Best Lawn Hose Sprayer: [Top 5 Reviews 2020]

Are you looking for the best Hose-end sprayer, which you can use without stress? 

I know how difficult it’s to find a good hose sprayer that lasts longer.

It’s quite frustrating, especially when you have spent a lot of money and still don’t have the best. The best lawn hose sprayer is VIVOSUN 0.8 Gallon Lawn and Garden Pump (links to Amazon).

That said, I want to show you how to identify the best Hose-end sprayer. So that you’ll not have to waste time and money on one with low quality.

In this article, I review the best five Hose-end sprayers, to guide your buying decision.

When you have the best hose sprayer, you take pleasure in spraying your house for any pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.

These are designer hose sprayer that allow a mix of chemical and water to siphon from the bottle for an excellent spraying.

Let’s get started with the top best five sprayers in the market to guide you when buying.

1). Hudson 2100 Hose End 26 Oz Sprayer

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This is a super hose sprayer that comes with three different settings. It has off, on, and water only.

The setting of hudson 2100 allows you to decide the way you want it to function.

If you need only to wash the surface first, then set it to only bring out water. You can as well decide to set it to spray a long distance object.

Because of the settings, you can use this hose sprayer to wash your car, dog, and other valuable items. 

Whichever way you want this amazing spray to work for you, it will definitely do — so long you know how to set it. 

It has the capacity to spray 1 to 20 gallons or more at a go. Hudson 2100 is produced in the U.S. 

The quality is excellent, and with perfect flow out of the soluble.

Is this product durable? Even though this is one of the most affordable Hose-end sprayer you can find in the market, it lasts longer than you expected.

Hudson 2100 can spray any concentrated liquid. It’s not limited to one particular brand of chemical — unlike other brands of hose sprayer that’re designed to spray one particular contracted liquid.

How is the material like? It is made with high-quality material of polyurethane. This material has resistance capacity to any damage from any harsh chemicals or acid. 

Hdsbon 2100 is very easy to refill, when the soluble gets finished. It has an extra-wide opening that makes it easy for opening.

It has a translucent tank, which helps you to know the exact level of the soluble and when it’s time to refill it. 

If you are looking for a convenient hose sprayer to use, then consider hudson 2100.

Because it’s affordable, simple to use, and durable. Also have a decent spraying capacity you will love and make you enjoy spraying.

You can easily replace the hose when it’s bad. Most importantly, it works with almost all the hose nozzles in the market.

Hudson 2100 functions worth the cost, and sturdiness with easy to clean.

2). Chapin G385 Hose End Sprayer

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Are you working with a tight budget and you need a hose sprayer that will serve you better?

Chapin G385 is affordable and will definitely fit into your budget. Irrespective of how tight your budget is, you can afford it.

Chapin G385 can use any hose nozzle that’s in the market. It has the capacity to deliver 6 gallons of spray. 

Many homeowners like it, because it works with all water soluble. It’s made with material that has chemical resistance.

Though, it doesn’t have three settings but it has a removable fan-spray nozzle, which allows large area coverage. And also, you can apply the soluble in one direction. 

It has a fingertip that you can use for on and off, which make it easy to operate or spray.

It has a convenient and sizable bottle that makes it easy to handle.

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VIVOSUN 0.8 Gallon Lawn and Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer

  • Comfort and safety
  • Easy filling
  • Translucent bottle
  • Multi-functional use

Chapin G385 Hose-end sprayer, it’s built with a siphon that mixes the water and chemical before it comes out. This feature also prevents backflow of soluble.

Many people are also concerned about how easy other hose sprayer rust easily. But this particular hose sprayer (Chapin G385) has rust proof because of the polymer material used in producing it. 

How often you use it doesn’t determine how long it lasts. It’s among the durable hose sprayers you can find in the market. 

How to Use Chapin G385

Unlike other hose sprayer, fix the cap to the hose before you attach it to the bottle.

This will make you avoid turning the bottle upside down that might lead to pouring out of the soluble.

Also, avoid over tight of the cap, hence it will make it loose. The cap will no longer hold the bottle firmly, when it eventually loses.

Don’t apply too much stress when using it.

This fingertip is very easy to use. With a soft press down the soluble will come out of the nozzle. It’s simple and easy to use.

Gilmour 362 Professional Hose End Sprayer

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Are you looking for a hose sprayer that your 13 year old child can easily use? This product is designed for both adults and teanagers. 

You need at least 10 minutes to get the area spray with this product. It has a hook at the cap, which you use to control it. 

The hook makes it possible for instant on and off. This feature reduces the rate of fatigue unlike other Hose-end sprayers.

Also, it is easy to operate because of the finger-molded nozzle that is built with it. Though, it’s quite expensive compared to other hose end sprayers.

This is among the best hose end sprayer because of the performance, and it is convenient to operate.

Is this hose end sprayer durable? Yes, it is durable. The handle is made with zinc material. It has a brass material on the head that prevents it from rust. It has a sturdy bottle. These are what makes it durable.

You can easily transfer the concentration to another bottle because of how the cap is designed. It reduces or minimises the rate of soluble wastage.

You can control the direction of the spray to either be stream or spray mode, since it has a removable deflector. It has a setting that allows you to choose the direction of the spray.

