

If you’re looking for an elegant way to display your favorite orchids, then this Raku Ceramic Cachepot Orchid Planter is for you! The elegant, sculptural design of this 6-inch cachepot orchid planter is sure to delight and inspire. 

These unique pots have a beautiful Raku patina and are the perfect way to display tropical or indoor plants.

3. Dahlia Set of 3 Hand Painted Planter Pots

The Dahlia Set of 3 Hand Painted Garden Planter Pots is an attractive way to showcase your favorite flower. 

These gorgeous blooms prefer full sun, but they don’t do well in searing temperatures. If you live in an area that receives extreme heat, consider moving the plant to a shady spot. 

Once it has grown, you can move it back to the same location when the weather gets warmer.

Before planting your dahlia, Orchid, or any plant for that matter, make sure that the soil is well-drained. They require sandy soil. You can find out the soil’s fertility by taking a soil test. 

If your soil is deficient in nutrients, you should consider adding organic matter and humus to your garden’s soil. This will result in more flowers on your dahlias.

The Dahlia plant is an annual that produces beautiful flowers on a single stem. Their blooms are two to four inches wide, and the flowers are generally scented. 

They are not known for having any fragrance, so they attract pollinators through their colorful flowers. Depending on the variety, they can grow from a foot to six or eight feet tall. To make them grow properly, you’ll want to keep the soil at a cool temperature and humidity.

When planting dahlias, it’s important to keep the soil at a comfortable temperature. The soil should be moist, but not wet. Too much moisture around the tuber can cause the tuber to rot. After they’ve grown six to twelve inches, you can stop watering them.

Overwatering them at this point will prevent strong root growth. It’s best to wait until the plants have reached six to 12 inches before you water them.

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4. WH Oldham Orchid Pots

WH Oldham Orchid Pots are beautifully hand-crafted ceramic planters. Their rustic clay look brings the beauty of the outdoors into your home. 

These containers are perfect for tropical or exotic orchids, but you must keep in mind that this type of planter needs extra time to ship. 

If you want your new planter to arrive at its destination in one piece, consider ordering two or more pots.

5. Hash & Mash Premium Ceramic Planter

The Hash & Mash Premium Ceramic Planters are made of sturdy ceramic and feature a drainage hole and a drip tray. 

They come with a ribbed exterior and are a smaller size than the average planter. The blue top and white background are perfect for jade plants. They also come with a plug to prevent overflow. They are available in three different colors. You may want to buy one with a saucer if you’re buying more than one.

This ceramic planter is available in white and red and features a drainage hole. Whether you’re planting indoors or outdoors, the design of this product offers proper aeration and drainage. 

Additionally, it has ample space to expand and resist rust and weather. This type of planter will keep your plants safe from damage and will keep them looking healthy. 

The Hash & Mash Premium Ceramic ‘Fox ‘n’ Fern’ Set comes in two colors: black and red.

This planter features premium glazed ceramic and embossing techniques that ensure the health of your plants. 

It has a wooden stand for added style. It’s made of premium ceramic, which means it’s crafted to last. The daisy pattern art is unique and makes it a perfect gift for someone special. You can even give them a Hash & Mash planter if you want to give them a unique gift.



In all, choosing the right pot to grow your Phalaenopsis Orchid can make a world of difference. Since the plant doesn’t require too much water, so you need a well-draining pot with adequate holes to prevent root rot.

Also, the plant needs to be kept out of direct sunlight but warm, and repotting is another important aspect, hence, the choice of the pot will drive this action.


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