7 Best Lawn Mower Blades for Rocks (Top Reviews 2022)

If you have a rocky lawn that needs mowing, you might be interested in getting the ideal mower.

Note: Most mower blades for rocks are also useful for mulching as well as other purposes in your lawn. As far as the rocks aren’t too large or stiff, a mulching blade can get the job done.

There are 3 important factors to keep in mind when choosing lawn mower blades for rocks:

  • The length of the blade
  • The build material
  • The deck size

One of the best lawn mower blades for rocks is definitely the diamond blade.

If you’re looking for a mower blade that will work with a little bit more pressure, then you’ll love the diamond blade.

You should look at getting something that has the ability to be able to handle a little bit more pressure so that you will not have to worry about the grass getting damaged.

This is going to help you in getting something that can handle some amount of weight and that will help to protect you from damage when cutting through some type of rock.

10 Best Lawn Mower Blades for Rocks Reviews

1. Oregon Mower Blades

Oregon Mower Blades are renowned for their long-lasting performance and durability.

They are manufactured using austempering, which improves fatigue strength and impact resistance.

They are also sharpened using cutting-edge sharpening technology.

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They are also available in different lengths, ranging from 18 inches to 21 inches. Their Gator blades are quick to cut through grass and deliver fine clippings evenly.

They are made of strong stainless steel and are designed to fit 54-inch mower decks. They are also equipped with a side-discharge function. As a result, they are ideal for converting grass clippings into mulch.

This is a practical and effective way to improve lawn health and reduce the risk of weeds and other problems.

These blades are made to fit a wide range of mowers and have a five-point star in the center for stability.

The cutting edge is also longer than normal to allow for more efficient weeding. In addition, the blades are made of durable metal so they can keep their sharpness for a long time.

Moreover, these blades are ideal for homeowners with large amounts of debris and lawn grass.

Mulching blades are designed to cut grass into fine pieces that break down rapidly and nourish the soil.

While they are the best choice for lawns with dry grass, they do have their limitations.

Maxpower Commercial Mulching Blade

The Maxpower Commercial Mulching Blade is a quality commercial mower blade that is manufactured in the USA.

This mulching blade is designed for use with most walk-behind mowers and features a larger cutting surface for increased mulching.

The blade also features sharpened cutting teeth to ensure a cleaner cut.

The Maxpower blade is also manufactured to exceed OEM specifications, so you can expect to get quality service for many years to come.

The MaxPower commercial Mulching blade set includes two blades that fit most models of lawn mowers. Each blade has a 42-inch cutting area and is designed to work with multiple models.

The blades are made of durable stainless steel and feature a star-shaped mounting system to increase their range.

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2. Toro Mower Blade

A Toro Mower Blade is a genuine OEM-sourced replacement part. It is designed specifically for Toro riding lawnmowers.

It is a 3-in-1 blade that can cut, mulch, and discharge grass. It is made of metal for durability and can easily be replaced by unscrewing the blade bolt.

The difference between a regular blade and a mulching blade is in its functionality.

Regular blades are designed to discharge clippings into a bag while mulching blades are designed to mulch.

Regular blades are better for level mowing, but they also tend to suck up the soil.

This soil can accelerate wear on your mower and leave holes in your deck.

3. Cluparis Lawn Mower Blades

Whether you need a new lawn mower blade for a walk-behind mower, riding mower, or lawn tractor, Cluparis has you covered.

These blades come as single blades or sets of two or three blades. You can also find lawn mower blades with features such as mulching, bagging, or discharge capabilities.

Some even have three-in-one-mulching blades.

Regular lawn mower blades are ideal for compact grass but don’t mulch clippings properly. They also vacuum up the soil into the deck.

This can accelerate wear and tear on the mower. In addition, a dull blade is more likely to create a jagged texture on the lawn. This makes it susceptible to disease and discoloration.

Mulching blades and regular lawn mower blades are designed for different purposes. Mulching blades are specifically designed for mulching and bagging clippings.

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Regular blades are the most common type of blade for lawn mowers.

Regular blades are the most common type and are usually included with most mowers.