3). Ortho Dial N Spray Hose-End Sprayer

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Do you need a hose end sprayer that’ll not allow chemicals soluble to touch your hand during application? The Ortho dial N Hose-end sprayer has the function to make your hand dry when spraying.

This is a perfect hose end sprayer with three adjustable spray patterns. The 3 adjustable sprayers are: 

  • The fan 
  • The jet
  • The shower

The fan layer produces three spray directions. The jet layer makes the spray go for a long distance spray, while the shower layer will make the spray to cover a large area.

The spray pattern makes it possible to spray all types of herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals. 

It also comes with a 14 dial setting that allows users to apply the exact amount of chemical at a go. 

it’s easy to attach a hose nozzle to it. Though is not as durable like other hose end sprayers in the market. It can easily develop leakage.

This hose end sprayer is built with multi-spray uses. You can use it to spray almost all the chemical solubles like weed killers, fertilizers, insect killers and fungicides.

Because of the long handle spray, it keeps hands dry during application. However, this doesn’t accept any other hose nozzles.

4). Blue Mule Spray All 50B Hose End Sprayer


This product is designed with high-duty polypropylene that lasts longer than you may have expected. This can actually last you for decades, no matter how you use it.

It doesn’t get damaged easily when it falls down or bumps. The material has corrosion resistance.

The Blue Mule is a little bit expensive but worth the price because of the high-quality. It has the largest tank, which contains 32 ounces. With this you can cover a large space with ease.

The entire body is mixed with plastic and metallic, which makes it stronger and durable. 

It has a padded grip. You hardly get tired when working even for long hours. The padded grip gives you maximum comfort.

The fan nozzle can cover upto 20 feet — it makes the work fast and covers larger space. This is good for spraying trees because of the long distance it can cover.

Types of Hose-End Sprayer

The function of a Hose-end sprayer is what determines the types. There are two main Hose-end sprayers:

  • Adjustable rate 
  • Fixed rate

The way hose-end mix water with the liquid inside the container, it’s what determines the types it is. 

Let’s take a study on these types.

Adjustable Rate

This allows you to adjust the amount of product that will be siphon per gallon of soluble at a time. 

Also, you can adjust the way water and other liquids move. The adjustable rate hose-end sprayer, allows the water that passess through the spray nozzle to mix with the chemical when it siphon the liquid from the container. 

The rate of siphoning at an adjustable rate is measured in ounces per gallon. This has a dial setting spray nozzle, which you can use to control or adjust the rate it siphon.

You can either apply a slow or fast method by adjusting your setting that will make you have flexible spray.

Fixed Rate

The rate at which the liquid is siphon from the container is set at a fixed rate. With a fixed rate, you can’t adjust the spray because it’s already fixed. 

Unlike other sprayers, hose sprayer with fixed rate doesn’t have a dial setting on the spray nozzle that you can use to adjust the siphon.

Features of a Good Hose-end Sprayer

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VIVOSUN 0.8 Gallon Lawn and Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer

  • Comfort and safety
  • Easy filling
  • Translucent bottle
  • Multi-functional use

One of the ways to know if a particular hose sprayer is original, you need to check these features on the owner’s manual.

Since this product comes in different brands — they all serve different purposes.

That’s why these features are important, which will guide you to choose the Hose-end sprayer.

Therefore, it’s good you have the knowledge of these features and how to check any Hose-end sprayer before you buy. Hence you will end up buying the wrong Hose-end sprayer.

How to Check For a High Quality

It’s important to buy a Hose-end sprayer with high quality material. This will prevent you from wasting money on the one that doesn’t last.

Some Hose-end sprayer may have a good quality material but lack improper seal. This will make the soluble to stain your hand when using it.

So, what makes a Hose-end sprayer to be high quality depends on how good the seal is on both the tank and the connection to the body.

The material that holds the tank to the body should be a durable plastic or metal that has a deterioration resistance.

Also, check if the holding tank is a durable plastic material, which is thick enough to eliminate or minimize deterioration due to continuous exposure to the harsh chemicals.

What is The Capacity?

Every Hose-end sprayer capacity is normally on the owner manual. There you will know its capacity.

Getting an Hose-end sprayer with the right capacity will make it convenient and fatigue free when using it.

Their capacity varieties in terms of the number of gallons they can hold. Don’t get a hose end sprayer of 4 gallons when what you need is 2 gallons. 

Check if the capacity of the tank is consistent with the material used in producing the hose end sprayer. If the material is not, then don’t buy.

Check For The Flow/Stream

The effectiveness of any hose end sprayer is most dependent on how you’re able to control the flow.

Most people like the adjustable hose because it helps them to either make it fast or slow. So, check if the hose end sprayer is an adjustable one before you buy. 

Adjustable flow allows you to have a sprayer that’s versed enough to cover a large area with less stress.


Getting the right Hose-end sprayer is now a work-over for you, because of what you have read so far in this article.

The best hose end sprayer will save you money and time.

It’s frustrating when your recent hose end sprayer suddenly develops fault — especially when you’re ready to use it.

There are many models and brands of hose end sprayer in the market, knowing the right one might be difficult. That is why this article is written to guide you through.


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