Does Avocado Grow From Seeds? (A How-to Guide)

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Avocado.

If you’re concerned about growing it from seeds, here’s what I know — having grown this berry plant for years:

Avocado is an edible and rewarding berry plant that can be grown from seeds. You need healthy seeds that are well-prepared for germination, some raised bed or space for planting, and patience while you wait for your plant to mature.

So, yes. Avocado can be grown from seeds? However, there are a few things to keep in mind when growing avocados. So read on to find out about:

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Growing Avocados from Seeds

avocado seed

Avocado is a large fruit that has black seeded leaves and it grows in the tropical to subtropical climates of South and Central America and the Caribbean.

You may have heard of this fruit called the ‘avocado’. This fruit has become a very popular food worldwide and its seeds are used as a popular Easter and Christmas fruit.

If you want to grow this fruit, you must protect it from cold weather conditions by using a cold frame protector. You can also grow avocados with other fruits such as watermelons, bananas, grapes, and apples.

First of all, you need to remove any dead or damaged leaves and let them lie in a bowl of warm water for about an hour.

This will allow all the dead leaves and the spines on the stem to come out and any broken bark. This will help seed from developing properly. If you live in a warm climate you should place your avocado on a pan of hot water that is lightly steamed. This will help the avocado to get the best results.

To place your avocado into the ground, you need to dig a hole that is one inch deep and one inch wide. Then add a layer of compost at the bottom of your hole. This will help the seeds stick to the compost. Place your avocados in the hole and cover it with more dirt. Cover it tightly.

When the seed starts to develop, it will begin to shoot out little branches. These branches will reach out and grab hold of the soil around the hole. These will grow into beautiful little trees. It may take a few years for your avocado tree to grow to a certain size, but you can be sure it will be worth the wait.

Just remember to plant healthy avocado seeds only. If you are not sure what kind of seed you would like to plant, then go to your local garden center or the local nursery and ask for advice.

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Avocado seed growing stages

There are few vegetables or fruits that are so versatile as an avocado, and this is the main reason why it is such a great vegetable to start with when you are planting your next plant.

Not only does it have a firm, level structure — but it also grows quite fast too (in just a few weeks it can be in the ground).

It really is a no brainer to plant avocados but the earlier you do it the better. The problem is most people want to plant it when it is still young and has just been harvested but it really is best planted when it is about two years old.

So how can you tell if it is ready? The easiest way is to snap the stem right at the base (not the fruit) and if there is no blood or bruising take it off.

If the skin is hard and there is no green or yellow spongy material either then it is ready. Now here is another tip when you are planting an avocado: you should always go left to right when you first snap the stem. This means that as it grows up through the avocado seed growing stages it will have a straight spine.

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Stage #1: Planning

Before you start planning your avocado tree, you will need to prepare the soil and make sure you remove any weeds and dead grass before you even start planting. Once you are happy that your soil is ready, you can start planning the seed germination.

The easiest way to get seeds to germinate is to keep water in the soil. This is especially true if you are going organic but if not then just use a little water to make sure they get soaked by the rain.

Another important factor is to make sure that you fertilize your seed germination so that they have a chance to grow as healthy plants.

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Stage #2: Planting

When you are ready to plant the seed germination, you will have to learn how to grow the seeds properly. This means that you should be observing the plant as it grows and the changes going on. You should keep an eye on the size and height of the plant.

Also, don’t forget to check on its roots growth and see if they are strong and growing properly. If you are lucky then you will have a healthy plant that can grow into a fruit tree.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to growing an avocado tree is that it takes a lot of time. You should allow at least 3 years for the seed to germinate, grow, and turn into a fully developed and successful avocado tree.

In fact, only a very few plants have lived this long after they were planted. Just remember that this is a living plant and will need constant care.

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Stage #3: Flowering 

The last stage of growing an avocado pit is the flowering stage. At this point the sprouts will be large and begin to flower and color. Make sure that you give them enough water and keep them watered throughout the day.


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