4. EGO Power+ Lawn Mower Blade 

The Ego power+ lawn mower comes with a powerful 56-volt lithium-ion battery, and its blade is designed for bagging grass clippings and creating a cleaner cut.

These mowers also use Ego parts, which offer the best quality, performance, and value for your money.

The EGO Power+ AB2101 lawn mower blade is 21-inches long and includes a high lift design. It features a wide cutting area that gives your lawn a better cut.

It also comes with a pre-sharpened blade. The EGO Power+ lawn mower blade can be used on both EGO power+ and EGO 21-inch models.

This mulching lawn mower blade works best on electric mowers. Its design features a five-point star center hole in the middle.

Its 42-inch deck is 0.157-inch thick. It fits most lawnmowers. Its features include a mulching system, a mulching deck, and a 42-inch cutting area.

The EGO Power+ Lawn Mower Blade has impressive battery life. With a battery charge of 7.5Ah, the EGO Power+ can cut an entire quarter acre in approximately 39 minutes.

It also features three modes of operation, which help save time and energy.

It has Bluetooth capabilities that let you monitor battery life. It also features an adjustable seat suspension and LED lights for enhanced visibility.

One of the most important factors in choosing a lawn mower blade is the material used to build the blade.

A blade made of high-quality stainless steel will last longer.

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Stainless steel will also resist rust and is the preferred build material for lawn mower blades.

5. Gator Fusion Mulching Blades

Gator mulching blades are a great option for a variety of lawn mowers. They are easy to install and are very efficient at cutting grass.

These blades are made from heavy steel and have a star-based center.

This mulching blade is compatible with most US-made lawn mowers. These blades are not suitable for use on riding mowers.

The Gator Mulcher blades have a patented design that maximizes efficiency.

They feature a high lift angle that draws the grass up and out, reducing clumping. This results in better bagging performance.

The high lift of the blade allows it to draw grass to the cutting edge and creates a clean cut. This feature is perfect for bagging operations.

The high lift of the Gator Mulcher blades allows them to cut the grass efficiently without causing any damage to the grass.

They also produce mulch, which adds valuable nutrients to the soil. This mulch also keeps the grass on your lawn green.

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6. 8TEN Lawn Razor Hi Lift Blade

The 8TEN Lawn Razor Hi Lift Blade is compatible with multiple mower brands. The blade has two 21-inch blades and a 5-point star center hole.

Its 42-inch deck is 0.157-inches thick. A few other notable features of the 8TEN Lawn Razor Hi Lift Blade include a 90-day warranty and OEM specifications.

This lawn mower blade is manufactured in the USA and should fit most 50-inch decks.

Unlike its low lift cousin, the hi-lift blade is extra-strong and ideal for professional lawn mowers. It is also ideal for mulching and bagging large amounts of clippings.

However, this blade is not recommended for wet grass and is prone to get caught in clumps.

the 8TEN Lawn Razor Hi Lift Blade is the right one for you. This lawn mower blade is designed for large decks that measure up to 60 inches.

It’s designed to cut through thick grass and mulch clippings quickly and efficiently.

7. Stens Lawnmower Blade  

Stens is a brand that produces lawn mower blades for a variety of mower models. Its extensive blade range includes toothed, rolled air-lift, and OEM replacement blades.

The blades available are designed to produce finer clippings for a cleaner-looking lawn.

Genuine Stens products can be trusted to meet OEM quality.

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Stens parts feature the Stens name on the packaging.

Professional dealers trust Stens branded parts to deliver OEM-quality repairs. If you’re looking for Stens parts online, check out ProParts.


In this comprehensive guide, discover the top lawn mower blades designed to tackle rocks effortlessly. From durability to efficiency, explore the best options to maintain a pristine lawn even in rocky terrain. Find expert insights and recommendations to upgrade your lawn care arsenal and conquer challenging landscapes with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned landscaper or a novice gardener, this article equips you with the knowledge to choose the perfect blades for your needs. Say goodbye to frustrating clogs and damaged blades – elevate your mowing experience and achieve a beautifully manicured lawn every time.


Whether you are cutting rock or mowing over gravel, sand, or stone, you can find the perfect mower blade for your needs.

Choose a blade based on the length of the blade, build material, and deck size.

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